Application of grass immortelle sand in folk medicine

Sandless immortelle is a herbaceous perennial plant. The height can reach 15-50 centimeters. The whole stem of the plant is covered with woolly felt felt. The plant seems to be gray-gray.the stem is erect, branched. Leaves entire, regular, cauline leaves. The flowers are small, yellow, collected in the inflorescence of the basket on a separate pedicel. Flowering plants from June to September.

  • chemical composition
  • Medicinal properties
  • Application
  • Infusions
  • From uterine bleeding and giperpolimenorei
  • For prevention
  • liver diseases From sinusitis
  • alcoholic infusion of skin diseases
  • From
  • hypotension In psoriasis
  • extract
  • extract Helichrysum arenarium
  • Ziflan
  • Broths
  • Alzheimer's
  • Cholagogue herbal decoction
  • Common restorative
  • For jaundice
  • For syringing
  • Contraindications
  • Blanketand storage

Chemical Composition

As part of the immortelle sandy contain vitamins and minerals:

  • trace elements;
  • fatty acids;
  • steroid compounds;
  • flavonoids;
  • high molecular weight alcohols;
  • vitamins C and K;
  • carotene;
  • tanning agents;
  • mineral salts;
  • flavonoid glycosides;
  • essential oils.
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Therapeutic properties of

The healing characteristics of immortelle grass are as follows:

  • removes spasms of the biliary tract and gastrointestinal tract;

  • improves digestive functions;
  • strengthens the process of producing gastric juice;
  • increases the amount of bile produced;
  • increases the acidity of the medium in the stomach;
  • has an antimicrobial effect and eliminates bacteria;
  • improves urine production;
  • promotes blood clotting;
  • disinfects the urinary tract.

The application of sandstone immortelle will help to cure the following diseases:

  • cholecystitis of various forms;
  • is a hypoacid gastritis;
  • dysfunction of the liver and biliary tract;
  • enteritis;
  • colitis;
  • inflammation of the sciatic nerve;
  • gout;
  • neuralgia;
  • urolithiasis;
  • of a bladder disease.
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Application of

To use sandstone immortelle was effective, you can use the following recipes:

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Infusions with the immortelle sand help in the treatment of many diseases, and also have a preventive effect on the body.

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From uterine bleeding and hyperpolymenorrhea

Get infusion, pour boiling water three tablespoons of dry herb. At the indicated amount of raw material, a glass of water is enough. Infuse the mixture for at least an hour, after which it is filtered. Take a tablespoon recommended every hour. The maximum amount that can be consumed per day, 10 spoonfuls.

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To prevent liver diseases

Preparation of this infusion is to let it infuse with boiled water, in the amount of 200 milliliters, 3 tablespoons of dried flowers of cumin. The duration of infusion should be at least 8 hours. Take necessary for half an hour before meals 4 times a day for 100 milliliters at a time.

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From sinusitis

It is necessary to take 20 grams of immortelle, the same amount of tansy and yarrow, brew them in 200 milliliters of water. Let stand for about 40 minutes. The recipe will help to cope with sinusitis, for this, the infusion should be applied to the nose throughout the day.

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Alcoholic infusion from skin diseases

Alcohol to take concentration no more than 20%.One tablespoon of dry raw material should be poured with alcohol and left for a week. To properly take the prepared preparation, you should dilute in 50 milliliters of boiled water 15-20 drops of infusion. You need to eat regularly and daily before meals up to five times a day.

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From hypotension

A tablespoon of flowers should be brewed with a glass of hot boiled water. Capacities cover and wrap. Insist 40 minutes. To drink warm, for a half an hour before a meal two times a day for 0,5 glasses.

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For psoriasis

2 tablespoons of flowers immortelle pour a glass of steep boiling water. Infuse 3 hours in a dark and warm place. Perform three times a day rubbing the affected skin. In advanced cases, you can apply a compress.

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There is a drugstore form of immortelle sand for home treatment.

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Extract of the immortelle sand

Helps from cholecyst, hepatitis, dyskinesias biliary tract. The use is recommended three times a day with a dosage of 1 gram at a time for three weeks. Do not use an extract of immortelle with obstructive jaundice.

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Another form of the extract of the immortelle, represented by an aqueous solution with a high concentration. With the help of such a solution, dyskinesia of bile ducts, postcholecystectomy syndrome, cholelithiasis at the initial stage are treated. It is also possible to improve the carrying capacity of the liver and the absorption of drugs, protect it from the negative effects of antibiotics. Take the capsule twice or thrice a day during meals. The course is recommended to withstand no less than 15 days and not more than 30.

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Decoctions of

Broths with the use of immortelle are very effective in inflammatory processes and parasites.

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To three tablespoons of dry raw herb immortelle, add 200 milliliters of boiled water. The water must be hot. Further cooking takes place with a water bath for half an hour. During the preparation, the broth should be stirred occasionally. After, it must be left to cool naturally, drain and wring out. To bring the volume, which turned out after the "bath", to 200 milliliters, using boiled water. Storage is allowed for no longer than two days in the refrigerator. The use of the received liquid should be regular half a cup several times a day shortly before meals.

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Cholagogue herbal decoction

In a proportion of 40: 30: 20: 20( grams) are collected: immortelle, shamrock water, peppermint, coriander.20 grams of such a collection is boiled with a volume of boiling water equal to 400 milliliters and left for 20 minutes, and then filtered. Serves as a decongestant as a cholagogue, if you drink half a glass of infusion before meals three times a day.

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General restorative

Inflorescence of immortelle in the amount of 1 tablespoon should be poured in two glasses of filtered water and cover. Put on a slow fire and cook for 15 minutes. Cool to an acceptable temperature for can drink like tea with honey.

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From jaundice

Pour three tablespoons of dry raw material into a liter of water. Boil for 30 minutes over low heat until the liquid is reduced to half. Take a decoction of 50 grams three times daily before meals.

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For syringing

For pains in women, during menstruation, it is possible to carry out syringing by preparing a decoction of two table spoons of immortelle and 500 milliliters of boiling water. Cook on the smallest fire for up to 7 minutes, and then strain. Douching twice a day.

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The use of sandy immortelle is not recommended in cases when:

  • in the stomach acidity is greatly increased;
  • use of any of the drugs containing immortelle, exceeds the rate of 3 months;
  • suffering from hypertension is allowed to use immortelle only under medical supervision;
  • patient suffers from obstructive jaundice;
  • period of infant feeding;
  • pregnancy.
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Procurement and storage of

For application in folk medicine, inflorescences of immortelle sand are collected. The collection occurs at the beginning of the flowering of the plant, until the baskets are fully opened. Inflorescences are cut off with small legs( 2-3 centimeters).Inflorescences are cleaned from foreign inclusions and dried in air in a shaded place. Keep the raw material in sealed jars, in a dry and warm place. Raw materials are stored for no more than 3 years.

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