All national signs about money

Monetary signs, traditions, superstitions and beliefs are formed by the people for many generations. Signs to attract money helped our ancestors to multiply and preserve financial benefits. These days they also remain popular and often used. To believe them or not is a private matter for everyone, but there is an opinion that the sign does not work until you know about it.

  • What you like money
  • Signs with a purse to attract money
  • To attract in the house
  • Bad money signs
  • Signs Feng Shui
  • Find
  • Lose
  • Spill
  • Stole
  • Borrow
  • Numbers on bills
  • In the full moon

What love money

The folk sign says money loves the account. Therefore, in order to attract financial prosperity, you must follow the following scheme:

  • Pocket money or finances in your wallet counted 3 times a day - in the morning, at lunch and in the evening( before sunset).
  • Deferred money for necessary expenses - consider every week on Friday after lunch.
  • All money - 2 times a month on even numbers, before sunset.
  • New money, only arrived in the family( salary, etc.) must be counted immediately when receiving from someone else's face. New money can not be spent immediately, they must be brought into the house, put in a secluded, dark place and leave them there for at least a day.

To make any calculation of money must be all alone, indoors, where outsiders can not look.

In addition, banknotes like respect and respectful attitude towards themselves. To do this, it is necessary: ​​

  • To keep all the money in the house in one place and make sure that they are not scattered all over the dwelling. Well, if they are in a safe or a box( box) of red color.
  • Have a purse of the appropriate size, so that the notes are not crumpled or wrapped. Its color is also important, it is better to choose a purse of earth or metal color - brown, black, golden or yellow.
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Signs with a purse to attract money

  • In a small pocket or a separate pocket, put an unchangeable coin of the greatest value. In this case, the money energy will not go out of the wallet.
  • Do not put in the wallet photo of close people - they interrupt the cash flow.
  • The root of the horse-radish will help to attract financial energy. You need to put a small piece of the plant in one of the wallet offices and store it there permanently.
  • You should keep the banknotes in the purse in order: to lay them out at their true worth, to treat them carefully, then the money will only increase.
  • You can not buy a purse yourself, it should be donated and necessarily with any coin inside, then there will always be money in it.
  • In a new wallet you have to put any amount and do not spend it a week.
  • To make money, you need to put a new wallet in the new wallet.
  • All the trifle from the purse you need on Sunday to give to the poor or spend.
  • You can not keep your wallet empty, it should have at least one coin.
  • In order to increase finances, one must keep all paper money face to face.
  • In the branch with the lock put a triangle folded in a dollar bill and store it there.
  • The money earned by dishonest means, won, donated, etc., does not bring material prosperity and therefore should not be delayed in the wallet. It is advisable to spend them immediately.
  • Do not put and store old checks in your wallet.
  • Do not keep in your wallet something that has nothing to do with money.

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To bring in the house

To have money, you must always think about it. For example, you can dream about an expensive car, a beautiful home or good money work. Having programmed yourself for financial well-being and prosperity, you can easily succeed in any business. Help correct tuning and folk signs:

  • In the house there will be money if in all corners to spread coins with the words "let it arrive in my dwelling".
  • Money placed under a tablecloth or oilcloth in the kitchen - to material well-being.
  • After leaving guests should shake the tablecloth on the street so that the money would flow.
  • Tiny bits from the table should be cleaned only with a cloth, and not in the hand or on the floor. Do not brush the table with your hand.
  • When leaving the house, you need to leave a note of any value near the largest mirror and be sure to reflect it completely.
  • In the pockets of clothing hung for the season in the closet, you need to put any bills.
  • A hung mirror in the kitchen near the table will attract wealth and wealth to the house.
  • A broom in the house needs to be put down by the handle, and only one broom needs to be swept into the dwelling.
  • The left hand is scratched - to get money.
  • Bird droppings on clothes or a car - to money.
  • Crawling upward spider brings money into the house.
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Bad money signs

  • After sunset, you can not clean the house, especially sweeping, so you can sweep out your well-being.
  • Money is not put on the dining table - there will be financial losses or will quickly pass.
  • You can not exchange large bills for small ones.
  • Sitting on the table - being poor.
  • Leave dirty or empty dishes on the table - to losses.
  • You can not stand on the threshold - money will be hard to pass into the house.
  • Whistling in the house - to losses.
  • Take out the garbage after sunset - be robbed.
  • You can not give and take money from hand to hand - you can transfer money money to another.
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Signs of Feng Shui

  • If you put a piece of seaweed or dried moss under a carpet - it will attract money.
  • Water from the tap in the house should not drip - to the drain of money.
  • The trash can not be placed next to the wealth zone.
  • The money tree standing in the southeast - to improve the financial situation.
  • If the room faces the south-west, then you need to put it in the floor lamp or a lamp with a red lampshade.
  • The tortoise standing in the northern corner of the apartment - to increase welfare.
  • If you collect money and keep it at home, it's best to put them in the southeastern or eastern sector of the home, in a box of red.
  • If a loan was taken, and in order to avoid problems with late payments, you must put the paid receipts in a separate red folder and then there will be no problems with the repayment of the debt.
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  • Do not pick up trifles and paper money, especially if they were found at a crossroads - you can lose health and strength.
  • Finding coins, you need to pass by and whisper or think about the fact that when they "grow up", you will return.
  • Paper bills can be raised only if there is a financial need, otherwise you can lose more than you can find. If the money was still raised, then to neutralize the harmful effects, they should be donated to charity, and the remaining ones should be used at the first opportunity.
  • The Japanese believe that for such an unexpected find, fate will ask very strictly, taking away something more valuable. Therefore, the money should be spent on good deeds.
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  • The loss of money outside the home is a good sign, saying that in the near future there will be an unexpected profit. Nothing happens just like that. So, this money was needed to someone. Perhaps the universe decided to take them for some wrong things. It is not necessary to get upset, because according to the law of conservation of energy, when it is somewhere, it will arrive somewhere. And in the near future, money will return in triplicate.
  • If money is lost at home or a person can not find a purse in the bag - a bad sign, which means that there are big expenses ahead. The purse feels it and hides. This sign should be paid special attention. Perhaps, it was planned any expensive purchase or investment of money, then in this case the lost purse warns that it is not necessary to spend your finances now.
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  • Accidentally spilled money should be collected only with your right hand, while leaving one coin on the ground.
  • Money is falling - to unexpected expenses.
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Have stolen

If you suddenly stole a purse with money, then you should not regret it. It is necessary to utter the phrase: "How much is gone, 2 times more will come."These same words can be said when money was lost or spent.

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  • You can not borrow money on Monday, otherwise the finances will not be entered.
  • To lend money on Tuesday is a bad omen, you can remain in debt for life.
  • You do not need to borrow on Sundays - a high probability that the debt will not be returned.
  • To borrow and give money in the evening - to losses.
  • To borrow money better on a young month, and return - to the flawed. And always give in small bills.
  • You must return your debt in the morning.
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Numbers on the bills

A happy denomination, like a magnet, will draw a lot of cash into the wallet. How to define it?

  • According to Feng Shui, number 8 is considered a digital symbol of prosperity and wealth. If a large part of eights( not less than 4) is present in the serial number of the banknote, then the bill will necessarily bring wealth and prosperity.
  • Brought material wealth is a bill in the number of which there are three sevens. The most successful option, when they are located in a row, one after another. This figure carries a deep sacred meaning and personifies the success and success achieved not by work, but by luck.
  • Fortune letters will also bring success, they must correspond to the initials of the owner of the note. For example, for Inna Vladimirovna, a banknote with an alphabetic series of IW will be successful.
  • It's great if you can find a banknote, the numbers on which will correspond to the date of birth. For example, the date 05.12.1979, then in the denomination number in random order there should be such pairs of numbers: 0 and 5, 1 and 2, 7 and 9. And both numbers from each pair should stand side by side.
  • In search of a happy banknote, you can turn to numerology. To begin with, you need to calculate the Personal Numeric Code, that is, the numbers that you should look for on the bill. It is necessary to write on the paper the name, first name, patronymic and put the appropriate number under each letter.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
B In T D E E F W

After this, you need to add the last names of the name, until you get a simple number - it will be the first happy one. Then repeat it with the name and patronymic. For example, Prut Anna Viktorovna. The first digit by last name: 8 + 9 + 3 + 2 = 22, 2 + 2 = 4.The second by name: 1 + 6 + 6 + 1 = 14, 1 + 4 = 5.Third on the patronymic: 3 + 2 + 3 + 2 + 7 + 9 + 7 + 3 + 6 + 1 = 43, 4 + 3 = 7.As a result, the banknote that brings wealth should have numbers in the number: 5, 4, 7.

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The full moon of

The moon has a huge impact on financial well-being:

  • If on a full moon several times pour trifle from hand to hand or shakea purse with coins, so that the sound is loud, then the whole year will be profitable and monetary.
  • The best time to start a new business is the new moon.
  • To charge the purse with monetary energy and attract profit, you must put it on the windowsill on the full moon night. The same can be done with any money bill, after which it must be placed in a charged purse and not spend until the end of the month.
  • If you show a large money bill to the growing moon and ask them to multiply, then the request will necessarily come true.
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