Fashionable versions of women's clothing in the ethnic style of the peoples of the world

Ethnic style in clothes does not cease to be popular and only grows. Designers skillfully combine materials and silhouettes of the past in modern fashion. The roots of this style go deep into antiquity. A distinctive feature - the brightness of color, rich decor, a variety of prints, accessories that give uniqueness. Women who prefer ethno-style, look fresh and bright. In its directions, there are plenty to choose from.

  • African style
  • Greek style
  • Egyptian style
  • Indians style
  • Indian style
  • Chinese style
  • Russian style
  • Japanese style

African style

The African style is characterized by the clothes of a free cut: trousers, sarafans and shirts, made of wool,leather, cotton or linen.

Colors: yellow, blue, white, red, purple and brown. The fabric is decorated with schematic ornaments, patterns, characteristic of the peoples of Africa, reflecting their way of life, culture, and folklore.

Also to the image you can add accessories: wooden bracelets and huge earrings, an abundance of beads, piercings.

In shoes it is better to give low-heeled sandals from thin leather.

This style is suitable only for the warm period of the year.

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Greek style

This dress is dominated by dress.

Greece presented fashion with asymmetrical dresses with high waist, accentuating attention on the chest, sleeves-lanterns, dresses with bare shoulder, tunics, flying silhouettes and multi-layer models. They can be made of lightweight fabrics, chiffon or silk.

Modern adaptation of the ethnic Greek style is the Empire style.

Color range of style: gold, beige, red, ivory, white, natural and muted natural palettes.

The accessories of this style are wicker ornaments, stucco molding, ornaments made of gold.

Style shoes are sandals with straps, sandals-gladiators, neat sandals with thin buckles.

This style is appropriate only for a warm period and evening fashion.

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Egyptian style

This style is distinguished by its direct cut of dresses, medium or high waist, American armholes or wide shoulder straps, open shoulders. Clothes are often made of linen, velor, velvet, cotton, brocade, chiffon, cotton.

Prints - geometric patterns, images of different creatures, pharaohs, scarab beetles, Egyptian religious and folklore subjects.

Colors: gold, blue, white, black, beige, red.

Traditional accessories are wide belts, bracelets-snakes, necklaces from metal, an abundance of gold ornaments.

Shoes - sandals.

The style is suitable for a warm period and evening fashion.

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Indians style

The basis of this ethnic style is fringed tops, short vests, tunics, cardigans, skirts of various lengths, pants flared, suede jackets.

All this is made of cotton, leather, wool, suede. Feathers and fringe are used as decoration.

Fabrics depict Indian attributes: feathers, skulls, animals and birds, as well as Indian symbolism.

The color scheme includes all natural shades of brown, terracotta, gold, as well as white, dark green, red, black and blue.

Bracelets made of wood with elements of claws and fangs of animals, braided ornaments, braided ribbons around the head, feathers as elements of ornaments act as recognizable accessories.

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Shoes - low and high moccasins with fringe, woven sandals made of fine leather.

From modern styles to this ethnic style the style of hippies is closest.

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Indian style

Rich Indian culture has brought multilayeredness and asymmetry, flowing skirts and recognizable national sari suits, spacious sarouars and A-line dresses with a sleeve length of three quarters to the modern world.

Preference in the color scheme is given to orange, turquoise, pink, purple, golden, red and other bright colors.

Clothing is made from silk, cotton, linen, chiffon. In the decoration there are stones, decorations in large quantities, embroidery.

Accessories of style are an abundance of ornaments( bracelets, beads, diadems, rings, piercings), and also a painting of mehendi. In great abundance there are patterns of mehendi and on tissues.

Shoes - sandals and shoes on high or low travel, which are also richly decorated.

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Chinese style

Style is recognizable thanks to loose blouses with a collar stoyechkoy and skirts repeating the bend of the waist, straight dresses.

This style prefers light and flowing fabric( tight silk, chiffon).

In the priority range of colors, consisting of red, yellow, blue, black and other saturated colors.

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Decorated with embroidery( bright flowers, butterflies, dragons).

As accessories, fans, umbrellas, beautifully decorated combs and other hair decorations are used.

Shoes are free and without heels, usually sandals and flip flops with a closed nose.

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Russian style

Signs of the Russian style are sundresses with printed ornaments, long loose dresses with brightly decorated hem, dresses with an A-shaped silhouette and length of sleeves to the wrist, shirts with embroidery, long tunics, vests and quilted jackets, an abundance of fur and embroidery. The waist is medium or high. In some ways, the style resonates with styles of Empire style and Victorian style.

Floral prints, flora and fauna are used as ornaments, recognizable ornaments( khokhloma, Russian embroidery with a predominance of red, an old Russian ornament with a predominance of red and black shades, ornaments gzhel in a blue and blue palette, as well as Slavic and folklore motifs. Red, white, blue, black, green, gold are included in the style palette

Shoes in the Russian style are felt boots, bast shoes, patent leather shoes, leather boots and fur-lined boots

Accessories are variegated scarves, beads,wood sprouts, wreaths in hair, ribbons, overhead braids, fur products, clutches, gloves, hats, earrings, modernized kokoshniki.

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Japanese style

The wardrobe includes kimano, tunics, narrow skirts thatdiffer in multi-layered and trapezoidal and straight silhouettes

A distinctive feature is the accent on the accuracy of the hue. The style does not allow a gradient in color, contrast is welcomed. Black, white, red, pink, blue and gold are the primary colors in the style palette. The fabric is embroidered, the theme of flowers, dragons, and fish prevails.

Accessories style: umbrellas, hairpin-kanzash, wide and narrow belts, small neat clutches.

Shoes in this style - sandals, clogs, shoes on a wedge of wood.

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