How to quickly dry your jeans

The jeans fabric itself dries up quite a long time, without heat sources it can take up to five hours. But it often happens that jeans are needed almost immediately after the washing machine has finished working. It is for such life situations that there are quick ways of drying things.

  • Fast way
  • For five minutes

Fast way

Approximately 15-20 minutes is required to dry the jeans with a hair dryer. In this case, jeans are dried from the inside. It is necessary to insert a nose of a hair dryer in a galosh or on top of trousers and to direct a stream of hot air inside. Take care that the hair dryer does not fully enter the leg, otherwise it will quickly overheat.

Approximately the same amount of time is occupied by the method with gas. Jeans can be dried over the included burners. But this method requires attention. A thing can be spoiled in a nenak. Ideally, if you can fix jeans over the burners at a height of a meter.

You can also dry slightly damp jeans with an iron( only through the fabric).This will take about ten minutes.

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If time does not tighten, and on the street there is a warm weather,you can dry your jeans on the street. On a summer day they will dry out in less than an hour, especially if the weather is not windless. This is the most acceptable of the above examples of a method of drying clothes. You can not be afraid that the fabric will deteriorate. On the street, you can dry jeans regularly, unlike other methods of drying.

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For five minutes

One of the effective and very fast ways to dry your pants is to put jeans in the oven. To begin with, make sure that it is clean and when opening does not appear a specific smell. If this is not the case, the stains may remain on the clothes or the smell of products can be absorbed, which then can only be removed with a new wash. Do not forget to wash the door on both sides. The oven must be heated to the maximum temperature, if there is a blowing function, be sure to turn it on.

All listed methods of drying( except drying on the street) help out when a thing needs to be dressed urgently. With all their advantages, they have serious shortcomings. Hot air adversely affects the fabric, destroying it.

As a result, the clothing loses an attractive appearance. Use fast drying methods only in extreme cases.

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