A step-by-step instruction on how to weave a bonsai tree from beads

Dwarf bonsai trees have firmly established themselves in our everyday life, and since recently they have become popular not only as a growing, but also as a source of inspiration for crafting. Such a bead tree will look realistic and suitable for decorating a table or as an original gift.

  • Required Materials
  • Creating bonsai

Required Materials

To create a miniature bonsai, you need:

  • beads of two different green colors. The number of beads depends on the size of the tree, in any case, it is better to take the beads with a stock, about 200 grams of base color and 50 additional;
  • copper wire 0.3 mm in diameter;
  • copper wire diameter from 1.8 to 2.2 millimeters;
  • wire with a diameter of 3-5 millimeters;
  • mulina two colors: brown and green;
  • gypsum or alabaster;

  • is a colorless varnish;
  • medical plaster;
  • acrylic paint is brown.
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Creating bonsai

The bonsai braiding scheme is simple. This is a composite composition.

Mix the main and additional beads.

First you need to prepare the branches for the future tree. To do this, take a thin wire, cut it into small pieces( centimeters to forty-fifty).For each of the segments put on beads about 60-70 pieces. Take 7-8 pieces and twist into a spiral, take the next 7-8 stuff and again twist into a spiral.

Such "leaflets" on one branch should be 6-8 pieces.

After making leaves, they need to be pulled together and up.

Such branches will take a lot. Make them about 270-300.

To further facilitate the work of assembling the tree, collect three twigs together by twisting them to a green floss.

So you reduce the number of branches from 300 to a hundred.

Instead of a thread, you can use insulating tape or paint tape, or even an adhesive tape, but with a thread the tree looks much more natural and attractive.

Now that your branches are ready, you need to form the crown of the tree from them. To connect them together, use the wire of the largest diameter. When the crown is formed, make sure that you have about 7-10 centimeters of wire left from twisted branches in order to form a tree trunk.

The barrel itself needs to be made of thick wire-wire and wrapped with a medical adhesive plaster. Wrap thoroughly.

The adhesive layer should be evenly thickened as it approaches the base of the wood.

At the same stage, the tree should be planted in a pot and filled with gypsum.

The top of the gypsum must be drizzled with sand or pebbles, so that later it would be easier to hide it.

Color the trunk with a brown paint.

After this, it is necessary to disguise the gypsum using the decor material. Here you will need a second color beads. From it, according to the same principle as the study of branches, you can make bushes.

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