How to tie a crochet crochet for beginners

Washcloth is a personal care product used for every water treatment. Of course, you can buy it in the store or, with a little imagination, to tie the original sponge crochet. Even an aspiring needlewoman can cope with this task. The resulting product can become a bright addition to the interior of the bathroom.

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For operation you will need:

  • hook # 5;
  • cotton yarn of average thickness of two colors or a melange yarn.

The initial loop is formed and fixed. Do not make it too tight, since further knitting will be difficult.

Several loops are sent and a small chain is formed.

Now a series of cords are fastened around the crochet.

It is best to choose a melange thread, which will result in an interesting pattern during the mating process.

Knit the loofah until you get the desired volume, after which the thread is carefully fixed. A small, unnoticeable knot is made so that the knitting is not dispersed during operation.

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Pay attention also to the Bavarian technique crocheting
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For work you will need:

  • a hank of colored threads( not woolen);
  • hook, matched to the thickness of the thread.

A not very large loop is made and a hook is placed inside.

So that the loop does not fall apart, it is fixed with the thumb of the left hand. A hook is grasped and pulled into the loop.

In this scheme, several loops are fastened, an even chain is formed.

Until the end of the first layer of the future washcloth is tied.

Now the second row is done - the hook is carefully turned and the loop captures the thread from the first row.

The second row is tied to the end.

In this scheme, you need to tie the loofah up to the end, while it can be of different length and size, taking into account the personal preferences and purposes for which it will be used.


Wonderful washcloths, and look cozy and at home! The volume is simply gorgeous! I use a similar technique for knitting decorative pompoms, I did not know that the bast can be tied up.

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