List of TV series that are worth seeing

For many people watching TV shows - the main rest from everyday life and other routine problems. In vain not to waste time looking for a new interesting film, we decided to create a list of serials that are worth seeing. Mysterious murders, sea adventures, interesting stories, mystical creatures and many other subjects await you, so sit back and start watching.

Skull and bones

The series is set in the 18th century on the island of New Providence in the Bahamas. The island is ruled by a ruthless pirate Edward Teach, or Blackbeard, who gained control over the adjacent waters and condemned the crews of many ships to perdition. On one of these ships was Tom Lowe, who introduced himself as a physician and therefore saved his life. Now for a very mysterious Tom, the main thing is to cope with a bloodthirsty pirate and survive in his small kingdom.

Force majeure

Mike Ross, Harvard could not finish, but he had always dreamed of being a lawyer. Accidentally having got on interview to one of the best lawyers of Manhattan, Mike decides to hide this lack and provides a fake diploma, which he once did. Harvey Specter, earning $ 1,000 per hour, looks at Ross in an extraordinary mind and talent, and decides to take him to his place as an assistant. So one of the most extraordinary and successful tandems of New York is born.

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Justice Dexter

The protagonist of the detective series is Dexter Morgan, who works as a forensic expert. He's a serial killer. But ordinary people should not be afraid of him, because Dexter only kills criminals, whom the police are not able to punish. In everything related to killing, dismembering corpses and hiding evidence, Dexter was not equal until a mysterious opponent appeared who challenges him. What will end this fight, look in the exciting picture "Justice of Dexter".


New interns have just entered the Sacred Heart clinic: among them there are able and not so sad and cheerful women and men. One of the new residents is John Dorian, who only graduated four years in college. He, an impressionable and slightly naive young doctor, immediately falls into the whirlpool of the chaotic life of the hospital. More than anything in the world John wants to earn approval from his mentors, and, perhaps, to melt the heart of the impregnable Elliott Reed.


The series "Zen" is based on the story of Aurelio Zen, the inspector of the murder department of the Rome Police Department. He is the only one in the whole corrupt Italian police who does not take bribes. Aurelio stands for honor, justice and order and is proud of this, although his colleagues consider him a stranger. But this does not prevent Zen from unraveling the most resonant crimes.

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Table in the corner

Psychological thriller "A table in the corner" tells of a mysterious man who sits at a table in a small cornera snack bar and to which people with different requests apply. An artist who is looking for inspiration, a father who dreams that his child will recover, a woman who wants to get rid of her external deformities - this person can fulfill all of his requests. But instead, he demands the commission of the most immoral and terrible acts - to commit murder or robbery, to blow up a bomb, to beat a passerby. A man does not force anyone to do this, everyone decides whether his desire is worth it or not.

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The series "Прослушка" tells about a special division of policemen from Baltimore, run by an experienced detective James McNulty. With the help of special listening devices and hidden video, they try to bring to the court investigation of crimes of various groups engaged in the sale of narcotic substances, and to bring order in the city.

Customer is always dead

The events of the series "The client is always dead" are unfolding in Los Angeles. The Fisher family is holding a funeral home. After the death of his father, business goes to the brothers David and Nate. The first of them - a closed homosexual, and the second - in love with the girl Brenda from a very strange family. The brothers have another sister, Claire, who has been addicted to drugs. On the one hand, the life of the Fisher is an ordinary story about relationships, faith, treason. But, on the other hand, the constant presence in the death frame gives the life of the heroes a certain philosophical meaning.


At the airport in New York, an airplane, all passengers of which are dead, lands urgently. To find out the circumstances of death, the best epidemiologist Efraim Goodweather is on board the airliner. During the research it turns out that all the passengers are not dead, they are infected with an unknown virus that turns people into vampires. The disease spreads and it becomes clear that the epidemic will soon begin, which, if it is not stopped, the whole world will overwhelm.


A thriller about John Luther, an outstanding detective working for the London police, shows that sometimes the methods of conducting the investigation are not the most pious. Quite often Luther balances on the brink between good and evil, but it is thanks to his outstanding abilities that he was able to solve the most serious crimes. But will the main character of the series come down with his own rules for combating lawlessness?

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"Existing" - this is a fantastic thriller, in the center of the plot of which female astronaut Molly Watts. After a long solitary trip to the orbital station, Molly returns to Earth, where she is confronted with a misunderstanding of her husband and son, who for 13 months managed to get out of her. Here she is hit by another shocking news - she is pregnant, although all this time in space Molly was alone. How could this happen? Or maybe a woman is hiding something?

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Red Road

In the center of the plot of the series "Red Road" sheriff Harold Jensen, who is experiencing difficulties in family relationships and trying them somehowsolve, and also at the same time tries to prevent the clash of opposing communities. The conflict between his native small town and neighboring Ramapo Mountains, the native home of the Indians from Mount Ramapo, can lead to tragic consequences. The main task of Sheriff Harold is to control what is happening, but can he keep everything in his hands?


Little girl Embow survived the car accident, but her parents were killed. Later, she learns that she has superpowers, but some organization wants to use Embow for her criminal purposes and is hunted for. To help the girl comes the former prisoner Tate. The strength of Embow is growing and with many problems it can already cope on its own, but who and why gave the little girl such powers while it remains a mystery.

The one who kills

Catherine Rhys Jensen is the head of the crime investigation department in Copenhagen. As a child, she was subjected to violence by her stepfather, she tirelessly searches for rapists, murderers and maniacs, while sacrificing herself and her personal life. Help Rice in the investigations partner Stig Melbeck, secretly dreaming of taking her place, and a psychologist who in his life also had many gloomy moments, Thomas Schaeffer. Once he had to take a risky decision, which could lead to terrible consequences.


Graceland is a fascinating story based on real events about six agents of various special services( Customs Service, FBI, ABN), who for one common cause live under cover in a beach house. Each of them gets his assignments from the leadership, which sometimes contradicts the tasks of the neighbor.


Of the listed series only heard about Dexter, Clinic and Stamm. I looked at the clinic. I like to watch multi-season series, so that it lasts long enough. I wonder how many seasons in the series Stamm?


I can not imagine my evening without a cup of coffee and an interesting TV series. Your article for me is like a breath of fresh air. After all, I always want something new to see, but here are just the serials that I have not seen yet. Yes, and all my favorite genres. Thank you very much! Tonight I'll start browsing through your list.


Guys, for fans of science fiction, I strongly advise watching the episode "Face" JJ Abrams. Cool series, watched the last season two days ago, now any series before it fades( (((((

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