Signs and superstitions about the flower Croton( codaium)

Croton( second name of the codaium) is a perennial, evergreen ornamental plant belonging to the family of euphorbia. This flower has not only amazing beauty, numerous people's signs and superstitions confirm its unique abilities and influence on a person.

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  • The codium is a plant with very powerful energy. Being in the house, he will monitor that people with negative energy and bad thoughts do not come to the dwelling. The flower from afar senses vampire people capable of harming its masters. The plant, according to the signs, has a beneficial effect on the atmosphere of the apartment, while clearing the space of negative energy and bringing order and dimension to it.
  • To indecisive people, the coding helps to believe in yourself and your strength, giving them a unique chance to look at yourself in a new way and your work. Providing support to his masters in any endeavors, he positively influences a person's working capacity, promotes career growth, professional development, helps to open up creatively. In a pessimistic person who has such a plant, the worldview about his personality changes radically. If he previously considered himself worthless, did not believe in his strength, a happy fate, then afterwards he begins to see and feel his strengths and feel skills and talents.

  • For people engaged in art, often suffering from a creative crisis, this flower will be an ideal gift.
  • Croton adds sanity and discretion to tenants in the apartment, regardless of the field of activity. He will prevent the commission of rash actions, help to avoid mistakes in life, teach you how to make the right decisions.
  • If a person is accustomed to not bring the started to the logical end and throws everything in the middle of the way - a coding in this case is simply necessary. The plant loves organization and order everywhere and in everything, with its perfectionism( the desire for perfection), it also charges the owner.
  • Indoor flower positively affects the spiritual and physical health of a person, protecting it from various kinds of diseases.
  • According to popular signs, Croton promotes the development of eloquence, corrects a bad diction - the plant will help make the speech more literate and clear.
  • The flower promotes harmonization of the environment in its habitat, establishes contacts between people. A quality of the coding is very much appreciated in the working environment, where conflicts between colleagues often occur.
  • There is another sign related to the flowering of the flower. They say that if the croton has blossomed, then the situation in the house will change for the worse. Decorative-deciduous plants bloom rarely at home and, as a rule, in stressful situations for themselves( for example, with severe water shortages, sudden fluctuations in soil and air temperature, etc.), so its poor condition can affect the environment.

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Is it possible to keep the house

? According to most of the signs, the flower is not only possible, but it is necessary to keep it in the house. However, there is a nuance - Croton is a poisonous plant. Its juice can provoke a burn on the skin, cause vomiting, diarrhea, contact dermatitis, but this is not the most dangerous: if the juice gets into the blood, then people can not be saved - the poison of the flower is deadly. Therefore, before you start a croton in an apartment, you need to weigh all the pros and cons.

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Care for croton

If the person decided to start itplant house, you need to know how to properly care for it:

  • First of all, the plant should not allow children and adults need to be careful not to harm their health. All work with him must be done with gloves.
  • Watering only with warm water and preferably stand-by.
  • The land between watering should not dry completely.
  • The flower loves good lighting, therefore it is necessary to put it in a bright place, but try to avoid direct hits of sun rays.
  • To carry out feeding should be from the beginning of spring and until autumn, but at least 2 additional fertilizing per month.
  • The plant will develop well after special fertilizers. You can also use a small amount of ash( for 1 tablespoon 1 kilogram of land).
  • It is impossible to admit sharp changes in temperature indexes, it should be optimal for a flower in summer - +26 degrees;in winter - + 16- + 18 degrees.
  • It is important to keep moist air in the apartment: if it is dry, then the leaves should be regularly sprayed with warm water or wiped with a damp cloth.
  • Young plants should be transplanted 2 times a year, mature - 1 time per year, and each next pot should be 2 centimeters larger than the previous one. When the plant takes a pot in diameter of 25 centimeters, it will be the last transplant, but further it is necessary to remove the top layer of the earth from the tank every year and replace it with fresh soil.
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  • To dream well-groomed croton - to the growth of well-being, personal happiness, new knowledge and skills. For unmarried girls, such a dream portends a rich groom.
  • A sick and dull flower - foreshadows worries, worries, after which a feeling of deep satisfaction will come.
  • According to other information, to see a poisonous plant in a dream, means, in the near future a person can fall into the trap of ill-wishers.
  • To see the flowering croton is a dream-warning. Perhaps someone from your friends is trying to hurt or build intrigues.
  • Many flowers growing near the house - to well-being in it and gaining experience and knowledge that will help to become happy.
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