Crown hook for beginners

Crochet hooks do not have to be worn only on the head. They can look great and on the neck as an effective addition to the summer or demi-season image. So do not doubt that an interesting knitted kerchief will certainly cause rapturous glances around.

  • What you need
  • Schematic of a scarf for women
  • Schematic of a scarf for a girl

What you need

Knitting a kerchief is easier than any other headgear. After all, what is a scarf? It is an isosceles triangle. You just need to decide on the size of the scarf, its pattern, color and purpose. So, it is important to understand who will wear the product. Children's scarf, crocheted will differ in style from kerchief to adult girls.

Look for patterns and patterns for crochet crochet here

It is also important to take into account the composition of the thread from which it will be connected. It is important that the skin can breathe. This is especially true in hot weather. If you are knitting a summer kerchief, the pattern is better to choose a loose structure. Ideal solution will be openwork kerchief. Then you will not be hot, but the kerchief will perform its direct task - protect from the sun. Drawings and patterns for a knitted scarf on the Internet and special periodicals for needlewomen.

Tool for work, that is, a hook, is better to have of steel. Hooks made of other metals can, oxidized, spoil the appearance of the scarf. The plastic hook easily breaks, which can also complicate the work process.

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Scheme of the scarf for women

This scheme is suitable for those who are only getting acquainted with the crochet. At the same time, the finished product is quite attractive.

For the product it is better to choose soft, thin yarn.

The average number of loops for a normal kerchief for an adult is 175-195 loops and 155-175 for children.

But keep in mind that for the selected pattern the number of typed loops must necessarily be a multiple of 10 + 1.

The first row is tied with a column without the crochet, after which all the subsequent rows are worked out according to the scheme.

Unforgettable to do decreasing loops on each row on both sides.

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Scheme of a scarf for a girl

A children's scarf is knitted according to the same principle.

You can add to the finished product funny accents in the form of beads and ribbons or connected fishnet colors.

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