What is hydrophilic oil for washing and how to cook it at home

Cleansing is the most important phase of the entire face care process. After all, the effectiveness of the funds that will be applied afterwards depends on how thoroughly all the impurities are removed. Known cleansers are lotions, tonics, foams, cosmetic milk, micellar water, but hydrophilic oil is a relative novelty that has already gained prestige among the fair sex.

  • What is hydrophilic oil
  • Advantages of
  • How to prepare
  • For dry and normal skin
  • For oily and problematic skin
  • How to choose
  • How to use
  • Disadvantages
  • Rating of best oils

What is hydrophilic oil

Hydrophilic oil is a kind of mixture,consisting of various oils and an emulsifier - a special component that has the property of being transformed into a tender cream, hardly touching the water.

Getting on the skin, hydrophilic oil binds and easily breaks down the fats and waxes that are contained in any makeup. It does not need to exert effort, rubbing the skin. It is enough to massage it lightly so that the oil dissolves the make-up and rinses it off with water. This cosmetic product not only deeply cleans the contaminated pores, but also nourishes the skin with useful components, including moisturizing.

Hydrophilic oil is a 100% natural product, which contains absolutely no "chemistry".That is why it can be safely used even by those who possess sensitive skin, prone to allergic manifestations.

For the first time this product was manufactured in Japan, after which its production was established by European cosmetics companies. Today, hydrophilic oil is one of the most popular and in demand waste products and is rightly considered to be the best means for removing make-up.

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Advantages of

What is the reason for the high popularity of hydrophilic oil? The "secret of success" lies in its useful properties, thanks to which:

  • easily removes even the brightest make-up of lips and eyes;
  • the skin remains perfectly moisturized and well-nourished;
  • black dots disappear and pores become narrower;
  • slows down the process of formation of small facial wrinkles and the first age-related changes in facial skin;
  • allergic reactions are not possible;
  • is universal and can easily act as a shampoo, and shower gel, and means for intimate hygiene, and even a skin care product for babies;
  • product is very economical in use - for a one-time cleaning of the face you need not more than 3 drops of oil.
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How to cook

For those who appreciate an individual approach to using cosmetics, there are several recipes for hydrophilic oil for washing that can be easily made at home. In addition to the fact that in this case there will be complete confidence in its naturalness, it is possible to choose exactly those components that will be useful for a skin of a particular type.

To create a hydrophilic oil at home you will need:

  • natural quality vegetable oil;
  • emulsifier;
  • are various essential oils that are needed to solve individual skin problems.

It is advisable to purchase all components in a pharmacy to save yourself from buying a substandard product.

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For dry and normal skin

Mix 80 milliliters of vegetable oil( almond, olive) with 10 milligrams of Polysorbate 80( emulsifier), then add 5 milliliters of jojoba and avocado oil, 9 drops of orange and a few drops of vitamin E.Mix the mixture intensively once more, and for a while use a little shake.

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For oily and problematic skin

80 milliliters of grape seed oil and 10 milliliters of macadamia oil mixed with 10 milligrams of Polysorbate 80. Add the ethers of chamomile, geranium, camphor and tea tree to the finished mixture, 5 drops each. Stir and shake for each application.

For owners of oily skin it is important to remember that the more sebum is released, the more the polysorbate content in the composition( up to 50%) should be. In addition, before adding any essential oil to the mixture, it is necessary to make a sensitivity test by applying a droplet of oil to the hand( wrist or elbow bend) and after 15 minutes to look at the reaction. In the absence of itching, redness and flaking, ethers can be safely added to the composition.

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How to choose

Oils that are part of hydrophilic oil are usually designed for skin care of a specific type. Therefore, before buying the first bottle, it is important to study the composition to choose what you need.

  • For the skin of normal type, absolutely any oil is suitable.
  • Oily skin needs a remedy based on the oil of St. John's wort, grape seed, dogrose and jojoba.
  • Dry skin gently moisturizes shea butter, peach and avocado.
  • Combined skin will perfectly "perceive" oils of walnut, jojoba, almonds and grape seeds.
  • Mature skin "will like" butter of wheat germ, cocoa and avocado.
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For effective cleaning, it is equally important to follow a clear sequence and nuances of all stages:

  1. Dry hands on dry face skin, apply 3 drops of hydrophilic oil, distribute and lightly massage the face or problem areas( enlarged pores, black dots, postakne) a few minutes.
  2. Moisten the palms with water and continue the procedure - from the moment oil enters the reaction with water, it begins "transformation" into tender milk.
  3. Thoroughly flush the remedy to remove the oily film from the skin surface. Often, in a kit with oil, manufacturers also produce a special product for washing - if so, use it.

Thus, immediately after application, the components of hydrophilic oil begin to actively "expel" all contaminants from the pores, and the milk, after being combined with water, effectively absorbs and flushes any contaminants.

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Hydrophilic oil is intended for removing cosmetics directly from the face. Makeup from their eyes, of course, can be removed, but it takes a long time. The product can drip into the eyes, creating an unpleasant greasy film, it does not rub the mascara and eyeliner, smearing them under the eyes.

Another disadvantage of high-quality hydrophilic oil is its price. Unfortunately, not every young lady can afford such an expensive product. This tendency was quickly picked up by unscrupulous producers, as a result of which fakes of low quality appeared, the price of which, naturally, was an order of magnitude lower. The consequences of such acquisitions are serious skin problems: clogged pores, inflammation and acne.

It is worth noting that it was "thanks" to such products that the myth arose that hydrophilic oils are not suitable for oily skin, forming a film on it. In fact, when choosing the right product, there can be no question of any harm.

You can buy high-quality hydrophilic oil for washing in a pharmacy, an online store, or in ordinary cosmetics stores( for example, "Girlfriend").

Japanese hydrophilic oils for washing, as well as funds from Korea, are considered to be particularly effective and of high quality. If the budget does not allow you to purchase a decent product, the finished hydrophilic oil should be replaced with a product prepared at home.

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Rating of the best oils

Today many manufacturers of cosmetics for cosmetics have in their assortment hydrophilic oil.

  • Hydrophilic oil "Holika Holika" is a gentle, economical and perfectly cleansing facial, in the line which you can find products for all skin types. The only negative - a high price, although oil can be used long enough.

  • Hydrophilic oil for washing "Clinique" - a universal remedy for any skin type, including sensitive. Well removes makeup and cleanses the skin. Practically without the smell, light consistency, which is felt on the face like an oil film.

  • Hydrophilic oil for washing "Fancl" is a soft and gentle remedy that thoroughly removes make-up and is ideal for problem skin. Quite economical, it does not smell. Completely natural - stored in the open no more than 3 months. Minus the product - high cost.

  • Hydrophilic oil for washing "Zhivitsa" - an excellent option for those who appreciate the 100% natural composition, the effectiveness of the product and the absence of a pungent smell. Slightly "pumped up" the packaging - buyers note an uncomfortable dispenser. But the problem is easily solved by transfusing the product into a suitable clean container.

  • Hydrophilic oil "Mizon" - just a salvation for oily and problem skin. Thanks to high-quality natural composition, the product gently cleanses the face, stimulates the normal operation of the sebaceous glands, eliminating pimples and irritations. Oil is very economically consumed, the only negative is a considerable cost.

  • Extraordinary cleansing oil L'Oreal "Perfect shine" is a mineral oil based product that spreads quickly over the face, foam well, almost does not dry the skin, it does not have a too sharp odor. It is not suitable for skin with problems and excessive fat content, as with incomplete washing it can lead to blockage of pores and a feeling of oily film on the face.

  • Hydrophilic oil for washing "Black Pearl" is an affordable remedy that completely removes make-up, evenly spreading over the face. Has a pleasant smell. At the same time, in spite of its intended use for dry skin, after its application, sensations of strong stiffness and dryness are noted. At the expense - not economical.

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