How to choose a robot vacuum cleaner

Robots-vacuum cleaners are widely used in everyday life to maintain cleanliness in premises for various purposes. If you decide to choose a robotic vacuum cleaner, in this article we will tell you which one will best satisfy your needs, based on its technical characteristics, basic and additional functions.

  • How to clean
  • What to look for when choosing a robot cleaner
  • Sensors for a robotic vacuum cleaner
  • Cleaning programs
  • Cleaning zone limiter
  • Cleaning start programming
  • Charging
  • Controlling a robotic vacuum cleaner
  • Types of brushes
  • Useful robot-vacuum cleaner
  • Power of the robot vacuum cleaner
  • Overall dimensions( height and width)
  • Choice of the battery of the robot-vacuum cleaner
  • Manufacturers of the robot vacuum cleaner
  • Video about the robots vacuum cleanerx

The principle of operation of the robot vacuum cleaning


first and most important criterion for selecting a robot cleaner - this type of cleaning. The choice should depend on what types of coatings prevail in your apartment or house.

The following types of cleaning are distinguished:

  • Dry - means cleaning of dust, wool, dirt, hair of hard flooring( linoleum, laminate, tile, parquet).Many models also provide for the cleaning of carpets and carpets, the height of the nap of which does not exceed one centimeter.

  • Wet - consists in wiping a hard floor covering with a microfibre cloth. As a result, fine dust is removed from the floor. The robot cleaner, intended only for wet cleaning, is not used for cleaning carpets.
  • Dry / Wet - the possibility of cleaning the floor in both a dry and a wet way, individually or simultaneously. Robotic vacuum cleaners with dry and wet cleaning function are universal and practical.
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What to look for when choosing a robot cleaner

The number and features of the functions of modern robotic vacuum cleaners depend on the convenience of their operation. Pay attention only to those functions that are necessary for you, do not overpay for unnecessary functionality.

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Sensors for the robot vacuum cleaner

The number of sensors is directly proportional to the efficiency of the robot vacuum cleaner. The more sensors, the better the cleaning, and the less likely that the cleaning process will be terminated due to, for example, a jamming of the vacuum cleaner.

Sensor types:

  • Contact. Located on the bumper of the device. Their task is to recognize collisions with objects and furniture. The result of the sensor triggering is a change in the trajectory of the robot vacuum cleaner. Rangefinder
  • . Determining the distance to objects and obstacles, the sensor initiates braking of the robot cleaner, so that the device travels around the obstacle and removes it along it.
  • Height sensors .Located in the lower part of the vacuum cleaner body, preventing its damage from falling from a height.
  • Pollution intensity sensors .Their task is to establish the presence, type and intensity of contamination, and based on the data obtained, determine the processing time of a particular section of the floor.
  • Built-in cartographer .Used to create a map of premises with a mark of the already processed and not yet processed sites.

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Cleaning programs

  • Regular cleaning - intensive cleaning of the floor in the premises, which is carried out until the battery is completely discharged( on average 2-2.5 hours).
  • Local cleaning - careful cleaning of an individual contaminated area, for example, with scattered debris or too much contamination.
  • Quick cleaning - express cleaning of the floor in the premises in a short time.
  • Full-Go is a program that provides automatic charging of a robotic vacuum cleaner when the battery is discharged, and returning it to further cleaning of premises.
  • Wall Follow - cleaning the floor along obstacles - walls, furniture, other items standing on the floor.

Possible trajectories of the

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Cleaning zone limiter

  • magnetic strip
    • The magnetic strip is to be glued to the floor along the perimeter in which the vacuum cleaner is to clean. The device does not leave the tape.
    • Virtual wall is a more advanced version that operates with beacon devices that emit infrared radiation to determine the cleaning zone in the room.
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    Programming cleaning start

    The robot cleaner can be programmed to start using:

    • The timer is used to set the start time for cleaning on a particular day.
    • Programming by days of the week - to set not only the start time of cleaning, but also a specific day of the week.
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    • Automatic - when the battery is low, the robot vacuum cleaner independently finds the base and connects to it for recharging.
    • Manual - models with manual installation also independently find the base, but the connection for recharging must be done manually by the user.
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    Control of the robot vacuum cleaner

    The control can be performed with or without the remote control. Since robots-vacuum cleaners are designed mostly for automatic operation, without the use of remote control it is quite possible to do.

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    Kinds of brushes

    Robots-vacuum cleaners are equipped with basic brushes( one or several), as well as lateral ones( not installed on all models).

    • The basic brushes can be made of pile( effective when cleaning wool, hair), rubber( effective when cleaning dust), and also be combined. The main brushes can also be conventional and turbo, the quality of cleaning using the latter significantly increases.

    • The side brushes are small in size and located on the sides of the body, protruding for it. Their main purpose is to increase the efficiency of cleaning in the corners and along the walls, and they can cope with their task.
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    Useful functions of the robot vacuum cleaner

    • Fine filter - improves the efficiency of the vacuum cleaner, as it cleans not only the floor of large particles of dust and dirt, but also the air in the room from the smallest dust particles, microorganisms and substances capable of causing allergies.
    • UV lamp - built-in ultraviolet lamp allows to produce antibacterial treatment of the floor during harvesting.
    • Air flavors - The built-in flavors spray the liquid with a user-selected odor during cleaning.

    • Garbage collection in the base - the presence of a garbage collection in the base provides self-cleaning of the robot vacuum cleaner. When filling the staff garbage collector, the device arrives at the base and independently unloads the garbage into the base dustbin.

    • Display - thanks to the presence of the display user can get information about all the parameters of the device - mode, time, status, and also with great convenience to program the robot vacuum cleaner.
    • The indicator of filling the dust collector - allows to determine the filling level of the dust receptacle without the need to stop and open the robot vacuum cleaner.
    • Separate waste collection system - prevents fast clogging of the filter, since the debris, distributed into small and large, is collected in different compartments. Thanks to this, the maximum efficiency of the robot vacuum cleaner is maintained.
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    Power of the robot vacuum cleaner

    If this criterion is of fundamental importance when choosing a conventional vacuum cleaner, then it is possible not to take special consideration in choosing a robot vacuum cleaner. The efficiency of the robot vacuum cleaner is not due to the suction power( because it is ten times less than the suction power of conventional vacuum cleaners), but the work of the brushes. It is not worth overpaying for models with high power indicators.

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    Overall dimensions( height and width)

    The height and width of the robot vacuum cleaner are the most important criteria that will affect the efficiency of the device. Before purchasing the device, measure the distance from the bottom of the furniture to the floor in the premises to be cleaned using a robotic vacuum cleaner. The selection of appropriate dimensions will eliminate the possibility of getting a vacuum cleaner under the furniture.

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    Choice of battery of robot vacuum cleaner

    Modern robotic vacuum cleaners are equipped with two types of batteries:

    • Ni-Mh - nickel-metal hydride. Cheap, but inefficient batteries.
    • Li-Ion - lithium-ion. Exceed the previous type for all characteristics, except for the cost - they are faster charged, slower discharged, have a longer life of two to three times.

    Pay attention to the battery capacity - its value is directly proportional to the cleaning time. Robots-vacuum cleaners with high-capacity batteries must necessarily be selected for large areas of space, as well as in the presence of carpeting, because when cleaning them, the battery discharges faster.

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    Manufacturers of vacuum cleaner robots

    Specialized in the production of robotic vacuum cleaners:

    • Yujin Robot ( iClebo) is a Korean company that has been manufacturing robotics for many years.
    • iRobot - the first company in the world to establish a mass production and sale of robotic vacuum cleaners.
    • Neato Robotics - founded in 2005, an American company specializing in the production of robotics.
    • Panda is the Japanese corporation Panda, which manufactures robotics of the Lilin line.
    • Clever & Clean is the exclusive distributor of Neato Robotics in the Russian Federation.

    Robot vacuum cleaners and world-renowned manufacturers of engineering and electronics:

    • Philips
    • Karcher
    • Samsung
    • LG
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    Video about robots vacuum cleaners

    iRobot Roomba video in Russian

    Dog drives a robot vacuum cleaner

    Robot vacuum cleaner and child

    When choosing a robot vacuum cleaner, pay special attention to the criterion of the battery power - the larger the area of ​​the room to be cleaned, the greater the capacity of the battery. No less important is the navigation of the robot vacuum cleaner - the more sensors it is equipped with, the more effectively it will cope with the tasks assigned to it.


    Now such a large selection of robotic vacuum cleaners that it is difficult to determine. I probably would not have been able to choose so far if the grandmother's grandson did not give us the Sititek Robo-sos X500.Nothing pathetic, but the model is good and efficient. And more than quality cleaning, it is not required. But the child has more attention, because the robot took all the dirty cleaning.

    Oleg C.

    By the way, about batteries, Li-ion battery for iClebo is cheaper than Ni-Mh for iRobot. So make conclusions, whether it is worth paying for an advertised brand, which in fact is inferior in many ways.

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