Popular signs about the flower spathiphyllum or female happiness

Women who dream of creating a family or having a baby, it is necessary to start a house plant spathiphyllum. In the people this flower is called "female happiness" and endowed with the ability to attract love and the onset of pregnancy. According to the signs, the cherished desire will be fulfilled with a blossoming bud.


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  • Proper care of a plant ensures a long flowering from March to September or twice a year,summer and autumn-winter. In this case, there are spectacular flowers collected in the cob and surrounded by a white or light green coverlet, in shape resembling a leaf.

    Is it possible to keep in house

    Not all beliefs are favorably disposed to the stay of this plant in the house. It is believed that if he withers, then happiness will leave this family. The fact is that spathiphyllum does not endure quarrels and scandals, negative energy can ruin it. Therefore, flower owners need to show care and patience in dealing with loved ones.

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    Signs of

    According to the ancient Greek legend, on the day of her wedding, the goddess of love Astarte gave the earthly girl a snow-white flower-heart, into which her bliss overwhelmed her. The goddess has given her gift the magic property - to make happy every woman who cares for a flower with pure thoughts and faith in love.

    Since then spathiphyllum has helped to acquire a life partner, helps to get married and become pregnant, strengthens relations between spouses.

    However, there are some rules for working with a flower:

    • The plant requires attention and care, it reacts to careful handling. Do not forget to talk to him, ask for help, wash the dust from the leaves, water and spray. For this, women's happiness will thank its mistress with beautiful flowering and fulfillment of her cherished desire.
    • It is best if a plant is bought in a store and presented to a girl for a holiday. Such a flower does not carry anyone's energy and is easier to adjust to a new owner. Positive emotions from the process of giving will also benefit him.
    • A single woman can buy the plant herself, but it should be done on women's days - Wednesday, Friday or Saturday. The seller should be a middle-aged blonde woman with blue or gray eyes. Pay for the flower should be slightly more than the amount specified on the price tag. At the same time, you can not take the change, otherwise the magic will not work.
    • You should never give someone your spathiphyllum - so you can lose your own happiness and family well-being. If the plant quickly grows and blossoms abundantly, then they can be shared with close friends who wish good luck in love. During the transplantation of the flower, prepare for them a few sprouts.
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    For the family

    • The aroma of a flowering plant, inhaled simultaneously by husband and wife, eliminates jealousy, distrust and discontent with each other, brings harmony to the relationship between spouses.
    • Putting women's happiness at the head of the bed, you can avoid marital infidelity, normalize the intimate life, return the relationship to the former passion.
    • If the appearance of the flower spathiphyllium resembles the rounded belly of a pregnant woman, one should expect the conception of a baby. In this case, the plant helps to avoid the difficulties of bearing a child, facilitates childbirth.
    • Female happiness improves relationships in the family, prevents conflicts, brings together generations.
    • The appearance of several flowers simultaneously foreshadows happiness for all members of the family. In a house where this plant often blooms, children grow up healthy and happy.

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    For unmarried

    • Girls who dream of finding their own happiness, under the aura of the spathiphyllum blossom, become more feminine, acquire their style and confidence, attract the attention of men.
    • The plant helps to get rid of depression more quickly after parting with your beloved, promotes a new productive communication with representatives of the opposite sex.
    • If a girl wants to marry a chosen one, then a blood relative male must give her a spathiphyllum. If the flower has blossomed - you should expect the offer of the hand and heart, wilted - the relationship will soon come to an end.
    • To give a plant and thus help a girl to arrange a family life can her sister, who has already married.
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    For men

    A man in love can test the feelings of his chosen one by giving her a flower of female happiness. If the plant feels well, blooms and exudes fragrance, then in the heart of the girl lives love. Spathiphyll withered - the interest of a young person to a man is lost.

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    Rites of the

    You can speed up the attraction of the desired by carrying out certain ritual actions with the flower:

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    For the love of

    To find a loved one, it is necessary to set up a spitfillum pot on the window on a night from Thursday to Friday,the moonlight fell on him. Standing at the window and inhaling the aroma of the plant, you need to ask the goddess Astarte to fulfill the desire. In doing so, you should clearly formulate the request, describing the character traits and appearance that you want to see from your betrothed.

    After this, you need to wait for the full moon, every night, lighting a candle in front of the flower. As soon as a young moon appears in the sky, you need to repeat your request to the goddess of love. By the beginning of the next lunar cycle, you will certainly meet that same man.

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    For money

    A flower of female happiness can be programmedto attract profits to the family. To do this, it should be placed in a room where money savings are stored, put a gold( yellow) coin of any value under the pot, and hang a green ribbon with a key attached to it. After that, you should speak out your wish aloud, thus activating the goal.

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    When spathiphyllum blooms, the green ribbon must be replaced with red, transferring the key to it. Soon, a favorable proposal for cooperation, a new appointment, the news of obtaining an inheritance or a major prize in the lottery should be received.

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