12 years of marriage: what kind of wedding, what to give

  • Traditions for the celebration of the nickel wedding
  • How to celebrate the nickel wedding
  • What guests give to the spouses for the nickel wedding
  • Gifts of the spouses to each other

What wedding is celebrated by the couple after 12 years of marriage? This memorable anniversary is called nickel in honor of the material, which in olden times was equated with precious metals, and therefore, was highly evaluated.

The relations of the spouses, after a considerable period of time, have become established and strong, like strong nickel, and precious, like gold and silver, as they have withstood a lot. In some European countries, the 12th anniversary of marriage is called a silk wedding, and in the US - pearl.

The tradition of celebrating the nickel wedding

Nickel wedding, like any other anniversary, has its own traditions.

  • For example, on this day the spouses visit memorable places for them: the church in which the wedding took place;Registry office, where they signed;a place where they once met.
  • A husband and wife can invite the closest friends to share their pleasant memories of the past with them. Upon returning home, the newlyweds are to be sprinkled with small coins.
  • A good tradition for 12 years of marriage is a second marriage, and it is not necessary to hold it at the registry office, it is enough to simulate it during the celebration of the anniversary and exchange nickel rings in the presence of the guests. This ritual symbolizes fervent love between the newlyweds and their willingness to forgive each other old grievances.
  • On the festive table there must be items of serving and dishes that cast nickel shine. They should have married in 12 years of marriage. If the products made of nickel are polished and sparkled like new, it means that the family life is adjusted, and the husband and wife are happy with each other. If the appearance of the dishes can not be called impeccable, then there are problems in the family.

How to celebrate a nickel wedding

Because 12 years of marriage are a non-circular date, many spouses prefer to celebrate it either in a narrow family circle or in each other's company, having a romantic evening. However, nothing prevents the newlyweds from setting up a magnificent celebration in the restaurant, inviting many friends and relatives.

If the third option is chosen, the room in which the event will take place is decorated with colorful balls and other holiday attributes. In order not to be bored, a toastmaster is invited, who will hold contests and cheer guests up.

The celebration can begin with the "arch of love", through which the newlyweds will pass, holding hands.

If you hold a celebration dedicated to the 12th anniversary of the wedding anniversary, for any reason it is not possible, then guests can be invited home. This is a great way to show present your well-being and well-adjusted family life. If the weather permits, nothing will prevent you from going to the countryside and spending a merry noisy picnic, frying shish kebabs, enjoying the fresh air and the beauties of nature.

  1. On the festive table must necessarily lie objects made of nickel. If they are not available, you can use the nickel-silver instruments, since this alloy includes nickel.
  2. As for the festive menu, there is no need to prepare any exotic dishes. Quite enough lean appetizing hot;salads, recipes of which every hostess has in abundance;cheese, sausage, vegetable and fruit slicing;sweet desserts and, of course, wedding cake.
  3. Recently, sweet fondue has been very popular - a great dessert, enjoyed by adults and children alike. If the event is attended by many children, which is quite natural, then for them you can separately organize a sweet table.

At the end of the festive event, traditionally held a tea party, which is organized in an old fashion. In the center of the table put a polished samovar - a symbol of family comfort and well-being. Well, those who prefer coffee, you can offer a drink, cooked in a shiny nickel turkey.

If the "newlyweds" want to spend this day together and dedicate it to communication with each other, they can arrange a romantic candlelight dinner. At a nickel wedding, this is more than appropriate, given that the second name of the anniversary is silk.

If the spouses missed the date of the nickel wedding, then do not worry, you can fill the gap. According to some sources, the anniversary can be celebrated not in 12, but in 12.5 years.

What guests give to their spouses for a nickel wedding

The choice of a presentation on the anniversary of the 12th anniversary of marriage is not difficult. Moreover, the invited are given the right to choose: it is possible to donate products from both nickel and silk. Everything depends on the imagination of the guests and on the means that they are willing to spend on a gift to the newlyweds.

Good gifts are products containing nickel, or with a shiny surface:

  • serving items, for example, nickel silver;
  • shiny metal tableware;
  • outdoor watch, unless, of course, you are a superstitious person;
  • interior items( lamps, candlesticks);
  • pieces of furniture with metal elements;
  • jewelery and accessories;
  • bathroom accessories;
  • household appliances.

You can present a gift of silk: bed linen, tablecloths, an original picture of fabric flowers.

What a triumph without bouquets? Roses are timeless flowers that can be boldly given on any occasion, including on the 12th anniversary of the wedding.

The symbol of the nickel wedding are peonies, which fascinate beauty and splendor.

Gifts of the spouses to each other

The husband and wife who have lived in marriage for so many years already know the habits and passions of each other, so the choice of the gift to the second half will not cause difficulties.

The best way to deliver one another's pleasure is to travel on a romantic journey. You can go somewhere without children, enjoying each other's company.

A good solution will be a joint trip to the spa or a romantic dinner at your favorite restaurant.

Present for the wife should be associated with nickel - a beautiful and durable material. His beloved wife can be pleased with exquisite accessories made of metal, it is not forbidden to give and jewelry.

You can present a gift with a mug with engraving in the form of love recognition, various small things from nickel - photo frame, figurines and other elements that will decorate the interior. A new laptop or phone in a steel case is a great gift. But handing kitchen utensils( pots, pans) will not be a very good idea, besides, the utensils are most likely planned to give invitees for the anniversary, so leave them this opportunity.

If the husband is fond of fishing, then a suitable gift for him may be the outfit for this hobby. Successful gifts are:

  • handle;
  • lighter;
  • cigarette case;
  • ashtray;
  • picnic set;
  • novelties of electronics( tablet, computer, phone);
  • power tool kit;
  • accessories for cars;
  • quality stylish office supplies, especially useful to a business man.

Also the couple can exchange mugs with patterns that imitate lace. It will say that their feelings have not faded and they still love each other.

Husband and wife can retreat from the tradition of giving each other products from nickel and give preference to gifts of silk.
Spouse, for example, you can give a silk dressing gown or a luxurious set of underwear, and his wife - an expensive shirt or pajamas.

Nickel wedding - the 12th anniversary of a joint life, only a step on the way to the top of conjugal happiness. Spouses have to go hand in hand a lot more, because on the way they have many more anniversaries, including gold. The main thing is to be able to carry feelings to each other, not to lose the brilliance in the eyes that radiate love.

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