What styles of dresses suit the full girl

Completeness does not have to be an obstacle to the desire to look feminine and elegant. If you have extra weight, smooth the flaws will help the correct style of the dress. Choose it is from what, modern fashion actively develops this direction for all occasions, from business to wedding style.

  • Style selection by shape type
  • Examples of successful images

Style selection by figure type

In the choice of style for the full girls it is important to consider the type of completeness or the type of its shape. The most fortunate are the young ladies, whose type of figure resembles an hourglass, where the proportions in the transitions between the hips, waist and chest girth are preserved. Under such a figure, even if you have excess weight, you can pick up a lot more styles. But for other types there are limitations.

So for the pear-shaped figure are available styles with an overstated waist, with an average or classical waistline, but for an apple-like figure, especially if the belly is expressed, models with an overstated waist or a line under the chest are more likely to fit.

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If you have a rectangular figure, and the waist is missing or not expressed, it is worth choosing either a model with a classic linewaist, or with a slightly overstated waistline.

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Examples of successful images

To create a harmonious image of the full young ladies, you will have to follow the rule: the stronger your completeness, the longer the length of the dress and sleeves, and the less the dress should tighten the figure, and the fabric should become increasingly non-lipped or generallysingle-color.

Only moderate fullness allows you to wear a length just above the knee. Mini is contraindicated at all. At such fullness the style of a dress-case will suit.

The best solution for the sleeve length will be the classic length of three quarters. The rest should be based on the fullness of the hands, sometimes the sleeve can be shortened, but it should not be tight.

Also only for moderate completeness and sand type of figure the fashionable style of the mermaid will approach. It will be especially feminine with the wedding style.

If you are attracted to prints, in particular, to flower prints, abstractions, choose simple dresses with a straight or not too fluffy skirt in the floor, the picture should be placed vertically, the horizontal arrangement is contraindicated, as well as the arrangement of the figure in the abdomen and thighs. It is better if the pattern will fit on the hem, sleeves, chest area.

The lack of a sleeve looks good on the fancy cocktail dresses with a V-neck and an overstated waist. This dress itself is smart, it's better if it's monophonic.

Beautifully cut V-neck will be combined with the length in the floor and a long sleeve. This is a good option for the evening.

For everyday wear, you can choose a democratic tunic tunic or rectangular shape, which conceals all the flaws of the figure.

In the construction of the image, you should avoid tracing horizontal lines and visual division of the figure. If you choose a dress under the dress, then its length should not be too different from the waistline, indicated by the dress. The exception is the jacket to the middle of the thigh, which also has a waistline.

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If you select a coat or a raincoat for a dress, in turn a raincoat can be a longer dress no more than 10 centimeters. In short the dress does not have to be a cloak!

For full women of small height, the length of the dress in the floor is contraindicated. Ideal is the length of 10-12 centimeters below the knee.

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