How to Choose Compression Stockings

Every day the legs of each woman undergo different loads: high heels, work on the legs, sedentary work, etc. These loads can lead to diseases of the veins on the legs, and in particular to varicose veins. Varicosity in turn leads to cosmetic defects, pain in the legs and violations of the legs. For the prevention and treatment of diseases of the veins on the lower limbs use compression linen, including compression stockings.

  • What are stockings made of
  • Classes of compression stockings
  • Recommendations on the choice and size of

Compression stockings have proved to be very effective against varicose veins. They help with fatigue, swelling, heaviness in the legs, dilated veins. Compression stockings have ceased to be something unusual, and more and more women who are predisposed to varicose veins choose exactly this kind of underwear. In addition to prevention and treatment of foot diseases, compression products also adjust the shape of the legs. Because of the dragging effect, they give slenderness, hide unevenness.

The pressure on the legs in such treatment-and-prophylactic underwear is distributed in a special way, so the muscles are constantly in a tone, the blood flow improves, resulting in the formation of thrombi and swelling of the legs.

What are stockings made of

The fabric from which compression stockings are made, fits well, it is dense and elastic. However, it perfectly "breathes", and the skin in such linen does not sweat and feels comfortable. Stockings well restore the former size, after their removal.

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Lycra and microfiber, natural rubber and cotton threads are used in the manufacture. In this regard, the compression products are non-toxic and hypoallergenic, do not irritate the skin of the legs.

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Compression stocking classes

There are several compression classes:

  • Easy compression. Products with this class are suitable for those who have a problem with the veins and legs are observed only at the initial stage, when swelling is not so frequent, the veins are not too dilated, but fatigue in the legs is felt every day. An easy degree of compression is suitable for prevention of those who are often on their feet, during pregnancy, those who have excess weight, with diabetes mellitus;
  • First class of compression. Such stockings are shown at the first stages of varicose veins, with the formation of "stars", with severe fatigue in the legs, which does not pass during the night, after surgery, delivery, caesarean section;
  • The second class of compression. Go to products with such compression can only be in case of deterioration of varicose veins when the disease progresses. Often a second class is prescribed before specific operations on the legs, or after surgery on the veins;
  • The third class of compression. Attention! You can not wear without a doctor's appointment! It is prescribed, as a rule, with progressive varicose veins, in the treatment of Parks-Weber's syndrome, when the formation of venous shunts is observed. With valve aplasia( Klippel-Trenone syndrome), and with exacerbations of postthrombotic diseases.

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Recommendations for the selection and size of

Before buying this product, consultation with a phlebologist is necessary. This is necessary, since compression stockings carry a curative effect. This effect is achieved by distributing the pressure of the stocking on the legs. It is 100% on the ankle and lower leg, 70% on the knee joint, and 40% on the hip. It is very important that the specialist prompts you exactly which compression linen you need, so as not to hurt yourself and your legs.

The size of this laundry is determined by individual parameters. To determine the size measure the volume of eggs and hips, in contrast to conventional tights and stockings, where the size is determined by height or weight.

If you are offered to purchase products, the compression of which is measured in dens, then they do not have a therapeutic and preventive effect. Compression of such laundry can only be measured with special equipment and measured only in production. So be careful when buying.

High-quality compression linen is not cheap, so pay attention to the price when buying. After all, when buying a poor-quality product or a fake, you can greatly damage your health. Since their compression will not be distributed correctly, the blood flow will be slowed down and the condition of your legs will worsen.

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In addition, you need to buy this laundry in specialized places or in the pharmacy, so as not to run into a fake.

It should be noted that many compression stockings have silicone rubber in their composition. Therefore, if you have a predisposition to allergy to silicone, it is better to pick up some other model.

Do not forget that the purchased products will have to be worn constantly, excluding night and short-term daytime rest. So they should be comfortable and look good.

Also when buying this medical-prophylactic product it is better to trust trusted manufacturers. Here are some of them: Relaxsan( Italy), ORTO( Spain), Venotex( USA), MEDI( Germany), Sigvaris( Switzerland), Intex( Russia).

There is nothing special about wearing compression stockings, especially since you can pick very beautiful options. Thus, by purchasing these products, you will receive not only an excellent remedy, but also a beautiful piece of clothing.

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