With what to wear a sweater of different styles

The sweater will warm both for walking and in a cool office, it will give warmth and comfort. However, do not think that the function of a sweater is limited to this. With a skillful combination with other things, it can quite become not only a warm, but also a very stylish part of your wardrobe. Under his style, you only need to correctly select the ensemble.

  • Stretched
  • Surround
  • Sweater
  • Short
  • With print
  • Large Mating
  • White
  • Gray
  • Black
  • Other colors


Wearing this model is in combination with fitting things. A stretched sweater for thin girls is suitable, it only emphasizes harmony, but with extra pounds such a model is inappropriate, and for magnificent ladies and is completely contraindicated.

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For fabric sweaters, narrowed trousers, leggings and joggings, skirt-trapezium,mini, and for knitted sweaters choose narrowed jeans and a pencil skirt or a trapezoid.

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Volumetric( oversize)

To compiling a kit with a volumetric sweater, the requirements are essentially the same as in the case of stretched sweater: to avoid disproportion in the image, you need to combine it with a less volumetric bottom. And in this case, as the bottom of the outfit, straight trousers, jeans or a pencil skirt are perfect. The latter option is perfect for an office, though only if your sweater is not very long.

Oversize is also not suitable for very lush ladies. But with an imperfect figure, he will do.

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This style will be appreciated by lovers of comfortable things, because in such a warm knitted dress that descends below the hips, it is very cozy. Especially if it is made of natural quality wool. And that the elongated models look even stylish, designers advise to mix them with leggings or very tight tights. In this case, boots with a high bootleg, boots or ankle boots will be an ideal footwear.

For a tight long dress-sweater, a wide belt at the waist is perfect.

If the sweater is adorned with a large viscous, jewelry and accessories should not be selected at all, or you can choose jewelry made of leather, wood, suede.

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Such models are combined with skirts and trousers of different styles, but with an overstated waist. It is desirable that the sweater was either slightly below the line of the skirt or trousers, or slightly higher( to be bare about a centimeter waist).

It is important and a combination of textures. So, for a thin woolen sweater the bottom, made of leather or cotton, will approach, and under the knitted top the bottom from dense or loose fabrics or jeans will approach.

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With print

Sweaters with images of animals, flowers, motifs of fantasy, art, space - a constant trend of recent years. Pick up the bottom in accordance with the shape of the sweater and the material from which it is made. It can be trousers, leggings, and skirts.

But, whatever the choice, the bottom should be calm, since the accent will still go to the print and nothing should be dragging it in the ensemble any more.

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Large knit

In this case, the bottom is also selected depending on the sweater's style and it should also be calm, even if the sweater is solid. Here the main accent will be precisely beautiful large knitting. It gives the image a romantic note and does not need to be interrupted.

For a long knitted sweater leather leggings or narrower jeans are good.

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The universal white color will be combined with either a white or light bottom, or with contrasting dark colors.

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The only condition: if the color of the white is cold, the bottom can not be selected in warm colors, if the color of the white is warm, respectively, and the bottom should be in warm tones. For example, a pearl-colored sweater and a cold blue bottom or milk-colored sweater and a coffee-colored bottom.

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Gray is assembled with almost all shades, but, since it is considered to be a calm color, it is also necessary to select such a sweater in calm tones, excluding any screaming or acidic shades.

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But black color for sweater is universal. Under it you can choose absolutely any shade of the bottom. In this case, even screaming tones will be smoothed out with a neutral black color.

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Other colors

Popular colors are used for sweaters: red, blue, yellow, brown and green. If the sweater is monophonic, the bottom under it can be chosen with a pattern, print, decor, but if the top combines several colors, the bottom is better to choose a monophonic and neutral color.

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