How to choose the right jeans for a figure

Jeans have long been one of the most popular elements of women's wardrobe. But, contrary to its popularity and prevalence, many young ladies still can not properly choose the style of these trousers. After all, you need to take into account not only your desires, but also the possibilities of your figure. It is based on the type of figure and it is worth choosing jeans.

  • Straight
  • rods Infused
  • Stretch
  • Average landing
  • Underestimated
  • Free
  • Overstated


This style is considered universal. He will equally suit both thin women and full ladies. The rectangle will help to correct the angular figure and shape, when the waist is not expressed. A straight cut will visually stretch the legs, make them longer, but this effect will be the opposite if you tuck your pants.

This includes the fashionable jeans boyfriends. These are the same direct models, but made in a more coarse masculine style.

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The second name of this style is "skinnie".It is suitable only for thin women with narrow hips. Look good at long-legged young ladies. Skinny is categorically contraindicated by too low girls, and also in the presence of excess weight or wide thighs.

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Popular in the past, the style once again gaining momentum in our time. He will decorate young ladies with high and medium height, but miniature girls will make even lower, stealing visually from their growth a few centimeters and adding extra weight. Also this style does not fit the full girls.

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This model is much like leggings, and like leggings, these jeans sit in a dough, drawing each bend. Accordingly, they are suitable only for an ideal figure, but in the case of problems, the stretch will only put an accent on them, but does not hide.

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Average landing

This style moderately covers your legs and hips. Suitable for almost any shape and weight, but will not adorn, if this weight is located in the area of ​​the sides and waist. Also this style is suitable for any growth.

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Jeans with low waist, as with high waist, can be of different styles: stretch, flared and so on. So, choosing such a model, it is also necessary to take into account its style and then, whether it is suitable. Any low-cut jeans visually make the legs shorter, so they should not be picked up by low girls. Suitable is a fit for an ideal waist.

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This style is suitable for short legs in relation to the trunk and will help them visually lengthen. It is not recommended for those who have extra accumulation in the hips. The style will make the hips even more bulky.

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Few to whom the model with an overstated waist is not suitable. Do not buy these jeans only for those girls who have fat accumulation around the waist, and also low. Ideally, jeans fit tall and slender girls.

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