Candles Relief in Pregnancy

The course of pregnancy is exacerbated by various health complications that develop as a result of a radical restructuring of the mother's body. One of the most unpleasant problems is hemorrhoids. As a result of the growth of the size of the uterus, which presses on the surrounding pelvic organs, a decrease in the elasticity of the walls of the vessels, an increase in the amount of blood in the body, and the slowing of its movement, inflammation may develop with pain and bleeding in some areas. For the treatment of hemorrhoids in pregnant women, doctors often prescribe the Relief Candles, which provide wound healing and painless defecation.

  • Composition
  • Instruction for use
  • Indications
  • Contraindications
  • Which preparation Relief choose
  • Analogues


  • Shark liver oil that provides rapid wound healing reduces the risk of inflammation, has an analgesic effect, relieves itching.
  • Phenylephrine - has a vasoconstrictive effect and reduces swelling of the rectal vasculature.

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  • Cocoa butter - has softening and anti-inflammatory properties, reduces soreness.
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Instruction for use

Candles are injected into the posterior opening 4 times a day: in the morning, in the evening and after each defecation. The order of application is assigned only by the attending physician.

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  • cracks in the anus;
  • ulcers;
  • anal itching;
  • erosion of the perianal area;
  • painful stool;
  • constipation and their prevention;
  • proctitis.
Read also about other candles for hemorrhoids that are approved for the treatment of pregnant and lactating mothers. Http://
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  • intolerance of the constituents of the drug;
  • hypernatremia;
  • tuberculosis;
  • high blood pressure;
  • diabetes mellitus.

During pregnancy and lactation, any Relief candles are used only for the intended purpose and under the supervision of the doctor if the expected curative effect exceeds the potential hazard to the fetus or the baby.

If within a week after using Relief candles no positive effect is observed, you should inform your doctor about it. The same applies to situations where after the use of the drug, bloody discharge begins - this is a sign of serious health problems.
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Which preparation of Relief to choose

Candles of Relief are issued in three forms. They have a common basis, but there are some peculiarities that allow using the drug purposefully, depending on the severity of the disease:

  • Relief - removes inflammation, provides rapid healing of wounds, relieves pain, swelling and itching. In addition, the candles have a hemostatic effect. The drug is used for the prevention and treatment of any form of hemorrhoids, including in pregnant women.
  • Relief A( Advance) additionally contains benzocaine, which has a pronounced analgesic effect. These candles quickly relieve pain, remove inflammation and provide restoration of damaged tissue. The drug is prescribed for analgesia during proctological operations, for the treatment of anal fissures, hemorrhoids, accompanied by significant pain.
  • Relief Ultra, due to the content of hydrocortisone acetate and zinc sulfate, has a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect, relieves itching and swelling. Suppositories have astringent effect and heal wounds. They are prescribed for diagnosing hemorrhoids, which occurs with symptoms such as severe anal itching, dermatitis and eczema of the perianal region.

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  • Hemorol.
  • shark liver preparation( oil) in combination with phenylephrine.
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