Beautiful female tattoos on the lower back

Female tattoos, whose sketches are designed for the lumbar region, are the most common. Their subjects are very extensive, affecting all known styles. We bring to your attention information about the most popular versions of female tattoos for this part of the body.

Tribal tribute tattoos

In this ethnic style, the tattoo has many subspecies: Slavic, Aztec, Polynesian, Japanese, Celtic and so on. Most often on the waist in the ethnic style depicted rock paintings and ancient ornaments with black pointed patterns. Sketches in this style are made up of Scythian themes, Orthodox and book graphics, folklore and fairy-tale images. Such tattoos are preferred by strong-spirited and self-confident individuals.

Similar tattoos can be both symmetrical and asymmetric, but more often it is the symmetry and exact location at the bottom of the back that is observed.

Symbol tattoos

There is a lot of symbolism in tattoos and this list can be continued indefinitely. The most popular are:

  • Hieroglyphs. A tattoo consisting of one hieroglyph or a whole phrase carries only that subtext, which is the meaning of the hieroglyph itself.
  • Inscriptions. It can be any text in any language, any font that will carry a great semantic meaning for its owner. It is very relevant for inscriptions in italics in foreign languages. Choosing a tattoo inscription, most often write phrases that become a real motto in life.
  • Sheet Music. Choose tattoos of musical themes creative or romantic personalities. Such tattoos make for programming yourself to succeed and inspire.
  • The sign of infinity. Holders of such tattoos are strong and self-confident people. This sign carries a deep meaning and strength.
  • Butterflies. Butterfly is usually considered a symbol of the soul, beauty, love, joy, fragility. Every nation has its own meaning of the symbol. The tattoo of a butterfly on the waist is the most popular and beloved female sex.
  • Feathers. A sign of weightlessness, ease, ease, joy to life, creativity and freedom.
  • Flame. Passion and transience of life. The desire for constant life changes for the better.

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Tattoos of abstractions

Such tattoos for the most part do not carry any subtext and semantic meaning, they are a simple or complex ornament that performsa standard aesthetic role. But also in abstractions, you can be a subject, for example, if the abstraction consists of Celtic motifs, Slavic, Aztec, African, Sumerian, and so on, then the secret meaning of the tattoo will reflect exactly the meaning of these motifs.

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Animal Tattoos

Each animal symbolizes its importance. The most popular animals for tattoos are:

  • A cat is a symbol of independence, freedom and curiosity.
  • The tiger is a symbol of courage and fearlessness.
  • A horse - helps to overcome obstacles and life barriers.
  • Eagle - pride, greatness and nobility.
  • Bear - strength, courage, endurance.
  • Wolf - valor, agility, courage.
  • Snake - power, immortality.
  • Dragon is a symbol of aggression and extraordinary.

Tattoos of flowers and plants

The most vivid and unusual can be flowers and plants as a tattoo. This tattoo on the lower back will be a work of art and a real decoration of the body. The most successful the following topics:

  • Rose is a symbol of passion and love.
  • Lily is a symbol of purity.
  • The lotus is peace and rebirth.
  • Orchid - luxury and wealth.
  • Flowering branches - do not carry a true sense or subtext, just decorate your body.
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