Results of the procedure for eyebrow microblasting

Improving their appearance, women gain self-confidence, which helps them to win in any situation! In the pursuit of beauty there are many new procedures. Microblooding is an absolute breakthrough in cosmetology, which allows to emphasize advantages and eliminate shortcomings in appearance. What it is? Microboding is also called tattooing or biotatuage with an emphasis on the correct modeling of the eyebrow line, taking into account the features and type of appearance, the shape of the face.

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Features of tattooing

The procedure is carried out by inserting under the skin a special pigment that lasts for a long time. Thanks to microblasting, women save time to create beauty, giving up pencil, shadows and other means. To distinguish such a "picture" from natural natural data is possible only under a particularly close look. Painted hairs look natural.

This procedure is used to correct not only the shape, but also the color of the eyebrows, in the presence of a defect in the arrangement( asymmetry), to hide obvious defects( scars, scars).After microblasting, women have beautifully outlined, identical eyebrows, ideally suited to the type of face.

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How to prepare for the procedure:

  1. You need to think over the shape and color, because after applying the tattoo, change thatit will not work for a long time. The specialist will help to make a choice thanks to a professional look.
  2. It is not recommended to drink alcohol before the procedure. If you undergo antibiotic treatment, then it is best to transfer the microblade to the end of the treatment. Alcohol dilutes the blood, why during the procedure the syphonic is allocated, and antibiotics do not allow the pigment to settle down, which leads to the lack of the desired effect.
  3. The solarium can also have a negative effect on the work of the master, after which the skin becomes firm and impervious to the pigments introduced.
  4. It is not necessary to pluck your eyebrows independently before tattooing, giving them a shape, they should have a natural length and width. It is important for a master to know the structure of the hair, their density and the direction of growth.
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How the procedure is carried out:

  • specifies the shape and color of the eyebrows;
  • master pencil draws the desired shape and plucking extra hair;
  • disinfects the working surface;
  • is the most important stage - the introduction of pigment.

Proper eyebrow care allows you to save the effect for a longer period, up to 2 years. Do not recommend wetting the tattoo in the first day after the procedure and apply cosmetics.

In case of inflammation it is necessary to apply on the irritated area special antiseptic and anti-inflammatory ointments, which can be bought at any pharmacy.

After a while there will be a crust on the eyebrow after microblasting. Healed inflammation in any case can not be cleaned, ripped off. The crust will fall off itself.

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