Photoshoot in the style of dolls

Nowadays, holding all kinds of photosets is already so rooted in almost all areas of the subculture that few people imagine their leisure without not only the usual photoreport about their lives, but also more creative reincarnation within the framework of professional or amateur photography. In this hobby there are a lot of advantages, it is enough to recall only the opportunities for self-development, and just a good mood. Well, from an unusual genre of dolls you will definitely get it.

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In the photo shoots, in reality, there are no frames for flying fantasy. At your service more than fifty styles and sub-layers, which allow the embodiment of thousands of images. And if about the most popular styles for photo shoots you probably already know a lot, it's not out of place to pay attention to other areas that are worthy of interest. These include the style of the doll. He is rarely used in the glittering world, let alone mere mortals. The point here is not that it is in some way bad, but rather the opposite - it's too good, but too complex, specific for photo sessions, hence its rare embodiment in practice.

It is necessary to pay attention to this style in photo shoots if you want to dilute your portfolio with interesting genre photos. Dolls can be realized in several substructures.

An interesting solution for a photo shoot is the embodiment of dolls in the romantic style of Barbie, in "dark"( for example, the house of wax figures), "fantasy", "beauty", "steampunk"( robot doll), and also in the "cosplay"- Copy images of characters from popular games, movies, cartoons, books.

Almost any topic is appropriate for dolls, because the photo session is built initially due to posing, and then already at the expense of the image. Of course, you have more chances to achieve a good result, if you choose a famous doll image, for example, Barbie, but you should not abandon other images, just need to work them out in more detail.

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Preparation of

The sad fact is that photography of this nature has never been and will not be cheap. And the minimum use of attributes requires cost, and detailed images can pour out a pretty penny.

For shooting you will need:

  • Select a location. Good for a neutral theme is a children's room in a classic English style or a dining room. For other topics and the venue should be appropriate. So, dark, the house of wax figures and puppeteer is best to shoot in a gothic or gloomy atmosphere: in an old cemetery, in an abandoned church, in a vacant lot, in a gloomy cellar, in the attic, etc.;
  • Take care of your attire and accessories. They are key in the image. And in this case, the outfit and accessories are also selected in accordance with the topic. For example, for a puppeteer, threads are required, for dark you can get an artificial skull, and for Barbie are irreplaceable pink things;
  • Choose the right make-up and hairstyle. Regardless of the topic, makeup in dolls is similar. It is aimed at visually highlighting the lips and eyes, making them puppet. As a hairstyle, large curls often fit.

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In this shot, the pose is substantiallydiffers from the generally accepted one. The poses themselves can be from the list of standard ones, but they must be built so that you look like a doll. And for puppets, elongated limbs, elongated arms, "not scattered" fingers, elbows bent at 45 degrees and knees are characteristic.

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The genre of the doll is suitable for many images, but the following are very popular:

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For Barbie fit almost any youth attire, but best if it will be aged in pink, blue, golden or beige tones. For the Princess - any luxurious dress of delicate shades, preferably with voluminous sleeves, for Malvina - only a short, necessarily lush dress, blue, blue or turquoise.

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Accessories Barbie - bright handbags, scarves, caps, hats, umbrellas, voluminous costume jewelery. Princess - fans, tiaras, voluminous costume jewelery, fur cloaks, for the punk princess you can leather coarse, high boots and electric guitar. For Malvina, if you are not a brunette, it is advisable to find a wig with blue or turquoise hair. White or red ribbons in the hair or a three-dimensional ribbon in the hair will also fit.

Hairstyle and makeup. Barbie - any stylish hairstyle that suits you, but if you have short hair - you better curl them. Makeup - puppet - delicate shades of the base tones, you can arrow for eye make up and purple or natural shades for the make up of the lips. Princess - choose classic high hairstyles. In particular, a Greek knot or babette will do. Make-up - an evening make-up with an emphasis on the eyes using natural pastel shades. Malvina. Hairstyle for a photo shoot - loose hair curled in large curls. Makeup - focus on the eyes. You can use the blue-green palette in tandem with podvodkoj.

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Puppet master

This photo session can be both sinister and glamorous, well, or combine both of these extremes. Depending on what you choose, the requirement for clothes also changes. For a darker version, ballroom dresses are white, black, for neutral - almost any clothes that resemble a puppet.

Attributes are important. These include: puppeteer ropes, ribbons in hair, bows, a sham key, as presented in the photo or other details in the steampunk style( for a mechanical doll).

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Make-up practically does not differ from the traditional puppet, except that for gloomy options you can try for the eyes of a fig-ice and blood lipstick lipstick.

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This theme will allow you to embody all demonic, gloomy, vampire and other ideas. The success of the image will depend on the details. It is appropriate to use makeup, wigs, frightening accessories.

Dark dolls will best look in the framework of some scenario, which forms a whole terrible photo story. For example, the transformation of an ordinary person into a doll.

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