What to wear with leggings

Losiny has long won unshakable popularity due to its versatility. After all, this element of the wardrobe allows you to create many images in different styles, from romantic to brutal rock style. True, and for losin has its own rules. It is necessary to consider how and with what they are most advantageously combined.

  • With what clothes can you wear
  • Which shoes to pick up

With what clothes can you wear

Ideal leggings fit under all sorts of tunic tunic and T-shirt designs. In this case, the material from which the top is made can be completely different. But the most suitable is the combination of elk with tunics from dense fabrics for spring and autumn, as well as with knitted tunics up to the middle of the thigh line.

But the T-shirts are the most suitable for the summer.

Depending on the material from which the leggings are made, you can make an image both for walking and for going to a night club, where it is better to choose leather leggings or leggings under the skin.

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In this case, it's better to choose leggings of classic black color.

If the version of losin and tunic or shirt is suitable for any figure, then wearing losin with a skirt must be approached carefully. Here, the ideal data is already important, since the leggings fit well only with short skirts and only such harmonious ensemble can fit into slender and young girls. It shows the street style.

Skirts with leather inserts fit well under the skirt.

Advantageous combination of losin and with dresses of a rectangular cut, styles of oversize and length up to a knee or hardly below. Especially well suited knitted dress.

Another unbeatable option is the combination of elk with lengthened shirts. For monophonic losin, the top in the cage or pattern will fit, but for variegated elk or with a pattern it is better to choose a monochrome top.

This combination is suitable only for tall girls.

Now popular are leggings with print patterns, leopard print. Under them, the top should be as calm and neutral as possible.

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What shoes to pick up

Ensembles can come up with a great variety, given the variety of models of shoes. But the choice should be carefully thought out.

Under leggings organically fit classic botilony in tone tights or contrasting color.

Combines leggings and neat sandals and simple ballet, to wear such an ensemble will be people who value comfort and convenience. If you have low growth or you do not like the platform and hairpin, this option is suitable for you.

Caution when selecting such a combination must be observed by those who do not have too long legs.

Sandals with leggings will be a suitable summer option, as a top to this ensemble you can wear a variety of tunics.

In the autumn, leggings can be tied up with high boots.

Shoes in combination with leggings can also be worn. This combination is considered universal, because you can choose the best any.

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