How to choose a gas hob

If you decide to choose a gas hob, we will help you do it right, by telling you about the main criteria for choosing it, and also considering the main characteristics and additional features.

  • Tips for choosing gas hobs
  • Installing the hob: independent or dependent?
  • Burner panel material
  • Burner panel color
  • Burner panel color
  • Control panel location
  • Types of burners and their number
  • Switch type
  • Dimensions
  • Useful functions of gas hobs
  • Gas control
  • Timer burners
  • Electro-ignition
  • Disconnection of burners
  • Panel lock
  • Design "Domino"
  • Manufacturers
  • Care for the gas cooker

Tips for choosing the gas cooktops

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Installing the hob:dependent or dependent?

Independent hobs have a separate control panel, they do not depend on the type and device of the oven. When planning the kitchen, the use of such surfaces provides important advantages of placement precisely because of the independence from the oven.

Dependent hobs do not have burner switches. You can control this surface from the control panel, which is located on the oven. The dependent surface can only be located directly above the oven.

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Material of the burner panel

The surfaces with the burners located on them can be:

  • Enamelled. The enamelled surfaces are of low cost, they are highly durable and can have any color. Among the disadvantages of enameled surfaces are the complexity of care and cleaning, susceptibility to the formation of chips and scratches, respectively, the rapid loss of presentable appearance.

  • Steel. Steel surfaces can be made of matt or polished stainless steel. To care for them, you need to use special cleaning agents. Washing them is easier than enameling, but maintaining their brilliance is not easy.
  • Cast iron. Cast iron surfaces are durable and resistant to mechanical damage, but care for them can be a problem because of the uneven structure of the material. Cast-iron can be only grates of the hob.
  • Glass-ceramic. Glass-ceramic surfaces have a high cost, but it is justified by the presentable appearance and ease of use. Glass ceramics is a durable, reliable material with an absolutely smooth and even surface. Among the nuances of use is the need to purchase special utensils.
  • Made of tempered glass. Hardened glass surfaces have high performance characteristics - they are easy to clean and wash, have a presentable appearance, but require careful handling, as any mechanical damage will be noticeable on them.
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Color of hob burners

Manufacturers provide buyers with the option to choose the color of the burner panel - depending on the overall color scheme of the kitchen.

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Location of control panel

The control panel for the hob may be located in front of the surface or on the side - each of the options has its advantages. For example, the layout from the front is more common for most, while the lateral arrangement makes the panel less accessible to children and less prone to dirt.

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Types of burners and their number

In gas cooktops, only gas burners are installed, which can have various modifications. As a rule, the total number of burners does not exceed 2-4 pieces, depending on the dimensions of the hob.

Varieties of gas burners:

  • Standard with one flame row;
  • "Double Crown" with two rows of flames;
  • "Triple Crown" with three rows of flames.
The "Double" and "Triple Crown" burners have more power compared to standard gas burners, which allows you to prepare meals faster, and also make them more tasty due to the fact that the cookware warms evenly.

Gas hobs can also be equipped with:

  • Grill hob. It is a grate with heating elements located in the lower part. Can be installed only on wide surfaces.
  • with WOK Hob. A hotplate specially designed for use with a WOK pan. Has a concave shape and increased power.
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Switch type

Switches can be rotary, recessed and touch.

Inexpensive hobs are equipped with rotary switches( handles).

In more expensive models are installed recessed switches that look more presentable, simplify the care of the surface, make it impossible to accidentally turn on the plate.

The most expensive models have touch switches, allowing you to quickly select the level of heating power.

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As all hobs are built-in, it is important to consider their dimensions in relation to the size of the kitchen furniture.

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Useful functions of

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Gas control

Thanks to this function, surface safety is ensured, since the supply of gas ceases if the flame for any reasons fades.

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Timer burners

The built-in timer allows you to program the cooking time of dishes. The timer can sound a beep at the end of the program, or it can automatically turn off the hotplate.

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Surfaces with gas burners can be equipped with a spark ignition device with an electric spark, this saves the user from having to use a cigarette lighter or matches. Electric ignition may be mechanical or automatic.

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Disconnection of burners

The safety shutdown device switches off the burners or the entire surface after a certain time if no commands are received from the user. Some models have a built-in safety thermostat - it turns off the burners if they overheat.

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Panel lock

A special button on the panel allows you to lock the panel, thereby increasing the safety of its use.

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Design "Domino"

Hobs with a design of "Domino", are small modules that can be combined with each other. Gas hobs are supplemented with deep-frying, grilling or WOK.Distinguished by high functionality, such surfaces occupy minimal space in the kitchen.

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Specialists recommend to pay attention to products from the following brands:

  • Bosch;
  • Samsung;
  • Gorenje;
  • Zanussi;
  • Hotpoint-Ariston;
  • Hansa;
  • Electrolux;
  • Siemens.
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Care for the gas cooker

Features of care for gas surfaces depend on the material from which they are made. For each type of materials, there is a set of tools that can effectively deal with a wide variety of contaminants:

  • The steel hobs are cleaned with a soft sponge, which is wetted with a mild detergent or a very weak baking soda solution. Alternatively, special emulsion-cleaning agents can be used, but after using them, the surface must be thoroughly rinsed with clean water. In no case should you use abrasives in powders, as this will lead to scratches.
  • Enamelled gas surfaces also do not tolerate the use of abrasives in care. With mild dirt, the surface is easily cleaned with a soft sponge soaked in a dishwashing solution. If the contamination is large or old, a stronger creamy consistency is used for cleaning.
  • Cast iron surfaces are the least whimsical in care. You can clean them with almost any improvised means, including household chemicals. But the most efficient with the cleaning of the cast iron surface is coping with ordinary table salt.
  • Glass and glass-ceramic surfaces require the utmost care - avoid abrasives and metal objects, and thoroughly wash the surface after using chemicals. The care agent for the glass or glass-ceramic surface may be in the form of a gel, a spray or an emulsion. Producers and special disposable wipes are offered.

To properly select a gas hob, consider the most important characteristics, as well as determine the set of necessary basic and additional functions. The best choice - a functional hob from a well-known manufacturer from the middle price category.

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