How to clean a cashmere coat from dirt and stains

Cashmere is a delicate material, it is difficult to clean without consequences. The material is susceptible to technical damage, may lose color, the risk of sprouting and other defects is high, but if it is not possible to hand over a coat to a dry cleaner, you can use the following methods.

  • From dirt and dust
  • From greasy spots
  • From coffee, tea, milk
  • From wine and stains

From dirt and dust

If the stains are simple, the resulting socks of the coat on the street( dust settling, street dirt and so onfurther), return the product to the old look of washing in a typewriter on a delicate regime using a softening conditioner and liquid detergent.

You can also wash it by hand. The water temperature should not exceed 35 degrees. If there is no liquid powder for hand washing, you can use ordinary baby shampoo or soapy water. To rub a thing is contraindicated, but you can treat it with a soft sponge.

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From greasy spots of

In the removal of grease stains left by any substance on an oily basis, talc for white coat, gasoline for black and any dish detergent for coats of different colors will help.

Spots on a light coat should be sprinkled with talc. Suitable way, if the stain is fresh. Leave talc for the whole night, and in the morning brush it with a napkin. The stain should be almost completely removed, its traces must be wiped off with a special brush for cashmere products.

Spots on a dark and black coat should be treated with gasoline. Initially, moisten the cotton ball in the gasoline and treat it with soiling. The spot will dissolve in gasoline, and after that it will only be left to stretch the site in cool water. To repel the smell of gasoline can be a soapy solution or conditioner for cashmere.

In other cases, use a dishwashing solution, preferably colorless.

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From coffee, tea, milk

Remove stains left by coffee, tea and other drinks( only not wine), ammonia and glycerin are capable. It is necessary to mix half a small spoonful of alcohol with a small spoonful of glycerin. The cotton disc is wetted in the mixture. After apply the mixture on the stain. Rub a little, letting the mixture penetrate the stain. After a special brush for cashmere or a soft sponge, it is necessary to wipe the stain with a soap solution and rinse.

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The stains from beer are derived in a similar way: the alcohol is mixed with vinegar in equal proportions and the same method is applied tostain, and then removed with a sponge and rinse.

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From wine and complex spots

Fresh, still not dried stains from wine will remove salt. It should be applied in large quantities to a stain, wait for the salt to soak up the liquid, and then shake it off and apply a soap solution to the area.

If such a stain, not only from wine, but also from greenery, iodine and other corrosive substances, withered, it remains only to give the thing a dry cleaning, at home without the consequences for the material such pollution can not be deduced.

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