27 years of marriage what kind of wedding is this

27 years of marriage - one of the best periods in the lives of spouses. By this time, they had learned to find compromises in different everyday situations and to keep peace in the house. By this point, full mutual understanding is achieved in their relations. What is not the occasion to arrange a holiday for yourself? What kind of wedding symbolizes 27 years of life together, what congratulations should be prepared and what to give to the spouses?

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  • How to tag
  • Gift for the wife
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How the wedding is called

The name of the 27 anniversary of the joint life came to us from Europe, where it has long been called the wedding of the Redwood.

This expensive wood symbolically symbolizes 27 years of married life, because it has a number of valuable qualities. This high-quality, strong and noble material is used for the production of expensive furniture, interior items, and for the production of musical instruments. And these products are quite expensive.

So the 27-year-old marriage, like the mahogany, gained its value, strength and nobility. Like the mahogany, such an alliance can not be broken, it remains only to polish the relationship to shine, without forgetting to take care of the beauty of feelings.

In addition, mahogany, for its mighty roots, is generally considered to be a symbol of wisdom. Probably the same wisdom is enjoyed by spouses celebrating the 27th anniversary.

Like a powerful mahogany, at this point of family life the family managed to strengthen its roots and grow branches-generations of children, and possibly grandchildren. And during this period, she is not afraid of hurricanes or other tests.

An important symbol is the year of the Redwood wedding: the deuce symbolizes a married couple, and the seven symbolizes a family.

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How to tag

There are no special traditions and symbolic rituals for "newlyweds" on this day.

The only thing that distinguishes the celebration of the wedding of Redwood from other anniversaries of married life is a red color in the attire and accessories of the spouses, and gifts associated with the symbol of the holiday.

Although you can come up with your family ritual in honor of the celebration of the Redwood wedding. For example, to create a memorable inscription with wishes to each other on a piece of wood. In the future, it can become a talisman of your family.

As for the event itself, you can hold it as you please - even at a rich table noisy company, at least alone with each other. The main thing is an atmosphere in which you will meet 27 wedding.

You can use for decorating the room and laying the table:

  • decorative mahogany products;
  • accessories of noble red or yellow color;
  • candles in beautiful candlesticks;
  • exquisite treats;
  • red or yellow wipes.

The situation itself should radiate calmness and nobility. Consider also the musical accompaniment of the holiday and an entertaining entertainment program for the guests. Let this day be remembered by your warmth and joy from communicating with the most native people.

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Gift for the wife

Remembering the symbol of the celebration, a good gift for the wife for 27 years of the wedding, can become:

  • original mahogany statuette;
  • jewelry box;
  • carved decorative wooden vase;
  • decorations with mahogany inserts;
  • picture in a mahogany frame or with its image;
  • umbrella with mahogany handle;
  • solid wooden frame for the mirror;
  • breakfast table in bed;
  • photo frame.

If there is such a financial opportunity - you can give and new furniture made of mahogany. Or a voucher to the birthplace of mahogany - the most beautiful Antilles. This will be a truly luxurious gift!

Although his wife will certainly be pleased with other gifts of a symbolic red color:

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  • kitchen accessories;
  • household appliances;
  • tableware;
  • curtains;
  • coffee and tea sets;
  • cutlery sets;
  • beautiful bedding;
  • tablecloth;
  • sets of towels.

And, of course, we must not forget about the flowers that always please women. The ideal bouquet for 27 years of a joint life consists of a similar number of red roses.

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What to give to the husband

The Symbol of the Redwood wedding will also tell what to give for the 27th anniversary of the husband:

  1. Luxurious stand for business cards made of mahogany.
  2. Ashtray or cigarette case made of noble wood.
  3. Set for office supplies.
  4. Decorative figurine or figurine made of wood.
  5. Document holder.
  6. Carved wooden chess. Backgammon or checkers from mahogany.

If a more expensive gift is available, you can donate a mahogany chair or any other furniture encrusted with this noble wood.

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Congratulations to

Wonderful addition to all the congratulations for 27 years of the wedding will be beautiful poems with the anniversary of the wedding:

27 years have flown by like the wind,
Again we "bitterly" for you to scream.
Redwood wedding celebrate,
To drink today there are hundreds of reasons.
Your family - the ideal of imitation:
Wisdom, tenderness filled the house.
Let luck always thrive in it,
Happiness and faithfulness live in it with love.
Happy 27th wedding day, dear!
We wish you a very long life!
Let there be happiness and luck with you,
And joy, luck, and dawn!
Let your head spin with happiness,
From toast and wine everyone is hoping,
You just do not lose your feelings in everyday life,
Do not open the arms of your hot hands. Let the tree of hope and good luck,
Blossom in your house from year to year!
Love let it be with the years more beautiful,
Let tenderness and warmth in your house bears.
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