Examples of how to make earrings yourself

There are many techniques in which you can make both simple and complex earrings. At the same time ornaments can serve for everyday wear or supplement any capsule version from the wardrobe. The following master classes will be understandable and for beginners.

  • From
  • polymer clay lace and beads
  • wire and

thread of a polymeric clay

Materials Needed:

  • polymer clay( shades to choose from),
  • stationery knife,
  • special jewelery pins and wires,
  • pliers with rounded tacks,
  • nippers for working with fine wire,
  • scissors.

It should be ensured that there are no harmful impurities in the alloy of fasteners, for example lead or tin. These earrings can not be worn, they can cause an allergic reaction.

Each earring consists of 6 polymer parts: one large opened flower, a green cap to it, two balls and one rose flower to the bottom of the earring and a green cap to it. Flowers and greens are made together, total 4 separate elements on the output. These elements must be individually put on a thin wire.

To create flowers, you need to make each petal separately, and then collect it in a flower, from the back, stick a rolled-up blaze of greenery. Work better in thin gloves, so on the material there will be no traces.

Before placing the elements on the wire, at the tips of the wire blanks you need to make small loops that would not let the elements slip. After planting all the parts on the wire, they need to bake in the oven, and then form the same loops on the opposite sides. After using these eyelets, you need to collect the earrings.

Collect is necessary from the schwenze. On it you need to pick up 4 chain rings, which you can either do yourself, or use the links of the purchased chain. After the largest flower is fastened, it joins the ring of the shvenza itself so that when it is worn it is not visible. Further, without the addition of links, the other elements join: two balls and the last small flower.

Also learn how to make a bracelet of threads http://woman-l.ru/kak-sdelat-braslet-iz-nitok/
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From lace and beads

In the simplest version, the lace workpiece is sewn to the shank or the ring is benton one of the stitches, while using the usual lace. But for more complex earrings, in which lace is created independently, the following materials are needed:

  • beautiful stones or rhinestones,
  • large transparent beads,
  • small transparent beads,
  • beads for pearls,
  • two meters of material soutache,
  • thin and strong threads,
  • adhesive,
  • lighter or candle,
  • needle for working with beads,
  • Preciosa beads No. 46205 - 5 grams, No. 00050 - 5 grams
  • special strand for rhinestones,
  • leatherette of the required color.

The starting layer of the soutache is applied around the first bead. We keep the edges of the soutache above the fire, we melt it. Making the second level of soutache, we add beads between the layers. After we proceed to the lining of pearls.

Next, select the strass beads and we get the resulting composition in the soutache, and the next level glued a special strass thread.

The next layer of soutache will contain beads and rhinestones. We cover the beads with the soutache, making the curls. The result is fixed.

The final layer of suta contains between the layers of transparent beads and pearls.

loading. ..

The last step is the sewing of earrings with leatherette.

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From wire and thread

A diamond is bent from the wire. Then you need to take a strong thread and dip it into the acrylic paint. You can choose any color or combine several, applying a paint on a string with a brush. The dyed thread is slightly dried and wrapped around the two lower faces of the diamond, which are pre-lubricated with glue. Replace the colored thread with an insulated wire covered with a colored body.

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