All the national signs for the birthday

Birthday plays an important role in the life of every person, being not only a festive event, but also having a magical meaning. On this day, fate is especially favorable to the birthday person - paying attention to signs and beliefs, he can attract luck in any business.

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    It's not recommended to cut your hair on birthday - you can cut your luck. Also, depending on the day of the week in which a person was born, he has happy and undesirable days for visiting the hairdresser's:

    • For those born on Monday, especially good days for a haircut are Thursday, Friday, Saturday, bad - Sunday.
    • Born on Tuesday you can get a haircut on Thursday, Saturday, Sunday, you can not - on Friday.
    • If the birth happened on Wednesday, it's good to schedule a trip to the hairdresser's on Saturday, badly - on Thursday.
    • For those born on Thursday, good days are considered to be Friday and Monday, and the environment is unfavorable.

    • Those born on Friday in the hairdresser should go on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays, to abstain preferably on Tuesday.
    • For people who were born on Saturday, the best days for a haircut are Wednesday and Friday, the worst is Sunday.
    • Born on Sunday to plan a haircut is possible on Tuesday and Thursday, do not follow - on Monday.
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    On a holiday it is necessary to put on new things and linen - so the birthday person will draw to itself happiness and good luck. In the pocket of your clothes, you should put money - so that they are kept and transferred all year round. Change the outfit is not recommended, so as not to lose everything that was purchased on that day.

    If the perpetrator of the event spoils clothes, then someone tries to jinx it. Dressing up in this case follows with the words: "Not to the thin, but to the good."

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    How to tag

    • Celebrate a birthday in advance - shorten your life. Earlier, only the deceased are remembered. If you are congratulated before the date, you need to say: "Give, God, live and overcome all enemies."
    • If you celebrate the event later, the wishes may not be fulfilled - according to the beliefs, it is on the birthday of the guardian angel and the souls of the deceased relatives go down to earth to listen to all wishes and transmit them to heaven. Even if the birthday caught you on the road, you still need to perform certain rituals - make a wish, accept congratulations, blow out the candles on the cake.
    • Your health should be treated very carefully - having met a holiday sick or morally depressed, a person runs the risk of getting health problems for the entire next year. If you had to go to the hospital, tune in to an imprint, and let close people show you more attention and concern.
    • On the eve of the birthday, one should not attend funerals or go to the cemetery.
    • How to celebrate your birthday, so spend the whole next year. Only positive thoughts should visit a person, one should not be sad and sad - you can draw to yourself what you think about.
    • On the eve of your birthday, you should not borrow money or other items, otherwise you will be in debt for a year.
    • Also on this day the birthday boy should not give something in debt or give alms - so you can give your well-being and good luck for the coming year.
    • During the holiday in the house should be clean, but you can not clean and take out the trash on your birthday - you need to take care of it in advance or the next day, or you can sweep your happiness. Even if something is broken in the house, it is possible to remove the fragments only after the departure of the last guest.
    • Furnace pancakes for the birthday does not follow - they are considered exclusively a memorial and a pancake dish.
    • A festive cake means a sweet life, and the light from the candles on it is the symbol of the star under which the person was born. When blowing out candles, the smoke rises to the sky, giving them a message to fulfill the desire. If the first time you failed to blow out all the candles - ask your friends, then they will help you to fulfill your plans.
    • Dog howl this day - to the imminent death. In case of drinking songs a four-legged friend should be removed somewhere so that he does not sing along.
    • Dreams on the night before the birthday are prophetic. You need to remember people from the dream - they will affect your life the next year. Told in a dream words can be perceived as prophetic, especially if they are pronounced by the deceased. Also blowing away pay attention to the roads - their width, quality and where they lead you.
    • In parting words, the culprit of the celebration should not sound like a part of "not" - instead of "not getting sick" one should want to "be healthy".

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    • According to ancient beliefs, the number of guests, as well as candles on a holiday or cake, should not be 9, 13, 18, 21, 51, 99, 100.
    • An odd number of people on a holiday means, that someone does not have enough couples, and his envy can be directed to the birthday boy.
    • This day the birthday person becomes more receptive to higher forces, both to good influence, and to negativity. Therefore, it is undesirable to invite people whose purity of thought you are not sure about.
    • If there are unpleasant people on the holiday, taking a gift from them, you should say to yourself: "I'm taking a present, not a lining" and three times mentally crossing oneself. In the future, it is desirable to get rid of the gift.
    • To give gifts to guests is a good sign. So the higher powers see your generosity and are ready to reward you with more gifts.
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    • The rain on the day of birth is a happy sign. Particularly well, if the sunny weather suddenly changed to rain, and you had to get wet.
    • Thunderstorm - thundering thunder symbolizes the upcoming alarm.
    • Rainbow - portends happiness and luck.
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    • Birth on your birthday means a loss of personality, a part of your luck the birthday boy gives to his child.
    • A wedding is considered a bad sign only if it is on the bride's birthday.
    • The death of a loved one is an unhappy sign, brings sadness and sorrows.

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    For years

    • 13 years - this date is notshould be celebrated on a grand scale.
    • For 33 years - is considered a mystical date, the age of Christ. During this period, in a person's life, there are often turning points.
    • 40th anniversary - is a sacred age for a man. On this day it is recommended to give up noisy fun.
    • 53 years - plays a special role in the life of a woman. This holiday should be noted quietly and calmly, with the family.
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    What not to give

    • Bouquets with an even number of colors - this is considered a wish of well-being to the deceased person in the afterlife. If such a coincidence turned out to be a mistake of the florist, you just need to remove the extra flower. Doubt in the good intentions of the donor - get rid of the whole composition.
    • Yellow flowers are a symbol of parting and deceit.
    • Soap, shampoo and other detergents - they draw tears to themselves.
    • Haberdashery( purses, bags) - these items should not be empty, otherwise the person expecting financial difficulties. In the gifts should be put at least a coin.
    • Vessels( vases, jugs, pots) - they should also be given filled.
    • Weapons, as well as sharp, pricking and cutting objects( knives, forks, scissors) - worsen energy, involve quarrels and conflicts. Gifts of this kind must be bought back - give them a coin or a small denomination for them.
    • The clock is a symbol of the outgoing time, the life time is counted.
    • Jewelery with pearls - pearls symbolize tears and bring grief.
    • Handkerchiefs - can bring on the birthday person tears and sorrows.
    • Tie - with the help of this wardrobe item you can tie( or bewitch) a person to yourself.
    • Mirrors - are a corridor between our and the other world, and can bring a birthday person unhappiness.
    • Figures and figurines in the form of birds, as well as stuffed animals and paintings with birds - foreshadow trouble.
    • You can not transfer your gifts - so you can give someone another positive thing that was intended exclusively for you.
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    After the birthday of

    To watch yourself and signs after the holiday you need 12 more days, each of which symbolizes the month of the next year and a certain area in life:

    • The first day symbolizes the person's birthday. We should pay special attention to our person and self-analysis, awareness of the mistakes of the past and making plans for the future.
    • The second is responsible for the financial side of life. It is necessary to think over the money receipts and expenditures for the next year. Particular attention on this day should be given to nutrition - on how much quality and varied food will be, depends on the wealth of your table the whole next year.
    • The third is a relationship with surrounding people, both business and personal. Time to develop a working strategy, to think about how to strengthen ties, get rid of unnecessary contacts. The day is also suitable for beginnings.
    • The fourth is dedicated to the family. It is advisable to spend time with parents, especially - with the mother. You can put things in order in the house, visit the cemetery. Successful transactions with real estate.
    • Fifth - it is connected with rest and entertainments. This day is desirable to spend with children and friends, go for a walk, get as much positive emotions, do not think about work. Personal acquaintance can develop into a serious relationship. The sixth day of health. You need to cleanse the body, it is useful to go on a diet or to do therapeutic starvation. Any physical exercises will be successful. Also on this day it is good to communicate with animals.
    • Seventh - responsible for the relationship with the partner. It is necessary to spend as much time as possible together, together to visit an exhibition or a museum. Be sure to refrain from quarrels and conflicts.
    • The eighth is a day dedicated to the secret and magical. A good time for meditations, solving issues with inheritance. Prophetic dreams disappear. If you avoid noise and crowds, the next year will be calm.
    • Ninth - symbolizes training, career, and religion. A wonderful period for the expansion of horizons, travel, communication with people. You can do charity, go to educational institutions.
    • Tenth - the embodiment of success. Attention should be paid to reputation, career, enrollment in advanced training courses. Well, if you can help close people.
    • The eleventh - is devoted to friendly relations and bringing a new one into your life. On this day it is good to get rid of unnecessary things, habits, relationships. You can change the style, place of residence, get married. It is useful to meet and communicate with friends.
    • Twelfth - responsible for ill-wishers and restrictions. The day is suitable for visiting the church, meditating, fighting bad habits. There are chances of accidentally learning about the plans of enemies.
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