Drawing a picture of oil step by step

Sometimes, looking at the work of talented artists, there is a reasonable question - how to create such masterpieces with the help of just a brush and colors. It may seem that, in addition to the talent granted by the god, the artist has secret knowledge. In fact, there is no mystery. Behind every work there is a sincere desire to create, a desire to capture the images created by the imagination. No less important is the inspiration and, of course, the zeal of the author.

  • Basics for creating a painting
  • Drawing process

Basics for creating a picture

If you still decided to try to draw the first picture, then you should know that this may require the following tools:

  • canvas of fine or medium grain( suitable as a frame, and on cardboard);
  • set of oil paints of 12 primary colors;
  • brush flat and column;
  • palette for mixing paints;Pencil-crayon for
  • sketch;
  • solvent №4 for paints;

  • solvent №1 for cleaning brushes and palettes;
  • easel.
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Drawing process

Bear in mind that even the most talented artists resort to painting from nature or photography. Therefore, you first need to find an idea for the composition. For this, any photo from the internet, but it's better to take a live flower. Choose an uncomplicated composition, in which, for example, one flower, a monochromatic color and a minimum of elements. It is better to start with a simple one.

First of all, just redraw the main parts on the canvas, easily pressing a hand on the coal. Then fill in the background. In our case, the pod is purple.

It is difficult to give advice on how to dilute paint. Understanding the proportions comes only with experience and personal flair. As well as understanding the strength with which to put a hand on the brush.

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Now in the drawing you will have to make a break for a day or two until the background dries. This is an important point in many techniques with oil, ignoring which will not bring a beautiful result. So, if you want to work with butter, learn to wait.

After a couple of days make sure that the canvas is completely dry, and proceed to draw the details of the flower. The job is to apply several layers of paint and convey realistic features of the flowers.

The first layer of the painting - all the details are painted in a uniform color - the base one. It must be darker than the second color.

For example, if the base one is purple, then the second color is light magenta with the addition of white.

The third layer is the parts. To draw it, use columns No. 1, 2 or 0. Draw lines, small elements, mark the transitions of tones as shown in the photo to the master class.

So, your first picture is ready! Do not forget that it must be left for a week for final drying. After that, enjoy your work. The main thing is do not stop, but continue to experiment and with each time you will get better and better.

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