How to make a cake with a doll with your own hands

Almost every girl likes the beauty princess theme. And if you have the opportunity, try to translate the childhood dream into reality. There are a lot of ways for this, but we suggest you present a really original surprise to the little girl - a doll in the form of a cake. Make such a sweet present will not be difficult, the main thing is to be able to prepare a biscuit dough and cream, which keeps the shape for a long time.


All cake elements
  • Secrets of cooking
  • Recipe for the perfect biscuit
  • Recipe for oil cream
  • Recipe for mastic for decoration
  • All elements of cake

    This cake is a composite culinary composition. An edible part is a doll dress. For him you will need to bake a biscuit, give it the right shape, and then insert into it the main character - the Barbie doll. To decorate such a cake will need a thick cream or mastic, preferably a few colors or shades. Depending on the type of cream that you plan to decorate the cake, it is better to stock up with a culinary syringe. When you choose a mastic syringe is not needed. Ornaments from it are made by hands or by means of special mold-patterns for extrusion.

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    Secrets of cooking

    Cooking the "Barbie doll" cake is placed in several stages, the main one of which is a successfully cooked biscuit.

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    Recipe for the perfect biscuit

    You should start with a biscuit test. Take 5 fresh eggs and one glass of sugar( 200 grams) and beat well with a mixer until a uniform thick white foam is formed. Continuing to beat gradually, enter into the mixture a half cup of flour( 150-200 grams).

    For splendor, you can add a baking powder for dough or soda.

    Before you send the dough into the oven, you should choose the appropriate baking mold, since the cake should be dome-shaped to have a resemblance to the hem of the dress. Each landlady, of course, their secrets, but a good option for this will be demountable forms of different diameters.

    And if there are no such forms, you can try to form a skirt yourself, cutting out circles of different diameters from the cake and stacking them on each other.

    Pour the dough onto the selected baking sheet, having previously laid parchment paper on the bottom and smeared with lean oil. Put in the oven and bake cakes for about 15-20 minutes at a temperature of 170-180 degrees.

    If possible, you can bake a biscuit in a multivark.

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    The finished cake should be carefully extracted from the oven and allowed to cool well.

    Now you can collect the cake cakes in the magnificent hem of the skirt. To ensure that the cake does not turn out to be dry and kept the shape, be sure to cover all layers and joints with cream.

    When you managed to achieve the desired shape of the skirt, you can put it on the doll. Make a hole in the center of the biscuit and insert the doll inside. In advance, make sure that the doll's hair is gathered in a tail or a high hairstyle, so that no unpleasant situations arise. Be sure not to forget the body of the doll, but rather wrap it with food film to the level of contact with the cake.

    You will create a new holiday dress for her yourself with the help of cream and your imagination.

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    Recipe for oil cream

    Whisk to a homogeneous mass of 200 grams of softened butter with 100 grams of condensed milk. The resulting mixture is divided into 2-3 parts and add food colors of the desired colors. Apply an oil cream better confectionery syringe.

    Experiment with the shape and size of the baits and you will get a dress with marvelous patterns and ruffles. A dress made of this kind of cream will perfectly hold the shape, but before serving, it is better to store the cake in a cool place, otherwise the oil may melt.

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    Recipe mastic for decoration

    Of course mastic is considered an indisputable leader among the means of decorating confectionery, but it needs to be able to work with it and it is not always possible for newcomers. In the framework of this lesson, we did not apply it. But for those who are interested and want to try we offer a relatively simple mastic recipe. At least, it is difficult to make a mistake in it.

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    You need marshmallow or marshmallow( 350-400 grams), sugar powder - 350-400 grams, gelatin at the tip of the knife, butter - 30 grams, ordinary table water, better boiled - 80-100 grams, food colorsthe required color.

    Melt butter slowly over low heat. Do not remove from heat, add marshmallow and stir it regularly until it completely dissolves. In advance, dilute gelatin with water and pour it into the mixture. After that, start to pour a little sugar powder. The consistency of the mixture should resemble clay. Do not forget to add dyes. The finished mastic is put in a cellophane bag and sent to the freezer for 20 minutes. Then it can already be applied. Just mold everything you want from it. This is a great way to realize many ideas in decorating cakes.

    Such a cake your doll lover will definitely appreciate for one hundred percent, both visually and taste! And what could be better gratitude than a sincere childish smile.

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