How to beautifully lay a cut of sausage and cheese

Cheese and sausage have already proven themselves as the best snack, the more often they are in every refrigerator, so the assortment of these products has become an indispensable component of each festive table. But a good housewife always tries to surprise her guests with something new, constantly experimenting with recipes, dishes design options and original options for serving cheese and meat cuts.

  • Decoration of a meat plate
  • How to make a cut from cheese
  • Layout of a cheese and meat plate

Decoration of a meat plate

If you have several kinds of sausages or meat gastronomy products, then, by connecting fantasy, you can create quite original assorted ones, laying outthem in a circle, spiraling, in rows, in the form of a rainbow, alternating shades.

Meat cuts are served on the table not earlier than one hour before the start of the holiday.

One of the easiest options for laying out is to lay out a cut in the shape of a flower. The edges of the plate should be decorated with lettuce leaves, and on a circle in several layers to lay out petals from slices of sausage. The middle of the flower can be decorated with olives, cherry tomatoes or cheese cubes.

If as the main product you have boiled or ham, and when slicing, the slices are sufficiently large, then you can stack them folding in half, a cone, waves or folding into rolls.

With the help of toothpicks from such slices it is possible to easily form flowers, butterflies or figurines. Slicing can be sprinkled with pomegranate seeds or forest berries or decorated with cucumber slices and greens.

Even the boiled sausage will not be left out, from it, if desired, you can make a beautiful rose. To do this, slice the "boil" with thin slices, roll a few pieces into a tight roll and tie it with a green onion stylus or burn at the base with a toothpick.

Each next petal spread more freely and bend to the side. At the edges add green onion feathers or lettuce leaves.

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How to make a cut from cheese

Cheese is cut mainly depending on the original shape. Both hard and soft varieties can be cut into squares, rectangles, triangles and crescents. Pieces should be small about 25-40 grams.

Sliced ​​large slices of soft and melted varieties of cheese folded in half or twisted into tubules.

Pickle cheeses, such as brynza, are often cut into cubes. For convenience, in each piece, you can stick wooden skewers and decorate canapes.
Serve cheeses on a flat platter, a compound manazhnitsa or on a wooden board, laying clockwise, from gentle to spicy, so that the smells of aromatic and neutral cheeses are not mixed.

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It should be remembered that cheese is a very delicate product, so that it is not worn out and reveals its taste, it is served to the table not earlier than half an hour before the start of the meal.

One of the spectacular ways of decorating are cheese feces. Thin, equal plates of cheese are folded with a cone, in the form of a bud opening of a feces, and as a core inserts thin slices of Bulgarian pepper or olives.

You can decorate a cheese plate with nuts, mint leaves, coffee seeds, grapes, figs, pears or dried fruits. Also any cheese cuts are perfectly combined with crackers, olives, nuts, honey and berry jams.

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Layout of cheese and meat plate

According to the rules for serving dishes, so that the cheese and meat assortment looked beautiful, slicing sausage and meat products should take 2/3 plates, the rest of the place will be cheese. For example, you can make a slicing so - on a large flat plate lay out lettuce leaves, they should lay out meat rolls and rolls. From above they can be covered with thin slices of sausage. And the rest of the plate should be filled with sliced ​​cheese and decorate with halves of cherry tomatoes, marinated cornichons, lemon slices or olives.

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Look great big thin layers of meat and cheese, folded into severalonce and laid on a plate overlapping or peas. Add to this harmony will be several types of sauces served in sauceboats on the same dish.
Not less interesting will look cut from cheese and sausage in the form of canapes. On a toothpick or a skew alternating, it is necessary to put on pieces of meat, sausage, cheese, vegetables or berries.

Also quite exotic look festive cuts, decorated with fresh flowers, pickled mushrooms, chips and citrus.

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