Why not look into the eyes of a cat

One of the most beloved pets is a cat. Fluffy purrs like adults and children. They become members of the family on a par with people. Many ancient centuries have passed since ancient Egyptians began to use hairy mousetraps. During this time, there are many beliefs and accepts associated with cats. So why not look into the cat's eyes?

  • Facts or facts
  • Cat's mood in the eyes
  • True signs about cats

Facts or facts

In ancient times, during paganism and the formation of religions, any signs and inexplicable events were identified with the machinations of the devil or the manifestation of divine power. With the development of scientific knowledge, all mystical events received other more prosaic explanations. To help humanity came knowledge in the field of biology. The same goes for and accepts related to the behavior of cats. Until now, there are two options for explaining events built on conjectures or facts.

When the inhabitants of Ancient Egypt tamed fluffy purrs, they made cats an object of worship.

It was believed that there was an invisible connection between animals and the astral world.

Allegedly, thanks to this cat can receive information from unknown substances and transmit it. That's why, if you rely on mysticism, it's better not to look into the animal's eyes.

Now solve the problem, referring to the facts. Cats descended from predatory animals. Some of the habits of their ancestors fluffy pets have not forgotten so far. A direct look into their eyes means aggression. The animal, feeling a threat, is preparing to attack. And, if you do not look away, the cat will attack. In this condition, it can be scratched very hard.

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Cat's mood in the eyes

Furry pets are very wayward animals. Their mood changes as well as in man. But, unlike the master, they can not speak. How to recognize the cat's mood in the eyes:

  1. An animal sits at the door, looking down at the floor - someone is standing behind the door;
  2. If the cat is looking, with wide open eyes - she shows an interest in what she is watching;
  3. Semi-closed eyes during the time the animal is stroked means the satisfaction and bliss of the pet;
  4. Close-up view of the fluffy pet makes it clear that the cat wants to attract attention. For example, for the owner to feed her or play with her;
  5. If the home favorite looks away - makes it clear that he was left alone.
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True signs about cats

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Since the days of domestication of cats, people have been watching these animals. There are signs that do not refer to mystical manifestations. They are really fulfilled. Among the true signs are:

  1. If the cat tends to occupy a warm place near the heating device - cold weather is expected;
  2. Shaggy pets curl up in a ball, hiding a muzzle - to weather worsening;
  3. About approaching heat, the cat "reports", stretched out in a dream in the full length of the body in the middle of the room;
  4. To improve weather, cats begin to wash their head and paws;
  5. Some sailors take cats with them to the sea. They argue that animals anticipate the approach of a storm;
  6. Unreasonable excitement of furry pets, the desire to quickly escape far away, may indicate an approaching catastrophe. It was noticed how the places where after volcanic eruptions and earthquakes happened, the cats left the day before.

In order to protect themselves from the evil eye, in the old days the cat, after its natural death, took a stone and made a talisman out of it.

It is believed that the animal protects the family from any evil.


Yeah, our cat-Scot does not like it when you start looking intently into his eyes)) Starts to turn away and displease meow! But if the ball collapses, then just-to cool weather, how many times noticed!

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