How to make a stylish female hairstyle in retro style

Actual retro style today is a characteristic of several epochs from the 20s to the 70s. Fashion does not stand still, and despite a small choice of means for styling, while the beautiful half of humanity has always managed to look good. And all because they were able to successfully choose a hairstyle.

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Variants of Hairstyles

Almost every decade of the twentieth century corresponds to a certain fashionable hairstyle. Whether it's retro styling with a mesh, an elegant bandage or a lush bow, it can easily be done by yourself.

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Cold wave

In the early thirties in America in place of spoiled and pampered ladies came more determined young ladies. They cut their hair short enough or put them in conservative hairstyles.

To create a retro style wave, you need:

  1. Make a vertical parting from the side and horizontal from the ear to the ear, thus dividing the hair into three parts.

  2. Apply foam or gel to the side strands for styling.
  3. Use long pins to form waves of the desired shape.
  4. Clips fix the strands on the bend of each line.
  5. The remaining hair is collected in an elegant bun.
  6. To fix a hairdress with a varnish.
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In the 60's, chignons, overhead tails and bangs come into fashion. Appears actual and today a hairdress "Babette".

  1. Wash hair, blow dry with a hairdryer and comb well.
  2. Separate the lateral temporal locks from the rest of the hair mass and use a rubber band to assemble the back of the head into a high tail, turn it to the face and secure it with clamps.
  3. Attach the foam pads at the base of the tail with the studs.
  4. Well combed, distribute the hair on the platen so as to completely hide it.
  5. Hanging strands neatly collect and hide under the hair. Carefully fasten the invisible.
  6. The side strands are divided into two unequal parts. A little scratch. The smaller one is taken behind the ear and fixed, and the big one, covering the forehead slightly, is laid on one side.
  7. Hairstyle to decorate with a beautiful comb or bow.
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Rollers and curls are the basis of retro style hairstyles. Here is another version of the original styling.

  1. With horizontal parting, divide the hair into two halves.
  2. Bottom gather in the tail at the back of the head.
  3. The top is divided by a lateral parting into two strands and combed along the entire length with a thin comb with a thick bristle.
  4. Having sprinkled with a lacquer one strand, wind it on a curling iron and accurately fix the received tube invisible.
  5. Repeat the operation on the other side by placing the volume rollers as close as possible.
  6. Hair on the back of the head to collect in the tail, wind, comb the curls with a brush and lay in a lush bunch.

Look at the options for the most creative female hairstyles
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The low beam

The simple and easy-to-implement hairstyle is another sign of retro style.

  1. Assemble the tail below the occiput and pass its end into the loop at the base.
  2. Use a comb to comb the bottom of the tail, sprinkle with varnish for fixation.
  3. Collect hair into a voluminous low beam, fasten with hairpins.
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The basis of laying - hair and curls.

  1. Screw the hair on the curlers along the entire length and fix the curls with varnish.
  2. Make a basal volume using a natural brush.
  3. Strands around the face to lay in the form of ridges, carefully fix them with invisible ones.
  4. Collect hair in the tail at the nape of the neck and decorate with a magnificent bow.
  5. loading. ..

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The thirties are marked by the appearance of characteristic accessories for hairstyles in retro style. One of them is a turban. It was possible to tie it in many different ways, one of which involved the almost total concealment of hair under the cloth.

The easiest way to tie a turban:

  1. Fix a handkerchief on the back of the head.
  2. Bring it to the forehead and tie the knot.
  3. Return the ends back, straighten the knot and tie a handkerchief on the back of the head, and hide the tips.
  4. The kerchief must be spread out so that the ears are closed and the curls fall down on the shoulders.
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Since the late 40's, hairstyles with weaves have come into fashion. The crown of two braids is a vivid example of this.

  1. Shveleruu divided the central part into two parts.
  2. Behind each ear braid braids technique "spikelets" or "fish tail".Weaving should be voluminous and free.
  3. Place the braids on the crown in the shape of a crown and secure with invisible ones.
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In the 60s, Behind the scenes, the most voluminous and fluffy hairstyle was considered the most fashionable.

  1. Apply dry foam over the entire length of the foam and blow dry with a hairdryer.
  2. Naches better make a special comb with thick bristles. Selecting strands on the back of the head, pulling them up and carrying the hair from the roots to the tips.
  3. Spray with varnish to secure the hair.
  4. Use a massage brush to put the strands back in the form of a roller.
  5. Strip and strands in the face straighten, wrap around the head and fix on the back of the head.
  6. loading. ..

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handkerchief In the 1940s pin-up style appears. In accordance with him, the hair is laid in a kind of tubule and tied with a bright handkerchief, the tips of which mischievously stick up.

  1. Select a fairly wide triangular strand in the forehead area.
  2. Well combed by laying it with a curling iron in a tight roller and fix it.
  3. At the back of the head or the head, pull the hair into the tail and make a three-dimensional beam.
  4. Fold the handkerchief in half and tie it over your head.
  5. The ends of the scarf to decorate in a beautiful bow.
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Victory Rolls

"Winning rollers" climbed to the peak of popularity in the 40's.

  1. Make oblique or straight parting.
  2. Choose a lock at the temple and scratch it from roots to the middle.
  3. Wind it from the tip on the finger and in the form of a tube to fix it with invisible.
  4. Do the same actions on the opposite side. There should be two identical shells on one level.
  5. The rest of the hair can be left loose.
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In the style of Bridget Bardot

In the 60's, all the young ladies wanted to look spectacular, so they tried in every possible way to imitate a famous movie star.

  1. You need to create a volume on the parietal area. Select 4-5 strands, make a basal layer on them and sprinkle with varnish.
  2. Save the volume, collect them in the tail.
  3. Loose hair and tail tips with a pair of forceps.
  4. Tie the tail with a bright ribbon.
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In the style of Veronica Lake

In the 50's many women prefer long hair. It is enough to lay them in soft waves and throw them on one shoulder. This hairstyle is known to everyone as a styling in the style of Veronica Lake - an American actress.

  1. Divide the hair into identical strands.
  2. Screw each of them with a styler or a curling iron.
  3. The resulting rings do not untwist, fasten on the head with clamps.
  4. After complete cooling, untwist ringlets and comb.
  5. At the ends should be effective waves.
  6. Throw them to one side and secure with lacquer.
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Gatsby style

In the 70s, women had to have well-groomed hair of medium length to look fashionable and attractive. The focus is on the hairstyle in retro style with a bandage.

  1. Put on your head an elegant bezel with an elastic band as close as possible to the hairline.
  2. Mark the strand on one side and tuck it under the elastic band towards the back of the head. Repeat the action several times.
  3. Remaining hair, not tightening tightly, gather in the roller. Pull the ends up and fasten them with the rim.
  4. If necessary, fix hairpieces with hairpins.
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The characteristic features of the evening hairstyle in retro style is a smoothly laid on one side long bangs and a rather bulky bundle at the bottom.

  1. Make a side part.
  2. Collect the curls in the tail, covering the hair with part of the forehead and one ear.
  3. Tongs to twist the tips of the tail.
  4. With your hands, roll the curls into the reels, using hairpins and invisibility to lay them in one voluminous bundle.
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The wedding hairstyle in vintage style has not lost its relevance today.

  1. With a horizontal parting, separate curls from the face.
  2. The rest of the hair is gathered in a tight tail at the back of the head.
  3. Tail the tail bundle and form a bundle from it. Be sure to fix it with studs.
  4. Curls in the face divided into strands and wound on a curling rod.
  5. Curls lay beautiful waves around the perimeter of the head, combining with an elegant bundle.
  6. Leave some romantic curls in the face.
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