Fashion models of a skirt-tulip

The skirt is a wardrobe item that allows you to emphasize the beauty and sexuality of the female body. Modern fashion offers so diverse styles of skirts that the fair sex representatives will not be difficult in a few minutes to transform their appearance, changing the style of a strict lady to a gentle coquette. The skirt-tulip has become popular precisely because of its universal style, which can emphasize the romanticism and elegance.

  • Who is fit and with what to wear
  • Pattern and tailoring of a skirt

Who is suitable and with what to wear

A tulip skirt or balloon is a broad model, the top and bottom of which is assembled. The belt of the skirt wraps around the female waist, loosening the grip on the hips, and the bottom in the classic cut converges in the knee area, accentuating attention to the legs.

The skirt is perfect for all types of figures. It can be combined with many variants of outerwear. But do not choose such a fashion skirt for girls with very large shapes. A skirt is appropriate for a small excess weight in the hips, but here, with obvious problems, this zone will only visually increase this style.

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The most advantageous skirt emphasizes the beauty of tall and slender ladies. But miniature women of small height are recommended to combine such a skirt with shoes or sandals with high heels. In this case, it is recommended to choose the classical length of the skirt - just above the knee, in order to visually increase the length of the legs.

For moderately complete figures skirt of flowing fabrics - silk, crepe, satin. Large decor elements should be located at the level of the hips.

Heavy heavy fabrics that are added to create a volume, must also be draped at the hip level, while it is necessary that they do not "sit" tightly, but flow slightly.

Initially, the style was conceived in the form of a vase, and sewing was from dense fabrics( taffeta, wool).Modern fashion allows you to choose for yourself a suitable model in the form of an unblown flower bud or blooming tulip. The color solution can be varied - small drawings, floral prints or monophonic material of any color. The only exception is a large pattern of bright colors - a similar variant will cross out all the advantages of this style and visually deprive the skirt-tulip shape.

Now different fabrics are used, not only dense. The summer version of the skirt can be made of soft silk, chiffon, satin, translucent satin, that is, light and flowing materials. For warm options, jeans, velveteen, tweed and wool are now popular.

It is not difficult to find the right addition to this wardrobe item. The skirt-tulip assumes the addition as fitting upper things. You can choose a turtleneck, various fitted blouses, which can be tucked under a skirt, T-shirts, blouses and so on. An interesting option would be put over a turtleneck or blouse bolero.

In the cold season, the skirt-tulip can be combined with a warm sweater or waistcoat made of dense fabric.

Special attention is paid to skirts, tulips, sewn by dress. To this dress you can choose a bolero or jacket of short or classic style.

Also popular are skirts below the knee, to the ankles and to the floor. Such voluminous skirts, fitted at the bottom, fit well with a simple, tight top.

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Pattern and tailoring of the skirt

In this master class we offer you to familiarize yourself with the technique of tailoring the trendy skirt of the tulip model.

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Let's start with the first pattern. The skirt sewn on it will look like a balloon or barrel.

Take a piece of any fabric of the desired color, a measuring tape, a chalk or a piece of soap, a large ruler and scissors.

Measure the volume of the hips and, adding to it 5 centimeters, cut out a rectangle on the fabric. The width of the rectangle will be equal to the approximate length of the skirt.

To make a belt of the upper edge, you need to measure the waist volume and add to this value from both sides the allowance for a bow of any length. The width of this belt is 10 centimeters.

To cut the lower belt, add 8 cm to your waist.

Cut a large rectangle from the fabric and attach its upper edge to the size of the waist. Bottom edge gather so that in a skirt it was possible to move and walk freely.

Then grind the side seam, leaving 10 centimeters open to allow you to wear the skirt.

The upper waistband from the middle should be reinforced with duplicating material, folded in half to the underside and sew its edges to the size of the waist. Then turn on the front side and iron the bow.

Finally, sew to the upper edge of the skirt ready belt with a bow, and to the bottom - a smaller tape folded in half. Do not forget to iron the finished product.

If you like the asymmetrical model of a skirt-tulip, then pay attention to the second pattern. Sew it fairly simple, most importantly, correctly build a pattern.

A step-by-step scheme for building a pattern of a skirt-tulip with an asymmetric line is shown in the photo.

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