How to make a pompon from threads

Soft fluffy pompoms can decorate not only knitted warm hats, but also other wardrobe items. Many designers use these elements of jewelry on some of their models. Harmoniously decorate the clothes with pompoms, not everyone will succeed, but to fulfill from them cute toys for their children or decor elements for the interior is quite possible. The main thing is to learn how to make the pompoms themselves. It's very easy to do this. Let's look at several ways to form pompoms out of threads.

  • Threaded pom-pon using
  • template. Simplified way of producing pompon from

threads. Threaded pom-pon using

template. This is the most common way of making a pom-pon. The pile in this case is straight, since the threads are wound on a specially prepared template. To implement the idea you will need:

  • woolen thread;
  • sewing needle with a wide eyelet;
  • cardboard;
  • scissors;
  • a round object( for example, a glass) or a compass.

Draw a smooth circle on the cardboard using a shape or a compass. The size of the shape depends on the desired size of the pompon. In the center of the circle draw another, but much smaller - this will be an opening for winding the threads. Now you need to cut out the shape, and also using a sharp knife to make a hole along the contour in the center of the circle. Such blanks will need two pieces.

Templates are ready, now you can start to form a pompom. Combine the patterns and use the needle to start wrapping them with prepared woolen threads. If the hole size allows, you can thread the thread with your fingers.

Make sure that the threads lie flat, leaving no empty spaces. Wind the thread until you close the entire pattern. The more layers of threads you make, the more splendid and dense will be your pompon. Therefore, you need a light pompom with rare threads, then on one layer you can stop. For greater splendor, the second and subsequent layers can be performed not by one thread, but by several, stacked together. Now take sharp scissors and very carefully cut the thread along the circle of the template. Then, move the workpieces and center the pompon with the same thread, tightly tying in 2-3 knots.

Cut the workpieces from one edge and gently remove them. It remains only to fluff ready pompon.

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Simplified way of making a pompon out of threads

This variant is more simple in execution, though the pile is pompom and will not be as smooth as in the first case. Here you do not have to prepare templates, but you can use only the thread and your own hands. So. Fold the index and middle fingers of one hand together, and with your right hand start winding them with threads. The yarn should lie flat, and the threads are pressed together.

Wrap your fingers until you get the workpiece of the desired size. For large pompoms, you can put 3 or 4 fingers together. Now thread between the fingers, wrapping the pompom on both sides, and tie a tight knot.

Remove the pompon from your fingers.

It remains to carefully cut the thread with sharp scissors.

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The pompon is ready, fluff pile and you can use this decor element for decorating clothes or making toys.

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