How to choose a car seat for a child of any age

Last edited SDA tightened the requirements for drivers. In connection with the increased child mortality caused by negligent attitude to safety, small passengers can now be carried only in a special car seat. But not every model can pass the GIBDD inspection. Therefore, it is advisable to know in advance about which firm to choose a car seat for a child, what parameters to pay attention to and what design is suitable for a particular age.

  • Recommendations for choosing
  • Characteristics of models by age
  • Universal seats
  • Recommended models
  • Maxi-Cosi CabrioFix
  • Espiro Omega FX
  • Koochi Motohero
  • Sparco F700K
  • Coletto Sportivo Only Isofix

Recommendations for choosing

Despite the fact that some devicesmay seem acceptable for use, often they are unsuitable. For example, do not match the weight of the child. Either he does not have enough space. Therefore, the purchase should be treated with all seriousness. To make the right choice of the product, you need to pay attention to a number of parameters.

  1. In which store you are making a purchase. The best choice - specialized stores, in which the buyer will be provided not only the product itself, but also the quality certificates attached to it. And they will also demonstrate the possibilities of the chair and answer all the questions of interest.

  2. A quality car seat must bear the ECE R44 / 03 badge on the marking, which indicates that this car seat has successfully passed the full test cycle and is in compliance with the latest European Safety Standard.
  3. Check the degree of convenience of the car seat for the child. In the case of choosing an uncomfortable seat, a child, especially a small one, can begin to be capricious. It is not out of place to check the possibility of changing the structure. Then you can at any time adjust the chair.
  4. If the car seat is bought for children under 3 years of age, then it should have special belts in the form of a letter Y or with five fastening points, in addition to the main front fastener.
  5. Special attention should be given to how the child car seat is attached to the car. The simpler the fixing mechanism, the easier it will be to install. But do not forget about reliability. The product should not be disembarked in the event of an accident. Determine the degree of stability will help special crash tests. It is desirable that they are conducted by third-party companies.
  6. Frame and upholstery material. Optimal selection of an armchair with a rigid metal base. Upholstery should be soft, water and breathable.
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Characteristics of models by age

To choose a car seat for a newborn baby,for which group is planned to buy a car seat.

Those belonging to category 0 are large structures located sideways to the direction of movement and occupying a lot of space in the car.

If we consider the category 0+, then they are more compact and convenient. But it should be remembered that they should be located only in the direction opposite to the direction of movement. This will protect the child from injuries in the event of an accident or sudden shocks that occur during a drastic change in speed.

Name of the group Weight of the child, kg Approximate age How to install
0 to 10 From birth to 6 months Sideways to the motion
0+ to 13 From birth to 12 months Facing the movement
1 9-18 From 9 months to 4 years Face up or down
2 15-25 From 3 to 7 years Face up
3 22-36 From 6 to 12 years Face down the road
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If you do not have the option of shoppingto fall several types of seats, it is worth paying attention to universal car seats for children. Usually they are full-fledged large armchairs in which fastenings are provided for any age. And also special inserts, thanks to which it is possible to fill the volume of the seat for a stronger fixation of the child in it.

But despite the fact that they may seem a more acceptable solution to the problem, it is better to try to find a product for a specific age of the child. As practice shows, few companies make really high-quality car seats for children. Plus, most of them range starts only with the first age group. Therefore, in any case, you have to spend money on a car.

The armchair-transformer, undoubtedly, has a lot of settings, however, because of this, some models are inferior in the reliability index. In this matter it is important to pay attention to the manufacturer.

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Recommended models

If you choose between the "traditional" way of carrying the baby on your hands and using the car seat, it is better to choose the second one. As the statistics show, otherwise the probability of a lethal outcome is from 50% to 70%.
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Maxi-Cosi CabrioFix

This model occupies a leading position in the ranking of safe child seats. It is produced in Holland, suitable for children of groups 0 and 0+ thanks to a special insert and can withstand loads up to 13 kg. Another undoubted plus - the development was carried out in conjunction with pediatric orthopedists, which provides a guarantee of safety for health.

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Espiro Omega FX

Armchair for groups 2 and 3, supporting from 15 to 36 kg. The advantage is a reliable IsoFix fastening, firmly holding the seat in place. Also distinctive feature are created with an anatomy in mind the headrest and pillow. Negative difference is the absence of a removable cover.

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Koochi Motohero

This car seat covers 1, 2 and 3 age categories and can withstand loads from 9 to 36 kg of the child's weight. Lightweight, versatile due to compatibility with the standard Y-belt. The negative sides - the inability to adjust the backrest angle, there is no IsoFix fastening system.

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Sparco F700K

Convenient armchair-transformer, protecting both from the back, and from the sides. The model is designed for children of 1, 2 and 3 categories. There is a removable cover and a system for careful adjustment of the dimensions of the seat.

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Coletto Sportivo Only Isofix

The armchair is equipped with only the IsoFix mount. The design allows you to install the backrest into four available positions. The belts have a protective lining, the sides are additionally protected.

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