Methods how to self-tattoo at home

There are several ways, the use of which will allow you to take the tattoo yourself. Some of them leave scars. Others almost completely without effect on the skin. But they are all suitable for deducing only relatively small and not old drawings. In other cases, you need to contact a specialist.

  • Application of iodine
  • Use of salt
  • Withdrawal with milk
  • Use of potassium permanganate
  • Removing the razor with

Using iodine

This method does not leave any scars.

The duration of tattoo removal by this method takes an average of two weeks, but it can be prolonged for two months. In the process of excretion, every day, without taking breaks, lubricate the picture with five percent iodine three times a day, repeating all its contours, but not getting out of bounds. After application, the skin does not need to be covered with a bandage or hidden under clothing, so the likelihood of getting burns increases. The access of air to the site must be constant.

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Over time, the skin will begin to peel and lick. It can not be helped in this. Everything should pass without technical intervention.

At night it is desirable to lubricate the area with a moisturizer.

After the skin gets off, a wound is formed, covered with a sap. It is no longer necessary to smear it with iodine. To accelerate the healing, you can sprinkle the wound with powder streptotsidom.

After about 2-3 weeks, the skin will be restored, it will be completely renewed and tender, so for some time it will need to be treated carefully: do not expose it to direct sun rays, do not rub.

Typically, for a small monophonic tattoo, one such cycle will suffice, but if the pattern is still visible, the cycle should be repeated.

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Using salt

This method also leaves no scars, but it also lasts a long time, it can sometimes take a month and a half.

Mix a tablespoon of regular salt with a tablespoon of water, you will get a salt scrub. It can be used when the salt is slightly impregnated with water.

Before use, the area with the tattoo should be shaved the day before, cleaned with alcohol-containing products or washed with soap. After that, put salt on a clean sponge and start rubbing the area in circular motions. The duration of the procedure should not exceed half an hour, but less than 10 minutes make no sense.

Read also about the rules of tattoo care in the first days and months after the filling

After the procedure, the site needs to be washed and treated with ammonia. The first effect will be noticeable immediately, but it takes time to remove the pigment from the deep layers of the epidermis.

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Withdrawal from milk

There remains a small footprint from this method. Every day, every day, treat the tattoo with milk, apply to the skin. As a result, the site will begin to fester and the skin to peel off. Approximately two months later, the tattoo will be displayed.

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Application of potassium permanganate

The method leaves a burn, and as a result a scar, but this is the fastest method, capable of giving effect from one procedure.

On the tattoo it is necessary to pour a layer of powder of potassium permanganate, from above to put a damp cloth and all to wrap up a food film, having limited access of oxygen. I have to endure two hours. After that you need to rinse the burn and treat preparations purchased from the pharmacy in advance from the burn.

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Deleting a drawing with a razor

This method is suitable only for very small tattoos. He leaves scars.

To implement it, you need a new sterile razor( not a razor, namely a razor) and ammonia. Work with alcohol site. To reduce the pain, you can hold the ice on the tattoo for 1-2 minutes. After it is necessary to hold the razor at an angle with light touches, like to scrape off the picture.

It is impossible to cut a skin flap, it is guaranteed to leave a noticeable hummocky scar, it is better to act gradually, removing only the tip of the epidermis.

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