28 years of marriage what kind of wedding is this

28 years of marriage for many couples is an important stage in life together. Stage of tenderness, trust, harmony. This is a certain milestone, which will soon be followed by another wonderful anniversary. What kind of wedding symbolizes 28 years of marriage, what is the best thing to give to spouses on this day and what congratulations to address?

How is the wedding
  • How to celebrate
  • Gift for the wife
  • What to give to the husband
  • Congratulations
  • How the wedding is called

    In the United States, the symbol of the 28th anniversary of the wedding are orchids, and the anniversary itself is called the Day of Orchids.

    In Europe, the symbol of the 28th anniversary of joint life is nickel, and the celebration itself is called the Nickel wedding. The same name of the anniversary has taken hold of us.

    Why is nickel chosen as a symbol of celebration? This choice has several explanations related to the characteristics of the metal:

    1. Nickel is a bright, shiny silver metal that does not fade with age and does not lose its appeal. So the feelings of the spouses, even after 28 years of living together, should be filled with radiance and brilliance.

    2. Nickel is a very hard material, as, indeed, and marriage after 28 years of marriage.
    3. Nickel is perfectly polished. So the relationship of spouses over the years should be polished to the ideal.
    4. Nickel is resistant to high temperatures. This allows you to use it in the space industry. So the love of the spouses, tempered by years of living together, can endure any ordeals of fate.
    5. Nickel has magnetic properties. I want to believe that both spouses after 28 years of marriage still pulls each other like a magnet.
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    How to celebrate

    According to tradition, this wedding is not celebrated at all.

    At best, at the festive table on the day of the Nickel wedding, the people closest to the "newlyweds" gather: children, grandchildren, close relatives.

    You can and celebrate this anniversary only together, giving each other day of attention, care and love.

    Celebration options:

    1. Home dinner party.
    2. Cocktail on the nature.
    3. Tea drinking at home.
    4. Going to the movies.
    5. Evening at your favorite restaurant.
    6. Walk through the city streets and memorable places for family.
    7. One-day trip.

    Original traditions of the Nickel wedding:

    1. In Russia, on the 28th anniversary, the wife of the hostess was checked. For this purpose, they looked at the bottom of a pan and other utensils. It was believed that the more burning there accumulated, the better the spouse fulfilled her master duties.
    2. In Asia and the Caucasus, at the Nickel wedding, until recently, spouses were given knives, daggers and other cold weapons.
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    A gift for his wife

    A traditional gift for his wife for 28 years of marriage are products made of nickel, nickel alloy or coated with nickel and silver alloy.

    The choice can be:

    • cutlery,
    • chandelier,
    • figurines,
    • bijouterie,
    • exquisite flower vases,
    • casket,
    • hair clip,
    • silver decoration.
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    What to give to the husband

    Choosing what is best to give to her husband at the Nickel wedding, you can choose to:

    • nickel cup holder;
    • cuff links;
    • cigarette case with nickel gloss;
    • candlesticks.
    Given that nickel is used in the manufacture of electronic equipment, the choice of gifts is greatly expanded.

    The main thing - do not give on this day products from fragile materials - paper or wood.

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    You can complete the selected gifts for 28 years of the wedding with verbal greetings. Perfect for this beautiful poems with the anniversary of the wedding:

    We congratulate you on the Nickel wedding,
    Already 28 years old as you two.
    To you this day we wish only happiness,
    Glasses for you are full of pouches!
    Luck you wish and success,
    Happy life, carefree days.
    Let the sea be joy and laughter,
    And a harmonious number of worthy friends!
    Yes, 28 years is not an anniversary,
    Not a round date, but it does not matter,
    After all, not everyone is ready to repeat your feat among the people gathered at the festival
    And let everyone envy you,
    Your marriage was a success, it lasts so long!
    Let your house - happiness and peace,
    And the joy of infinite sparkles!
    We wish you the love fervor of the
    Over the years, it only got stronger.
    And we will be happy to congratulate
    soon. We are with you on your 30th anniversary!
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