Californian highlighting on short, medium and long hair

Gradually, the art-doll style comes out of fashion and the natural look is rapidly gaining popularity. Such coloring as Californian will appeal to the ladies who prefer natural beauty in clothes, make-up and hairstyle. When you look at your hair no one will guess about their discoloration. Everything looks very harmonious and aesthetic.

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Photos before and after

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Features of coloring

California highlighting has appeared not so long ago, but already enjoys great popularity among the female population. This name was obtained because of the similarity to the hair color of Californian girls, whose hair is unevenly burned to a very light shade. These "sun glare" and make up the main highlight of coloration.

Compared with other procedures, the California high-end technique has the following advantages:

  • is applicable for any color;
  • gives the curls a natural shine and a deep color;
  • perfectly conceals gray hair and other shortcomings;
  • does not damage the roots of the hair.

The reason for the minimum harm is that the foil or thermal paper is not used during the decolorization process. The master applies chemical agents to the surface of the head and does not cover it with anything. As a result, the paint dries, not severely damaging the hair. And the basis of the chemical composition is beeswax, which favorably affects discolored curls.

Another plus of Californian melting is not in too frequent correction. Your hairstyle keeps an attractive look for a long time. This technique allows you to grow your hair color after an unsuccessful trip to the hairdresser.

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The technique of Californian lightening is not always the same. The scheme of application and the choice of strands depends on the color and length. The work is very laborious and delicate, for a good result an experienced master is needed.

See also examples of hair coloring in the technique of toning

To get the right shade, take about 5-6 tones of paint, individually select it from the color palette. It is important to consider the skin color. Women with a light shade are better suited for cold colors, and swarthy ones are darker and warmer.

Three basic stages of staining:

  1. First you need to divide the hair into strands with a width not more than two centimeters.
  2. Then mix the powder and oxidizer to prepare a clarifying composition.
  3. The finished mixture is applied vertically using a brush.

As a result, you will get a more voluminous hairstyle with solar overflows.

Experts do not advise doing such experiments on their own. Moreover, if you want to become lighter in a few tones.

Let's consider the procedure of California highlights in more detail:

  • should be washed with shampoo;
  • grease the cream with places that may get dirty during the application of the paste;
  • to prepare the necessary paints and add wax for density;
  • highlight the necessary locks;
  • twist the selected strands into knots and secure with hairpins;
  • apply the paste over the entire length, slightly short of the roots;
  • , depending on the original color, to keep the paint from 10 to 30 minutes;
  • rinse with water and apply balm.

California lightening will add a light brown color to the hair more expressiveness. For example, the transition from light honey to a cognac shade with slightly darkened roots will make a Russophile girl brighter and more interesting.

Such melirovanie is considered a chesspiece of blondes. For the owners of chestnut and dark-blond locks came up with Venetian staining, drawing a parallel with the black-haired Italians. Women sat in the streets of Venice in the hot sun, waiting for their strands to acquire a lighter shade.

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