With what to wear boleros of different styles

Bolero - a variety of shortened jackets. They come in different styles, both with long sleeves, and short and closer to the waistcoat, delicate lace and warm fur, with fasteners and ties or without them. This garment comes from Spain, recently it has become an important part of the wardrobe of modern women. Given the variety of bolero models on the market, it is difficult to find out what to use and how to wear them.

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A suitable combination of

Bolero is a truly versatile wardrobe item. It can be selected for almost any outfit - from evening dress to top and jeans.

The main advantage of bolero is that this element of the wardrobe is able to correctly place the accents in the ensemble and emphasize the merits of the figure, hide, for example, the broad shoulders and shift the emphasis to the waist.

But, it is necessary to know that the bolero is contraindicated to too low girls and those who have an indistinct waistline or have extra pounds in the waist area.

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The most popular today are knitted boleros of different cuts. They also fit under knitted things, for example, under tops or a strapless dress.

Often the use of boleros in the evening and wedding fashion.

The second place in popularity is knitted bolero. They are suitable for both wearing in the cold period, and for the summer. So the knitted bolero will perfectly complement the turtleneck, and in summer it will fit under the top or gentle sarafan( if the bolero is made from a thin thread).

Only for winter and off-season fur bolero( suitable white fur bolero for wedding fashion) is suitable. They not only decorate, but also give the image a chic. Suitable products for a dress-sweater, dress-tunic, turtleneck, for evening dress.

Especially popular among young people is the jeans bolero, which fits jeans, as well as beautifully complements dresses and tops made of chiffon or other light summer fabrics.

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Tips for stylists

With a slender figure you can wear a bolero with trousers of narrowed models or stylish jeans of classic straight cut. You can also wear a fitted bolero complete with skirts or pants that have an overstated waist.

For wearing on a daily basis, a bolero with knitted dresses, trapeze skirts, pleated skirts of different lengths or pencil skirts will be good.

If you are a fan of a romantic style, choose a bolero with a stylish guipure and lace. You can wear it with velvet or satin dresses. In this outfit you will look like a true lady.

To create an evening image, the bolero with strass and paillettes decoration plus a monochrome outfit under it will be successful.

Look interesting leather bolero, more like a shortened leather jacket. You can combine them with jeans and fabric trousers, skirts, shorts.

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