What gifts and souvenirs can you bring from Sri Lanka

Any journey enriches a person with vivid memories, which very often we try to translate into concrete things. The easiest way is a standard set of souvenirs, but there are also exclusive things that can be found only in one place on the planet. Exotic island of Sri Lanka is famous not only for its natural beauty, but also for artisans who create their own answers to the question of what to bring.

  • Arak
  • Ayurvedic drugs
  • products batik and silk
  • Masks
  • Clothing
  • of bamboo fabric
  • Sari
  • Sarong
  • Spices
  • souvenirs
  • Souvenirs of ivory
  • Ceylon tea
  • jewelry and natural stones
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During the rest in Sri Lanka, it is worth trying Arak. This alcoholic drink, with a strength of 30 to 60 degrees, is obtained by distilling the juice of coconut palm flowers. Due to its high sugar content, its taste is soft and resembles either rum or whiskey.

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Ayurvedic preparations

Sri Lanka is famous throughout the world for its famous Ayurvedic cosmetics, which are prepared according to ancient recipes exclusively from natural ingredients. From the journey, you can bring balms, essential oils or coconut oil that has medicinal properties. A line of ayurvedic drugs includes a perfectly whitening toothpaste with red pepper and cinnamon, as well as all kinds of shampoos and lotions, massage oils, fragrant sandalwood soap. Popular and rejuvenating face masks.

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Batik and silk products

Very colorful gift from Sri Lanka - products from batik. Skillful masters professionally apply on fabric intricate drawings depicting elephants, buffaloes, peacocks, dancers and Buddhist symbols. You can choose a panel, tapestries, tablecloths, bedspreads, but you can find clothes made in this technique.

A nice surprise for beautiful ladies will be products made of natural silk: blouses, scarves with traditional ornaments, summer scarves and sets of bed linen.

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In the list of original souvenirs from Sri Lanka, one of the first places is occupied by traditional Sri Lanka masks. In ancient rituals, they served as an amulet and had to protect their possessor from evil spirits and misfortunes. The largest selection of masks in the city of Ambalangoda, whose masters are known throughout the island. Expositions of two museums of Masks tell about the history of the origin of ritual masks, and in souvenir shops they are presented in all their splendor.

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Shoppers in Sri Lanka can buy clothes of quite good quality, choicewhich in local stores is very wide. Especially popular are silk and cotton products: national costumes, pareos, T-shirts, shirts and much more. The main shopping centers "Odel", "House of Fashion", "Liberty Plaza", "Majestic City" or "Nolimit" are concentrated in Colombo.

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Of bamboo fabric

Widespread in Sri Lanka clothes made of natural bamboo fabric, the main feature of which is its softness and elasticity, in addition, it does not crumple. A t-shirt made of bamboo fabric is pleasant to the body and will serve its owner quite a long time.

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National costumes will be the best answer to the question of what to bring from Sri Lanka. Almost 75% of women in Sri Lanka wear a sari - a traditional clothing for these places, which is a piece of silk fabric, from 4 to 9 meters long and about a meter wide, wrapped around the body.

Under the sari must put on a blouse or top and bottom skirt. It is difficult to find two identical saris, they are all different material from which are made, flowers, ornaments and way of socks. The ability to wear and wear a sari is a whole art, because it should be wrapped around the body so that no pins and fasteners are needed.

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This is the most original and memorable gift not only for women, but also for men. Traditional sarong is a strip of colored cotton fabric wrapped around the waist in the form of a skirt. It is designed to protect from the scorching sun and ensure good ventilation from the bottom. Sarong will decorate any and become an unusual thing in the wardrobe.

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One of the main brands of Sri Lanka are spices. In the area of ​​Matala, there are many gardens where spices are produced and where you can go on an excursion. During this visit, you will not only see for yourself how spices are grown, and learn about their amazing properties, but you can also buy what you like. Different kinds of pepper, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, vanilla, coriander, turmeric, ginger - that's not all that can be offered here.

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Souvenirs from wood

To the whole world Sri Lanka was glorified by the masters of woodcarving, creating with their own hands amazing pieces of furniture, dishes, statuettes of deities, figures of fishermen and elephants. Local craftsmen prefer to work with mahogany for its strength and durability. In Colombo, there are a lot of shops, where both ready-made souvenirs are sold, and individual orders are accepted. Right before your eyes a piece of wood will turn into any unique thing.

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Ivory souvenirs

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Elephants are considered on the island as one of the symbols of the state. Therefore, here are widely distributed and crafts made of ivory and shells of elephant ears. But when buying such items, it is worthwhile to be cautious - inexperienced travelers often take for an expensive ivory crafts from cow's bone or plastic. Carved figurines can be brought from the fishing village of Unawatuna.

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Ceylon tea

Ceylon tea plantations cover most of the island. When choosing which tea to bring from Sri Lanka, it is worth to go to one of the factories operating at tea plantations. Here you can buy a quality product first-hand, but the prices are quite high.

You can buy tea in the store, the main thing is to choose a package with the image of a lion with a sword - this is a guarantee against forgery. Tea grown in different parts of the island is different in taste, in addition, there are many flavored varieties.

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Jewelry and natural stones

Sri Lanka actively produces precious and semiprecious stones, and tourists can visit local jewelry factories. Sapphire, ruby, garnet, moonstone, topaz, amethyst - this is an incomplete list of mined stones. The largest mining center is the city of Ratnapura, the less famous are the small factories near Hikkaduwa. Jewelry and individual stones are sold in stores in factories.

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Do not export

  • Poultry meat;
  • Fruits of plants and plants;
  • Weapons and ammunition;
  • Historical artifacts;
  • Vintage books and coins;
  • Raw precious and semiprecious stones;
  • More than 2 kilograms of tea.
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