The rules of tattoo care

Having decided to fill a permanent tattoo, be prepared for the fact that she will have to provide the necessary care, especially in the first days and months after application. The timeliness and quality of this care directly affects the beauty and durability of the drawing, as well as your health.

  • Important care in the early days
  • Care after surface healing

Important care in the early days of

Protective dressing after applying the tattoo is recommended to be taken no earlier than 7-13 hours after the procedure. Immediately after removing the bandage, you should rinse the area with the tattoo. To do this, use warm, previously boiled water and ordinary soap without fillers and excess components. Before touching the tattoo, rinse the hands thoroughly first.

Wipe the tattoo with alcohol-containing substances is strictly prohibited , as well as it is forbidden to wipe the zone with the tattoo towel after rinsing. The skin should dry itself.

To accelerate the healing of a tattoo, it is recommended to treat the affected area with an antibacterial cream against wounds that can be found in the pharmacy. But it's better if the cream is specialized, for example, Tattoo Goo. You can buy this cream in the tattoo parlors

After the treatment with cream, a new tattoo should be covered with a film. The procedure for washing and lubricating cream should be done every 3-4 hours and on top of wrapping with a clean film. Only after the third for the film after the application of the tattoo can not be used.

In the early days, a fresh tattoo is an open wound, so you need to monitor the sterility of not only the tattoos, but also the premises where you are, because it is easy to enter the infection. The room should not be dusty, too hot, cold, and humidity should be moderate.

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Care after surface healing

The skin will become crusted during the healing process. You can not delete it yourself. Healing causes itching, but it is also forbidden to scratch the tattoo. Any technical intervention can spoil the drawing, so the crust must go away by itself.

The average recovery of the skin after tattooing lasts several weeks, sometimes a month( it all depends on the type of tattoo).These days, especially if it's summer in the yard, you can not put the tattoo under direct sunlight, do not overheat or supercool, do not perform physical actions that would stretch or distort the place of the tattoo.

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Alcohol is contraindicated and undesirable use of medicines.

Any stress that would increase blood pressure should be avoided. Pressure surges can affect the color of the tattoo, the pattern may become heterogeneous, pigmented.

In a month it will be possible to make indulgences, but it's better to return to the usual way of life in about three months.

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