Celery in folk medicine, contraindications to admission

Celery is a vegetable that is often present on the tables of those who take care of their health, lead a healthy lifestyle, lose weight, and also try to cope with various diseases. The popularity of celery is completely justified. Thanks to the content of such useful substances as carotene, asparagine, nicotinic acid, essential oils and various microelements, celery really helps to cope with a number of disorders in the work of the body. However, despite the high content of useful substances in it, celery has some contraindications to the use.


Composition and useful properties
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  • How to use
  • Treatment
  • For weight loss
  • In cosmetology
  • Contraindications
  • For pregnant
  • For children
  • Composition and useful properties

    This unique plant contains a huge amount of vitamins, among them: thiamine and riboflavin,provitamin A and vitamin D, ascorbic and glutamic acid, PP vitamins, E and K, as well as sodium, potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium, iodine, phosphorus, etc.

    Ingredients in celery strengthen the immune systemth and the cardiovascular system, help to cope with colds and inflammation, lower cholesterol and relieve swelling.

    The high content in potassium and magnesium celery brings tremendous benefits to the body, allowing you to regulate the water and acid-base balance, improve the performance of the heart, skeletal muscles, liver, urogenital system.

    The stems of the plant contain a large amount of salt, which makes it an indispensable component of the diet in diseases of the kidneys, gall bladder, osteoporosis, rheumatism, gout.

    The plant can be used as a diuretic or aphrodisiac. In addition, celery slows down aging, improves digestion, soothes the nervous system.

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    The most common botanical species is celery, odorous, fragrant or cultured. It prefers to grow in moist marshy or solonchak soils, the leaves resemble parsley, the height of the plant - up to 1 meter. Just like other plants of the umbrella family( cumin, anise and coriander), it is a source of essential oils, and along with parsley, dill, fennel, parsnip and carrots - an indispensable seasoning.

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    How to use

    Celery is a healthy, delicious, and, most importantly, affordable vegetable, which is eaten with leaves, petioles and root vegetables. In its raw form it is used as an independent snack or as part of salads, juices, smoothies, sauces, it can be kept in hot dishes( soups, ragout), to be a side dish to baked meat or fish. In dried form it is used as a seasoning.

    The celery root has a rich and spicy taste and aroma, so it will be an excellent addition to any vegetable or meat soup. It is cut into cubes or straws, fried in cream or olive oil, or in a raw form, put into broth along with the rest of the vegetables.

    The optimal amount for a healthy person is 150 grams of celery per day. To exceed this norm is not necessary, because excessive consumption can harm digestion, especially in cases when problems with it have already occurred.

    Recipe of soup-puree from celery root : celery root, carrots, potatoes, cut into small cubes, boil and remove from broth. With a blender or manually, the mixture is beaten to a creamy state, then diluted with broth to the required consistency, refilled with cream, sour cream, grated cheese and croutons if desired.

    Celery stems and leaves are good for light cold summer soups in combination with fresh tomatoes, asparagus beans, cauliflower or broccoli. From the same mixture of vegetables and young shoots of garlic, fried in olive oil, prepare the sauce for boiled rice.

    Celery leaves can be used as greens or instead of leafy vegetables in classic vegetable salads.

    Recipes for celery salad :

    • Cut the celery sticks into small cubes, mix with the same amount of hard and soft cheese( brynza), season with olive oil.
    • Cut the celery and celery leaves into strips, add cucumbers and avocado, season with balsamic vinegar or olive oil.
    • Another unusual combination is celery and rhubarb. The petioles of both plants are very similar in structure, but the first has a salty flavor, the second - sourish. They are shredded on a thin grater with plates, filled with a choice of mustard, lemon juice, vegetable oil, cream.
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    Men celery is useful as a means to increase potency, thanks to its content of androsterone( male sex hormone).This kind of Viagra in large quantities is contained in the root of the plant, which is recommended for consumption in raw form or in the form of freshly squeezed juice.

    In addition, celery helps in the prevention and treatment of prostatitis, infectious diseases of the genitourinary system, liver and kidneys, removing toxins and activating metabolic processes.

    For women, celery will be useful in menopause, hormonal failures or painful and profuse menstrual periods. However, it should be remembered that for these purposes water tincture of plant seeds is used, but the root or stalk, on the contrary, will dilute the blood, stimulate the contraction of the smooth muscles of the uterus and increase bleeding.

    To prepare tincture , celery seeds( 1/2 teaspoon) are poured with a glass of boiling water and infused for 8-9 hours. Take tincture is recommended for one tablespoon 4 times a day for 3-4 weeks.

    Celery is a part of many medicines intended for treatment of pathologies of cardiovascular system, heart, atherosclerosis, hypertension, diabetes mellitus.

    Due to its properties, the plant reduces pain, suppresses inflammatory and putrefactive processes in gastritis and ulcer of the stomach or duodenum, promotes the absorption of proteins in the body.

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    For slimming

    All parts of celery are low-calorie foods, but at the same time contain a large amount of fiber that helps to suppress hunger. The use of this plant for weight loss is difficult to overestimate. There is even a special diet, which necessarily contains soup and fresh salads from celery.

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    Some experts even claim that it has a negative calorie, that is, the digestion of celery, the body spends much more energy than it receives from the vegetable. Moreover, the substances contained in this plant contribute to the breakdown of fats and their removal from the body. The recipe for a slimming celery soup .Necessary ingredients: onions, carrots, cabbage, tomatoes, sweet peppers, celery cherry or root. Root the celery, carrots and onions, wash, peel, cut into small slices and fry in olive oil until golden. Then put the vegetables in a saucepan with boiling water, allow boiling for 3-5 minutes, add cabbage, tomatoes, peppers, spices, greens.

    It should be noted that the soup does not include potatoes, as it contains starch and does not contribute to weight loss. Also many nutritionists advise vegetables for soup from stalked celery not to be fried at all in order to achieve a better and faster result.

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    In cosmetology

    Essential oils and extracts from celery are widely used in cosmetology as perfumes or regenerating agents. Massage with oil successfully eliminates edema, stagnant phenomena in the epidermis, removes toxins, rejuvenates the skin, smooths wrinkles, and has pronounced anti-cellulite properties.

    In addition, similar massages are useful in the treatment of rheumatism, arthritis, gout and other pathologies of the cartilaginous tissues of the body, tone up the nervous system, improve the emotional state.

    Masks on the basis of celery help eliminate flabby and tired skin, allow to cope with spots, normalize condition of dry or, on the contrary, oily skin, improve tone, nourish and clean it.

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    Cautiously eat celery should be given to people who have kidney problems. If there are stones or sand in them, it is recommended to eat not more than 80 grams of celery per day. This is due to the fact that the celery promotes the crushing of stones, accelerated cleansing of the kidneys and excretion of sand. And if this process starts abruptly after an excessive amount of celery eaten, then health problems can not be avoided.

    To consume small portions of a plant( up to 60-70 grams) follows people suffering from varicose veins, as it promotes the dilatation of blood vessels.

    Doctors are strongly recommended to completely exclude celery from the diet of patients suffering from epilepsy. The substances contained in it can lead to increased frequency of seizures and worsening of the general state of health.

    Freshly squeezed celery juice contains a large amount of concentrated active ingredients. Therefore, to refrain from using it is recommended:

    • elderly or severely weakened people;
    • to patients suffering from pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract, high acidity of the stomach;
    • for patients with chronic diseases of the genitourinary system;
    • in diabetes mellitus;
    • for disorders of the nervous system;
    • with thrombophlebitis;
    • with pancreatitis;
    • for cholecystitis, etc.
    Do not advise doctors to eat this vegetable, especially the root, in the evening before going to sleep, as it stimulates the nervous system and increases the activity of the body, thus provoking a disturbing excitement.
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    For pregnant

    There is no contraindication to the use of celery in the early stages, except for general contraindications. Vegetable is rich in vitamins and microelements useful for the body of the mother and child, its moderate consumption in the diet, natural juices from vegetables and fruits with the addition of a small amount of celery will be very useful.

    Starting from the sixth month, it is necessary to limit the consumption of celery, as it can provoke bulging of the large intestine, which causes some discomfort in the future mummy.

    Exclude celery completely from its diet is recommended to pregnant women in the third trimester, as it contributes to the dilution of blood and stimulation of the uterus, which can cause premature birth.

    During lactation it is also undesirable to eat celery in large quantities, because the essential oils contained therein negatively affect the digestion of the baby.

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    For children

    Celery for children is recommended to be used from the age of 6-7 years, but only leaves or shoots are desirable. Especially they will be useful in the spring period for the prevention of avitaminosis.

    Celery juice is useful to children as a restorative aid after many diseases and pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract. It is taken in diluted form( 1 part juice for 10 parts cold boiled water) 1/4 cup 30 minutes before meals, 3 times a day. The course of treatment is 7-10 days.

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