With what it is fashionable to wear a jacket

Earlier, the jacket was considered a purely masculine garment. But after a while, women also included him in their wardrobe and began to wear not only to work or study, but also to walks, meetings. Now every girl in the closet has a jacket. But you need to decide what you can wear a jacket of a particular style and from what combination it is better to refuse.

  • With what to wear
  • Classic
  • Sports style
  • Military style
  • Youth
  • Short
  • Extended
  • Out of velvet
  • Corduroy
  • Leather
  • No sleeves
  • Checkered striped
  • Denim
  • In the style of "dolls"
  • With print, the decor
  • The combination of colors

With what to wear

Many say that a jacket can only be worn by a girl with an ideal figure, but it's not. If you choose the right style of the jacket, as well as the color, then having any type of figure can look great.

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The classic of all time is a black jacket. A few decades ago it was bought only in order to look solid, presentable and businesslike. Such a jacket was dressed with strict trousers or with a straight skirt skirt. The blouse should be pastel tones, and the decorations are not so big. Nobody, except for office employees and superiors, needed classical jackets. Now they are part of the school uniform, many students also put them on.

But in addition to the business style with a black jacket, you can create a romantic image. For this it is enough to wear a skirt-maxi loose cut, top or tank top, ballet flats and gentle ornaments. And now the image for dating is ready. In everyday life, a black jacket can be worn with different blouses, jeans. Dressing a jacket with a dress can emphasize your ideal figure. Of shoes fit shoes on a high wedge, heel, and sneakers.

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Sports style

More and more girls are starting to lead an active and healthy lifestyle, so they are very close to the sports style in clothes. And in order that in this image it was possible to look delicious and diverse, invented jackets in a sporting style. You can wear them almost with everything that concerns sports.

Jeans shorts, T-shirt and some of your favorite sports slippers are also great here. And although many women of fashion do not allow any accessories to this style, we still recommend not forgetting about a bright handbag that perfectly complements your image and becomes a bright accent of this outfit.

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Military-style jackets have long been in a trend, and are not going to come out of it yet. But many women still do not know what it is worth to wear jackets in this style, and at the same time look elegant and feminine. Most often these jackets are worn with jeans and loose blouses. This is a very convenient and practical option for every day. Instead of a blouse, you can wear a T-shirt, and jeans need not necessarily be classic. Going on a date or a musical concert, you can create a romantic image with the help of a military style jacket. To do this, you must put on a jacket with a delicate feminine dress or with a light blouse and miniskirt.

As for shoes, there is no need to excel in its choice: with such a jacket and a skirt you will have to wear the most usual shoes, and their battered and shabby version will be the best.

At first you can not at all take this outfit, wondering how you can wear a jacket in combination with such a few strange clothes. However, a little puffing with their colors, you will be sure that wearing this outfit is both beautiful, and practical, and fashionable.

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There are no restrictions for the youth style. The main thing is to choose the right shape for each type of figure. One and the same jacket can fit under different images: for the office, walks with friends, dates. This jacket is considered basic and with it you can wear pants, jeans, skirts and dresses. From the image will depend and shoes, which is worth wearing. This can be, like shoes with high heels, and sneakers. It became very fashionable to buy jackets with patches on elbows.

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Shortened jackets are now at the peak of popularity, as with them you can create new images every time. Wearing a short jacket on the dress can simultaneously look stylish and sexy. If the dress is bright, then the one-tone jacket will look best with it. With shorts, you can also wear such a jacket. It is enough to refill a classic blouse and put on your shoes on a high wedge and now a new image has been created. You can also add trousers, jeans, skirts to this list. Under the jacket you can wear T-shirts, tops, T-shirts and turtlenecks.

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It became very stylish among women of fashion to wear elongated jackets. At the very top of popularity is the image of an elongated jacket and light blue jeans. Very elegant looks like a jacket with leggings, and with strict classical trousers. As an addition to the image can come out a T-shirt or shirt. With these jackets, it is best to wear shoes on a high wedge.

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Accessories too will be superfluous and therefore you can wear a large necklace and big sunglasses. The shade of the jacket can be both gentle and bright.

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From velvet

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Velvet perfectly matches with opposite fabrics. Increasingly, you can see that velvet was worn with jeans and a T-shirt. Previously, this style was considered street, and now, thanks to velvet, the image becomes more glamorous. To create a romantic image, you just need to choose an air dress. If you want to use a velvet jacket for office style, it is best to wear a neutral bottom, which is suited to satin pants or a skirt.

Ideal with this element of the wardrobe looks shoes, as well as black suede boots with high heels. But if a girl is tall or does not like to wear hairpins, then for a velvet jacket shoes with a low sole will do.

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From corduroy

With corduroy jacket you can put on almost everything that you have in the presence in the wardrobe. To create a business style will suit a black, classic jacket. It can be combined with a pencil skirt, a blouse of pastel shades and boots on the platform. This image is now considered the most stylish and harmonious. Corduroy jacket is a universal thing, because it looks good with jeans, with almost any model, whether it's skinny or flared. Correctly picking up the top outfit you can dramatically change your image. A corduroy jacket requires only one thing so that it is properly seated. This material is not plastic and at any deviation from the norm it can look at you baggy or narrow.

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From the skin of

First of all, the owners of this jacket wear it with jeans. It looks very attractive, especially if the girl is slender and tall. The leather jacket looks good with classic trousers, but do not buy narrow or wide pants. It is not necessary to have two leather things in one image. It has long ceased to be fashionable and feminine.

With this jacket you can also wear a dress that should be shortened and sewn from a light fabric.
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In summer you should not give up jackets, as there is such a thing without sleeves. Bottom can be in the form of narrow trousers or jeans. The skirt is best chosen with a light floral print. Do not forget about accessories. Usually designers advise to get a stylish belt that will be able to emphasize your waist and make the figure tender and elegant.

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Checked, striped

A jacket in a cage or strip, like the previous varieties looks great with all things. The main thing is not to combine in one image several varieties of strips or cells. Since this will be an explicit search. And also in the image there should be only one bright element. In this case it's a jacket, the rest of things should be monophonic and not stand out against the background of the jacket. You can put two cells or strips at a time, if the cell or strip on both things is the same both in color and in size.

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Just a few decades ago, a denim jacket belonged to a street image, and now it can be attributed even to a business one. This piece of clothing is now suitable for every day. Going on a date in a light long sarafan or in a cocktail dress, you can put on a denim jacket on top. So the image becomes much more interesting and mysterious. For those who do not like to experiment, the following image will suit: T-shirt or white shirt, jeans jacket and jeans in the same style.

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In the style of "dolls"

The image of the "doll" is now at the height of popularity and is suitable for walking with friends, acquaintance with parents. First of all, you can not do without a blazer and some nice and romantic top. With flowers you can experiment, there are no special instructions in this regard.

Suitable for these jackets are tutu skirts, coquettish dresses with lush and short skirts.

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With print, decor

It became very fashionable to decorate clothes and make drawings on it, to embroider with threads and beads. Most appreciated if this work is done manually. Often, ordinary single-colored jackets are taken and transformed into real works of art. But only here, the main thing is not to go too far with the rest of the wardrobe elements. It is best to choose one-color things so that it does not look naggy.

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Combination of colors

After you decide what jacket you want to buy, you need to choose the right color. First of all it is necessary to disassemble classical shades.

Black jacket worn with white pants or jeans.

If you have a white jacket in your wardrobe, then it gives the girl tenderness and lightness. Excellent combination with white, beige and black trousers, skirts and jeans.

Colored things are often suitable for walking in the park or near the sea.

Blue women's jacket is advised to wear with a white, beige dress, skirt or sarafan.

When choosing an extravagant red color, you need to know that the jacket in this shade looks with clothes in black, blue, white and red. But do not overdo it with the palette.

As for the jacket in gray, it can be combined with both bright tops or shirts, and with clothes in pastel colors. From what color you choose and the result of the image will depend.

Buying a green jacket, many believe that it can be worn only with jeans or with black trousers. With a bright green jacket, things are combined in olive or lilac color. Also in the color palette will enter yellow, gray, pink, white, orange.

Pink jacket is suitable for romantic natures who like to spend their time in the company of people. Pink color will suit any other gentle shade, and also to blue, violet, black, gray.

Under the brown jacket, you can safely wear a white or pink shirt. Going on a date, put on a brown dress with a coral dress.

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