How to sew a bag with your own hands

Bag refers to the element of the wardrobe, which serves to emphasize the style and complement the image. Due to this accessory, the whole image is often built. Stylists are advised to link thematically and on the color characteristics of the bag with shoes and other accessories. But, as often happens, finding a suitable bag so that it matches all the wishes is hard enough.

  • From what you can sew a bag
  • Bag from old trousers
  • How to decorate a ready bag

You can, of course, and accept this fact, or you can try to sew the required accessory yourself, with your own hands. Here in this case this thing will be not only author's and in one copy, but certainly take into account all the wishes of its creator.

From what you can sew a bag

Of course, in the classic version, leather bags are best. Next, bags from old jeans will be ideal, but it's unlikely that you will make such a thing from jeans without additional knowledge and skills, so you should stop your choice on rag bags. So, for work can come in handy as a whole piece of fabric, and an unnecessary thing from the wardrobe, for example, a sweater, shirt or trousers, as in our master class.

Those who are familiar with scrappy technique, you can try to sew a bag of shreds, which will be more difficult, but also more interesting as a result.

As a result of this kind of work you get a bag in a light summer genre or demisezon.

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Bag from old trousers

For work in the framework of our master class you will need the following materials and tools: the raw material - unnecessary trousers from any fabric. The main criterion - the coloring and the material should be acceptable, preferably, a neutral calm color, so that eventually the bag would fit under the everyday summer wardrobe.

There should be no obvious damage to the fabric, and the color, in turn, should not cast discouragement. You will also need a fabric for lining, you can take a cut of ordinary cotton fabric or chiffon.

You'll also need tailor scissors, tailor chalk and an old belt to form the handles of the bag, it's best if it's made of genuine leather.

Also, the same fabric can be used as handles, from which the accessory itself will be made or thick metal chains that can be decorated and the bag itself.

The main advantage of using old things in sewing bags without complicated patterns is the opportunity to facilitate the entire process at times and to carry it out yourself. This is done due to the fact that you will not need to sew the product in some places. And it, like, you can just cut from the old thing as a whole. In addition to this, the pants also have ready-made pockets, which you can leave, which will be another plus to your future product.

After working out all the patterns of the bag, go to the lining. It can be sewn separately( it should resemble a square or rectangular sac), and then simply insert it inward and sew on the upper inner perimeter.

Now it remains to make pens and decorate the bag in addition. If for this element you have chosen an old belt, cut off its edges, make accurate holes - places for sewing, and sew to the product, adjusting the desired length.

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How to decorate a finished bag

By and large, this can be considered the main job in tailoring bags completed. But, the most interesting is the decor of the finished product. It is with the help of decor you can tie the bag with other accessories in your wardrobe. However, if it is a summer bag, its design allows a free style and it does not necessarily have to be tied together in a rigid framework with the rest of the elements in the image.

As an idea for decorating a bag, the following options are suitable: thematic decorations from beads, for example, beading your initials or composing beadwork items such as, say, flowers. You can embroider fabric with paillettes, ready-made stripes. The ornaments from dense fabrics, such as felt or velveteen, and also from a genuine leather will look original also.

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The style of the product remains at your discretion. It all depends on the chosen method of decoration. So, any bag sewn by you can become a reflection of country style or hippies. Also interesting are such areas as steampunk, retro, disco and so on.

You can use many techniques for decoration. For example: decor with flowers from the fabric( you can use the remaining scraps or other fabric), decor with flowers from the skin, embroidery with beads and ribbons, finish with massive or small crystals, finish with spikes and metal elements( corners, rivets, chains, etc.), forThe romantic style is suitable for finishing with lace, you can also pre-think lace or leather inserts.

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