16 Ways to Make a Hairstyle on Long Hair

With all the variability of fashion, high hairstyles always remain popular and in demand. Especially they look great on long curls. Most often, the basis for high hairstyles is the tail. With its help, you can make both the usual everyday, and beautiful evening styling for a special occasion.

  • Simple everyday
  • ponytail
  • Tail knotted
  • Air beam
  • A beam with a large rubber band
  • horizontal shell
  • fleece
  • Evening laying
  • Pompadour
  • high ponytail with bangs, curl
  • curls retro
  • Bow
  • Curly mohawk
  • Weddinghairstyles
  • Ballerina
  • Babette
  • Tenderness
  • Openwork beam
  • A bunch of braids

Simple everyday

A little puffing with long hair, you can do it yourselfs some pretty simple everyday updo.

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The most famous and easiest hairdo is a ponytail.

  1. Clean and dry hair should be divided into two zones - frontal and occipital.
  2. Hair on the occipital area gather in a tight high tail and tie with an elastic band.
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  4. On the curls of the frontal lobe perform naches starting from the crown to the forehead.

  5. Brushed hair back laid, smoothing the soft comb.
  6. Then tie them in the tail with a second rubber band, leaving a loose small strand.
  7. The remaining small strand should be carefully wrapped around the tail to hide the gum. Lock the ends of this lock with invisible.
  8. Hairstyle with a spray of varnish.
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Tail with knots

  1. To lower a head downwards, to comb hair and to fasten them in a high tail on a vertex.
  2. Select a small strand of hair and wrap it with the base of the tail. The end of a lock is to be stabbed with an invisible or hidden under an elastic band.
  3. Tail comb, retreat 10-15 cm from the base and tie a rubber band on it.
  4. Again, separate a small strand and wrap it around the gum, creating a nodule.
  5. Repeat similar nodules until the end of the tail.
  6. Hair between the nodules fluff, stretching to the sides.
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Air bundle

  1. Tie the hair in a tight tail on the top of the head. Remove the hair on the nape and fix it with lacquer and invisibility.
  2. Apply the varnish over the entire length of the tail.
  3. Divide the tail into parts and perform the combing on each of them.
  4. Hair wrap around the base of the tail and lock it with invisible objects.
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Bundle with a large rubber band

  1. Tie the hair in the tail on the vertex.
  2. Put on the tail of a large rubber band or foam rubber roller.
  3. With hair wrap the roller so that it is not noticeable.
  4. Tie the hair at the base of the roller with a thin rubber band.
  5. The ends of the hair wrap around the rubber bands and secure with hairpins and invisibility.
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Horizontal shell

  1. Hair wash and dry.
  2. Tighten the ends with a fuse.
  3. Lower your head down and collect the hair on the top in a tight tail. To stretch the tail through an elastic band for the last time is only needed up to half, so that it remains in the form of a loop.
  4. The ends of the tail are twisted into a tourniquet and wrap around the base of the tail by fixing the studs.
  5. Ready hair to be sprinkled with hairspray.
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  1. Hair wash and dry.
  2. Divide the head of hair horizontally into two parts.
  3. The upper part is tied with an elastic band and left for a while.
  4. On the bottom, perform the work and fix it with varnish.
  5. Hair at the back of the head in a shell and pin it with studs.
  6. If necessary, you can attach a foam roller to the back of the head, it will add a volume to your hair.
  7. Then perform a step-by-step on the hair of the frontal lobe, moving from the nape of the neck.
  8. Brushed hair back and smooth with a soft brush with natural bristles.
  9. Hairstyle on the entire perimeter, and especially the ends of hair fasten the hairpin and fix with a strong varnish latch.
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Evening laying

Evening high hairstyles are not particularly difficult to perform. And to give them luxury, they should be decorated with rims, bandages or spectacular hairpins.

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  1. All hair needs to be divided into 4 parts: frontal, occipital and temporal. The width of the strands can be any.
  2. The frontal strand should be well combed, giving it a volume. Roots of brushed hair should be sprinkled with varnish.
  3. Place the hair back, gently smoothing the comb with a soft comb.
  4. The obtained result is fixed by invisible.
  5. On the temporal lobes on both sides of the head braid the braids towards the back of the head.
  6. Connect all parts of hair together and tie a tight elastic band in the tail.
  7. The tail base is wrapped in a small strand to hide the rubber band.
  8. Smoothing hairs with a varnish.
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High tail with a bang-curl

  1. Hair wash and dry.
  2. Separate the long bangs from the rest of the hair and perform it on the hair.
  3. Collapse the bangs into a roll, smoothly smoothing the hair at the roots, and secure with invisible ones. Be sure to fix the lacquer with a strong fixation.
  4. Rest the rest of the hair in a high tail.
  5. Gum hide under a thin strand of hair.
  6. Tip the tail on a curling iron.
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Locks in retro style

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  1. Hair wash, apply mousse on them and wind all over the head with large curlers.
  2. After a couple of hours, very carefully remove the curlers, so as not to damage the curls.
  3. Apply hair spray.
  4. Select the strand on the forehead, and, spinning from the face, roll it into a roll. The resulting roll is well fixed with invisibility and varnish.
  5. Similar actions with two strands of hair above the temporal lobes, thereby revealing the face.
  6. The remaining hair is collected in the tail.
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  1. The hair needs to be combed well and collected in a high tail.
  2. When tying an elastic band, the tail needs to be stretched out to the end, but left in the shape of a loop.
  3. The resulting loop should be divided in half and each part of it should be laid in different directions in the form of a bow.
  4. The tips of the hair are lifted and placed centrally between the rug mats. At the back of the head, slaughter them with invisibility.
  5. Both sides of the bow spread and well varnished.
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Curly Iroquois

This hairstyle is perfect for girls with curly hair.

  1. Pure hair needs to be combed well.
  2. Select the part of the hair with the forehead and collect them together with an elastic band or invisible ones.
  3. The ends of the hair are twisted with a tourniquet, rolled into a bundle and stabbed with studs.
  4. Slightly separate another strand of hair of the same size. The hair is similarly rolled up and fixed in a bundle.
  5. Also do the rest of the hair around the perimeter of the head, aligning the bundles in one line.
  6. Depending on the thickness of the hair, approximately 5 beams should be obtained.
  7. A ready curly-haired Iroquois needs to be sprinkled with lacquer.
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Wedding hairstyles

High hairstyles constructed from long hair are the perfect choice for the bride. To create them, do not need a lot of jewelry, because the hairdress is effective in itself, it will be enough veils or diadems.

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  1. The hair is washed, dried and pulled by iron.
  2. To separate a bang or a small lock it is necessary a forehead.
  3. Collect all the remaining hair in the tail at the top of the head.
  4. If desired, a foam roller can be placed under the tail.
  5. With the strands left behind in the face, begin to weave the braid, gradually weaving in it equal strands from the tail.
  6. Continue weaving all around the perimeter of the head.
  7. The end of the braid is stabbed invisible and hidden under the hair.
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  1. Collect the hair in a high tail on the crown.
  2. Spread the tail on the face, and on its base with the help of the studs fix the pad or roller of foam rubber, suitable for the color of the hair.
  3. The tail should be divided into three strands in order to consistently wrap the roller.
  4. To begin better with the central. It should be laid on foam rubber, well spread out and locked from below by invisible.
  5. The side strands must be wrapped so as to completely cover the foam. To do this, they must be fixed with studs along the entire perimeter.
  6. The ends of the side strands must be twisted by a tourniquet and hidden under the hair.
  7. If necessary, you can tie a ribbon over your head or fasten a veil on the back of your neck.
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  1. The hair is combed and divided into approximately 3 equal zones by horizontal spans.
  2. The central zone to collect in the tail on the crown of the head.
  3. The tail is divided into two halves and on each of them braid the braid.
  4. To add braids to the volume, you should slightly pull the strings out of them.
  5. Place braids on the head in the form of a wreath and fasten the studs. Hair tips to hide.
  6. On the occipital region braid the braid, moving in the direction of the forehead.
  7. Spit also lay in a wreath and stab with studs.
  8. The curls in the face are divided into two halves and rolled into non-tangle strands.
  9. Wrap the wreath from the front. Hide the harnesses under the hair.
  10. To fix with varnish.
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Openwork beam

  1. Wash hair and apply mousse on them.
  2. Dry with a hairdryer and pull out with an iron.
  3. Separate bangs or a small long strand in the face.
  4. The rest of the hair is gathered in the tail on the vertex.
  5. Wear a round foam rubber bead on the base of the tail, suitable color.
  6. The tail is divided into strands.
  7. Each strand is well varnished and rolled into a spiral.
  8. Each spiral is pinned to the bolster with a hairpin.
  9. The remaining strand is also good to be varnished and laid out with a pattern around the perimeter of the head.
  10. Hairstyle is well fixed with a varnish.
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Bundle from braids

  1. Collect the hair in a high tail on the top of the head.
  2. Finger pinch invisible.
  3. Place a foam pad under the tail on the crown of the head.
  4. The tail is divided into four strands and braided each of them into a braid.
  5. To make the amount of locks in the braids you need to stretch a little.
  6. Each braid should be wrapped around the foam rubber cover and secured with studs.
  7. Felt a bite on the curling iron.
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