Hair styling at home

One of the main elements of a beautiful and well-groomed image is a stylish and accurate hair styling. After visiting the hairdresser, we, as a rule, can not rejoice in our reflection in the mirror. However, two or three days after washing the head of the beauty created by the master, there is no trace. Make a beautiful hair styling at home is possible, if you use the right tools and learn how to handle hair styling tools.

  • Hair styling tools
  • Hair styling tools
  • Home styling for short hair
  • Easy carelessness
  • Smooth hairstyle
  • Home hair styling for medium length hair
  • Extensive hairstyle
  • Air curls
  • Styling at home for long hair
  • Clear curls
  • Ponytail

Hair styling products

For styling at home, you need to prepare the following hair products:

  • Mousses and neki - special funds to give hair volume, as well as to fix the styling. They are applied to slightly damp hair just before styling. In this case, it is important to follow the rule - apply foam in minimum quantities, so as not to weight your hair.

  • Gel - used for stitching short hair. With its help, you can select individual strands and give the styling absolutely any shape. It is the gel that is used to create the effect of wet hair, applying it to strands and leaving it to dry naturally.
  • Locking lotion - available as a spray and applied to dry or wet hair.
  • Wax - also perfectly fixes the styling and gives the hair smoothness. With its help, you can simulate various options for laying. Apply wax in small quantities, otherwise you can just mess up your hair, giving your hair a dirty, "oily" look.
  • Lacquer is the most widely used means for fixing "finished" styling. The application of varnish is the final stage of creating a beautiful hairstyle.
  • Thermal protection. They are produced, as a rule, in the form of sprays and applied to the hair before laying. They protect hair from the effects of heat when using a hairdryer or ironing.

Such products as lacquer, lotion, gel and wax impart a unique shine to the hair. But to achieve an amazing volume at home, you can only use mousse or foam. Lacquer for fixing is used in the case of complex hairstyles - if you want a more natural styling, do not overload the hair with this product. When applying fixation tools, avoid the area near the roots of the hair.

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Hair styling tools

You can give your hair a specific shape only with the help of special tools:

  • Hair iron - you can not do without it if you prefer straight smooth hair. Those who wavy by nature hair, with ironing can straighten strands.
  • Plaiters. It works the same as ironing, but it is designed for opposite purposes - winding hair on a curling rod, you can create beautiful curls very quickly on your head.
  • Fena - this tool is available for every girl, but not everyone, unfortunately, knows how to use it. The hair dryer is used not only for drying hair, with its help at home you can make a beautiful styling. The main thing is to use suitable nozzles. And that the hair was smooth and not fluffy, direct the jet of air is recommended for the growth of hair - from the roots to the tips.
  • Curlers. Using curlers of different diameters, you can make large or small curls, and also give short hair volume. Wet strands are wound on curlers, and then dried by a hair dryer, or naturally. The last option takes too much time. A set of combs and brushes. Round combs - brashingi - come in different diameters and sizes, the choice depends on the length of your hair, and on what type of styling you prefer to do. The larger the diameter of the comb, the larger the curls and the larger the volume. Rectangular brushes are used at the final stage of laying. And in order to make a parting on the head, you need a flat comb with small teeth and a sharp tip.

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Styling at home on short hair

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Light negligence

After washing, dry hair with a hairdryer. Then apply a small amount of wax on the palm for styling and spread over the hair, ruffling the strands. Lay your hair, highlighting individual strands and guiding them in different directions. Creating such a hairstyle does not take much time, and the laying itself looks easy and at ease.

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Smooth hairstyle

Cutting a short bob looks great with a smooth straight styling. Treat the hair with a thermal protection agent and start straightening the hair with a hair iron. First straighten the strands of hair from below, then go to the hair on the back of the head. Such a styling can also be done with a hair dryer and a brashing machine. Screw the strand on the brashing and blow dry with a narrow nozzle, directing the jet of air in the direction of hair growth. At the end, fix the stitch, sprinkling a little with varnish.

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Styling at home on medium length hair

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Volumetric hairdo

Wash hair and lightly dry with a hairdryer. Then prepare the large-diameter brashing, and apply the styling foam on the hair. Hair in the upper part zakolite on the back of the head and start laying with strands from the bottom. Place the brashing under the strand, and from above direct the jet of hot air. Hair slightly tuck inward. After placing the lower strands, start working with the upper strands. In the end, apply a little lotion on the tips of hair to fix it and once again twist it with a hair dryer, turning it on the cold air mode.

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Air curls

The bulk of the hair in the upper part of the head is gathered in a bundle and chained on the back of the head. Starting with the lower strands, wind the hair on the curling iron and stand for about a minute. From the width of the lock depends on the size of the curls - the wider the lock you grasp, the larger and larger the curls. In this case, the strands should be at least 5 cm wide. Curling the strands of hair from above, start to lay the curls from the bottom. To finish, sprinkle the hair with lacquer for fixation and give the hair a shape, slightly combing the strands with your fingers.

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Styling at home on long hair

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Clear curls

For this styling, you need to prepare medium-sized curlers. Dry hair after washing, treat them with mousse or hair foam. Then the total mass of hair is divided into three zones - the occipital and two lateral. Start working with each zone in turn. Screw the strands on the curlers and blow dry with hot air. At the end of the procedure, allow the hair to cool, and only then release the strands. At the end, fix the hairstyle with hairspray.

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For such a hairstyle, you must first straighten your hair with an iron. When all the locks of hair lie evenly, gather them on the back of the head and tie them with an elastic band. Then separate one small string and wrap it around the base of the tail so as to hide the gum. Secure the lock with invisibility. The bangs should also lie flat with this laying, or be pinned back.


Always going to the hairdresser is expensive. Therefore, tips on hair styling at home are very valuable. I will experiment.


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