How to make jeans ragged at home

Ragged jeans that seemingly out of fashion, again return to the pedestal. This wardrobe is increasingly seen in the collections of famous couturiers. Of course, such jeans are more popular among young people. This choice is suitable for courageous individuals who want to add to their image a share of eroticism and freedom. Ragged jeans look very fashionable and extravagant. They can be found on the shelves of any clothing store. However, in connection with the growing demand, the price for them is quite large. But it is possible to diversify your image with such trousers in a less expensive way. We will consider several options for how to make jeans ragged at home.

  • Useful tips for making ragged jeans
  • Preparing for the manufacture of ragged jeans
  • Negligent version of jeans in grunge style
  • Ragged jeans in the style of minimalism
  • Jeans with a shabby effect

Useful tips for making ragged jeans

It should be noted that this experiment is suitabletrousers of classic jeans. The density of the tissue should be moderate. Also worth paying attention to the cut - too wide jeans will lie freely, and torn pieces will simply not be visible. But on very narrow models the fabric will stretch, and the incisions will look unaesthetic. The best option is tight jeans. When choosing the sizes and places of the incisions, consider the type of your figure. And one more thing - such bold clothes require the care of the skin of the legs and timely epilation.

The grunge effect on jeans only creates an image of chaotic and lightness. In fact, cuts need to be done carefully. Before starting the procedure, it is necessary to try on jeans and mark the places of breaks with chalk or pencil. You can also note the lines, even hanging out the jeans. During the procedure, do not neglect the intermediate fitting - it is better to modify a little, than to spoil the thing with holes of too large size. Places for holes are better to choose above or below the knee. It is not recommended to make incisions on the knees or on the folds, subsequently the fabric in these places can tear even more. So, create a trendy wardrobe thing yourself.

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Preparation for the manufacture of ragged jeans

For this we need:

  • sharp knife( clerical) or blade;
  • scissors;
  • piece of plywood;
  • needle;
  • sandpaper.

When the desired break places are scheduled, you can start working. To begin with, place the veneer under the layer of fabric to be treated, so as not to damage the reverse surface of the jeans.

It is necessary to perform the cuts depending on the desired result. There are several options for creating a fashionable effect of shabby jeans at home.

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Negligent version of jeans in grunge style

We make 6-7 cuts about half the length of the pants. For a more careless image, the cut lines can be different in length. If you cut jeans with scissors, you get even edges. And that the cuts looked shabby, use a stationery knife.

Rip up the cuts by removing a pair of blue threads.

Then treat the edges of the pants. To do this, cut the hemmed edge.

And for a torn effect on the edge of the jeans, use sandpaper or a piece of pumice stone.

Then, in the same way, make some cuts on the pockets of the jeans.

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Do not forget to put a plate under the cloth to be processed.

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Ragged jeans in the minimalist style

Make two parallel cuts 5-6 cm long. The distance between the cuts should be about 5 cm.

The denim fabric has a second layer of white threads, which will help us in this case to achieve the desired result. Now take the tweezers and begin to carefully remove the blue vertical threads.

Remove all threads from the beginning to the end of the cut. As a result, you should only have white horizontal threads.

Make several such segments on both pants. Their size you can also vary according to your taste.

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Jeans with a shabby effect

For a more shabby effect, holes on jeans can be of different sizes, and are arranged in a chaotic order.

The edges of the cut are then treated with sandpaper or with a conventional vegetable grater.

You can also enhance the effect as follows. With the help of a needle it is necessary to pull out several threads, then unevenly to break them.

This is a rather sloppy version that will suit young daring people.

The possibility of creating an individual image is not limited to the proposed options. It is enough to show imagination and arrange cuts on jeans in the form of figures, or to put under the holes a colored fabric. It all depends on your courage and desire to look original. Make jeans with a ragged effect at home is easy, and the result will please you with a new trendy thing in the wardrobe.


What an interesting and useful article! I just have old jeans at home that I have not worn for a long time. This is a great way to revive them! Thank you!


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