Methods and means for the care of nubuck shoes

Nubuck is a special skin with fine hairiness, which provides a recognizable appearance to this material. Thanks to high-quality and timely care, your favorite shoes, ankle boots or nubuck boots will serve you faithfully and long-term service. Activities include handling, cleaning, and proper storage of shoes during and after the season.

  • Initial treatment
  • Casual cleaning
  • Shoe cleaning
  • Storage conditions

Initial processing

After the purchase of shoes, the first protective treatment must be carried out. In order for the nubuck to acquire a more significant water-repellent effect, it must be thoroughly impregnated with a water-repellent cream or spray. The first processing procedure is the longest. The surface must be treated in three steps. Do this with a break and be sure to be out of the room, as any remedy for such a procedure is very toxic. Applying a spray layer, wait half an hour before the next application and about two hours before the last one.

A similar treatment will protect the nubuck from getting wet and dust, to which it is susceptible.

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Casual cleaning

Cleaning shoes is necessary after each street visit. For normal cleaning from dust, it will be enough to walk on the surface of the shoes with a special nubuck brush and wipe at the end with a soft flannel cloth. If the shoes are wet, then before cleaning, you need to dry it, first get soaked with paper towels, and then wrap it in paper and let it dry completely. Leave shoes near a heat source, battery or heater, as shoes can shrink and change shape.

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Washing shoes

You can resort to washing only as a last resort. The water temperature should not exceed 30-35 degrees. It is necessary to make a weak soapy solution and add a teaspoon of ammonia in it. In the resulting solution, moisten a rag or a soft sponge, treat the dirt, but do not immerse the shoes in water. Remove the soap solution from shoes also need a sponge soaked in clean water. After washing the shoes, wrap them in paper. When it dries, the nap should be smoothed with a brush and after spraying the surface with a spray.

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Storage conditions

In the season, the nubuck should be kept on the shoe mezzanine, but the shoes should not be exposed to the sun's rays, and there should not be sources of heat or damp near it. After the end of the season, the shoes are treated with a nubuck spray, placed in separate covers( they should be sold together with shoes), and then into boxes. To prevent the shoes from losing shape, you can push newspapers into it.

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