With what you can wear white tights

At any time of the year, girls want to look stylish, attractive and sexy. In the spring and summer they do it with the help of light, bright dresses and additional accessories. And what to do in the autumn and winter? Really it is necessary to refuse for half a year from dresses? Of course not. There are pantyhose that will not only warm your feet in cold weather, but also make the image more elegant and refined.

  • In a black and white ensemble
  • In a beige-and-gray ensemble
  • In combination with a red
  • Sports style
  • Retro style
  • Romantic style
  • As an element of a white outfit

In a black and white ensemble

Many women can not affordgo to school or work in bright and colorful colors, as they must adhere to a strict dress code. And so you want to stand out and give a strict suit of tenderness and charm. This can be done with the help of white pantyhose. Designers give a few tips that will help in the right combination of clothes.

The black flared coat with lacquered shoes, with a white long scarf and pantyhose will look ideal. Black suit with a white blouse, black high-heeled shoes and white pantyhose are perfect for work in the office.

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In the beige-gray ensemble

If you prefer the beige-gray scale in your clothes, then you can safely wear white tights with garments of such colors. Moreover, in this case you will get a light combination of several colors that will set you apart from the dark clothes of other girls and women. White pantyhose gives this image tenderness, sweetness and, of course, femininity. As for the clothes themselves, all kinds of beige and gray dresses of modern cut with white belts will be appropriate here.

Although their absence will not spoil your appearance. Elements of such dresses can be asymmetry or drapery. Some minimalism will also be welcomed. Therefore, wearing white tights with a beige-gray range of your clothes is not only beautiful, but also fashionable.

Do not forget about gray skirts and dresses in a box. Together with white pantyhose, you will immediately have two images, both daytime and evening. In it, you can safely go to work and look presentable, feminine and harmonious. And as soon as the working day is over, you can immediately go with friends to a cafe or karaoke. And no one will even think about the fact that you in such a way were at work. It is worth remembering that you always come to the aid of accessories. With the help of them, even in the same dress and pantyhose, you can look quite different.

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In combination with the red

As soon as the girl wears a red dress, she immediately becomes the center of attention. She looks sexy, seductive and ready to conquer the whole world. In the cold period, girls wear pantyhose, which are selected in accordance with the dress. For business meetings, they should be without patterns and spangles.

With a red dress it is possible to put on white tights, black boots and a white fur coat, and the winter image for the evening is ready. It is not necessary to wear only a red dress. You can change the dress to a red skirt pencil and a white blouse, and the image will be completely different.

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Sports style

Many people think that in the sporting style you can only wear clothes intended for playing sports, and forget that it's been a long time ago not so. With the help of white pantyhose, you can emphasize the figure.

Together with them the image will look at ease, and most importantly, naturally. You can wear them with different elements of sportswear. For example, you can choose a sports skirt, top, jacket, white pantyhose and sneakers or shoes. The second variant: to put on shorts from jeans over pantyhose.

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Retro style

If you wear this garment with fashionable dresses or suits of blue, red, purple or emerald flowers in the style of a la 60-70s, this will not only cause a lot of controversy, but believe me, the same amount of admiration, even if they are hidden. Such a flower-filled style seems for some to be very bold and cocky. Therefore, not every girl can wear it. Especially it will become a dilemma for those who are considered with the opinion of the surrounding people. But as for unprincipled representatives of the weaker sex, then they are ahead.

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Ideal white pantyhose suitable for medium-length dresses and retro mini-cut.

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Romantic style

White pantyhose will look great in a romantic way. Most often I use white fishnet pantyhose, which can be worn with a gentle dress in a flower or a box. But in winter you want something warmer, knitted pantyhose with beautiful patterns that will be a spectacular addition in a romantic image will do. With such pantyhose you can wear a motley dress and neat boots.

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As an element of the white outfit

Famous designers have long argued that white color does not exist much, and therefore they are urged not to be afraid to dress in everything white, especially in winter. In this way, you can declare yourself as a confident and independent woman, but at the same time tender and fragile, like a snowflake.

It is quite natural that white pantyhose can be safely worn with white clothes, which makes you either a real lady or a playful girl. It will depend on the style of the clothes you choose. The main thing in this business is that such appearance does not seem somewhat flat, the impression of which is created in the event that different elements of white clothing merge into one whole.

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So if you're going to wear white tights with clothes of the same color,it is necessary that these clothes are characterized by a heterogeneous texture, a complex cut and a lot of different details.

In this case, any color accent in your image is still better to be present, for example, accessories in red or other bright colors, costume jewelry and handbag in tone, catchy shoes, manicure, lipstick, clutch in tone and the like.

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