How to choose the right hair dryer for drying and styling hair

Household hair dryer is in the arsenal of almost every woman, because without it it is difficult to make a beautiful hairstyle, and just quickly bring your hair in order. It is rather difficult to choose a suitable hair dryer from all the assortment offered in stores, in this article we will tell you about what kinds of hairdryers are represented in the modern market, and about what criteria to pay attention to when choosing a hairdryer and which manufacturer to give preference.

  • Types of Hair Dryers
  • Hair Dryer
  • Hair Diffuser
  • Hairdryers
  • Main criteria for choosing a hair dryer
  • What power should a home hair dryer have?
  • How many speeds do you really need?
  • Optimum weight of household hair dryer
  • What should be the length of the cord?
  • What should a hood be made of?
  • Is the material of the heating element metal or ceramic?
  • Normal noise level of the hair dryer
  • Useful functions of hair dryers
  • The choice of temperature mode
  • Cold air blowing
  • Ionization
  • Humidity control sensor
  • Automatic shutdown
  • Best manufacturers of hair dryers

Types of hair dryers

Modern household hair dryers are sold, usually witha number of nozzles, which greatly enhance the functionality of the device. Based on the set of accessories included in the kit, there are three main types of hairdryers:

  • Fen Hub.
  • Fen Diffuser.
  • Fen styler.
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Fen hub

The most popular and widespread model, presented in stores. The purpose of this hair dryer is fast drying and hair styling. The nozzle of the hair dryer is hollow, has a cylindrical shape with a flattened tip( nozzle).A jet of air is fed through this nozzle in the desired direction.

Advantages of the hub:

  • large selection of models and modifications( available in all price categories, available from all manufacturers);
  • the ability to create a wide variety of hairstyles( smooth laying, curls) thanks to the use of a narrow jet of airflow;
  • versatility( suitable for all types of hair, can be applied on hair of any length).

To stop the choice on this modification of household hair dryer follows all those who use the hair dryer mainly for the usual drying of hair and for creating hairstyles from time to time.


  • has an adverse effect on the hair.

This defect is only apparent if the nozzle hub is not properly selected or is used carelessly.

When choosing a hub-hanger, you should pay attention to models, the size of the nozzle( air hole) which is within 70-90 millimeters. Hairdryers with narrower nozzles will supply air under too much pressure, which will negatively affect the condition of the scalp and hair. Hairdryers with a too wide air hole, on the contrary, will serve a too scattered jet of air, which will not give you the opportunity to dry out individual strands and create hairstyles.

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Fen Diffuser

This modification has the opposite in comparison with the previous version of the designation. Fen-diffuser is also designed for quick drying of hair, however, drying does not occur due to a narrow jet, but due to wide airflows. The nozzle-diffuser has a round shape and is equipped with special "fingers" with holes through which the air is dissipated. Advantages of a diffuser:

  • fast hair drying;
  • safety for hair and scalp due to the dissipation of hot air;
  • giving the hair extra volume due to the effect of air jets on the area near the roots;
  • providing a scalp massage due to the effect of "fingers".

If you have fragile and dry hair, smooth and not shaken by nature, then you should opt for a diffuser. You can choose a nozzle with fixed "fingers", and with active ones - depending on how much significant volume you want to impart to your hair. Your hair will be beautiful, alive and not over dried.


  • the need for special skills to use a diffuser when creating hairstyles;
  • inability to use for lush hair.

Manufacturers when advertising diffuser diffusers demonstrate the ease and simplicity of creating beautiful curls using a nozzle with "fingers."In fact, to get wavy strands you will have to try very well, and not the fact that the result will satisfy you( for example, it will not be possible to wind hard hair this way).Take this fact into account before you decide on this modification of your hair dryer.

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There are other limitations and nuances in using the diffuser. In particular, this is the possibility of using a nozzle with active "fingers" solely for curly hair. And for the best effect on the hair, you must first apply the styling products.

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Fen-styler is the most expensive and functional kind of household hairdryers. In the set of the styler - from two to ten baits, which allow you to create a variety of hairstyles. With the help of a hair dryer, you can not only dry, but also curl or straighten hair, give them volume.

Advantages of the styler:

  • functionality due to the large number of nozzles;
  • saving time due to simultaneous drying and styling;
  • simple operation at home;
  • possibility of use for thin, dry and very damaged hair.

Many models of hairdryers-stylers have an ionic conditioning function, thanks to which additional hair protection is provided.


  • high cost;
  • small power;
  • inability to use a hair dryer for normal hair drying.

This model of hair dryer is right for you if you put your hair every day, and you do not need the usual quick drying function. If the styling you do is quite rare, the use of such a hair dryer in other cases will be extremely difficult.

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Main criteria for choosing the

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What power should a home hair dryer have?

The power of the hair dryer depends on its performance. It is indicated on the body of the device in Watts. The higher the power of the dryer, the more powerful airflow it creates. All hair dryers can be divided into three categories:

  • low power devices( up to 1500 watts).Ideal for gentle hair styling. Such power, as a rule, is possessed by hairdryers-stylers;
  • devices of average power( from 1500 to 2000 Watt).The best option for home use. Having stopped the choice on such device( with a nozzle-diffusor or a nozzle-concentrator), you do not risk strongly to spoil hair at operation in a powerful mode;
  • high power devices( over 2000 watts).A lot of power is characteristic for professional hair dryers. If you are offered a hair dryer with a capacity of more than 2000 watts for home use, you can safely abandon it - such a powerful hair dryer you need to do.
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How many speeds do you really need?

Most modern hair dryers have several speeds, due to the switching of which users can adjust the power of the air flow. The optimal number of speeds is three:

  • is low;
  • average;
  • high.

These speeds are enough to operate a hair dryer at home, so there is no point in overpaying for a multi-speed device.

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Optimal weight of household hair dryer

Few buyers pay enough attention to this criterion when buying a hairdryer, and it is very important, because the weight of the dryer will depend on the convenience of its use. The lighter the dryer, the longer you can hold it in your hands and give your hair the desired shape. At the same time, a quality hairdryer can not be too easy. That is why in this case it is important to choose the "golden mean".

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What should be the length of the cord?

Some manufacturers save on the cord, which makes the use of a hair dryer extremely inconvenient. At the same time, too long a cord delivers no less discomfort. The optimum cord length for a hair dryer used at home is 2.5-3 meters.

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What should a hood be made of?

Manufacturers use polymer materials for the manufacture of hair dryers. But the quality of plastic in different hair dryers may vary. You can stop your choice only on models made of durable plastic, which is hard and thick enough, does not bend or has an unpleasant smell.

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Material of the heating element - metal or ceramics?

In cheap hair dryers the heater is made of metal, it gives uneven and intense heat. The result of this effect is evaporation of moisture from the structure of the hair, the hair becomes over-dried, thinned, brittle, brittle. In more expensive models of hair dryers, a ceramic heater is installed, which heats up evenly. Heat from the ceramic element is safe, it does not burn the hair from the inside.

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Normal noise level of the fan of the

dryer The hair dryer can work absolutely noiselessly due to its design features. But it should not be too noisy either. The humming of the hair dryer should be uniform, without crackling and other foreign sounds, intermittent sound during operation indicates a low quality of the device.

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Useful functions of hair dryers

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Choice of temperature mode

Functional hair dryer must have several temperature modes of use. The presence of two or three modes will allow you to select the appropriate temperature of the air stream for each member of the family, and also to create a variety of hairstyles without hindrance.

For home use enough hair dryer with three temperature modes:

  • cool air;
  • warm air;
  • hot air.

The more temperature conditions( within reasonable limits), the more chances to keep the hair healthy and beautiful.

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Cold air blowing

Many hair dryers have the function of blowing cold air. It is activated by a special button or by simply switching off the heating. Having processed a ready hairdress by a stream of cold air, you can considerably prolong its existence in the unaltered form.

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In the model having the ionization function, a generator of negatively charged particles is built in. Thanks to the effect on the hair of air with ions, they become shiny and smooth, and the process of laying hair is greatly simplified, the level of static electricity decreases.

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Humidity control sensor

The built-in sensor allows you to determine the moisture level of the hair and adjust the temperature of the air flow. As the strands dry up, the device automatically reduces the speed of the air flow, as evidenced by the discoloration of the indicator.

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Automatic shutdown system

It will be useful for those who have a lot of time to dry their hair. As soon as the dryer falls on the table, the appliance automatically turns off the power, and then turns on again when you lift it from the surface.

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The best manufacturers of hair dryers

Hairdryers are produced by almost every major household appliance manufacturer. But if for you on the first place is quality, stop the choice on models from that manufacturer which is narrowly focused on release of devices for care of hair.

Among the brands that produce quality, functional and reliable hair dryers:

  • Remington( England);
  • Moser( Germany);
  • Rowenta( France);
  • Valera( Switzerland);
  • Coif in( Italy);
  • Babyliss( France).

Also worthy of attention are hair dryers from Bosch, Braun, Philips.

Remember that quality equipment can not have a low cost, so give preference to devices from the middle and high price category. Decide for yourself which functions are important to you, and which ones you do not need at all - you should not overpay for them.


I dry and put my hair with a hair dryer with a rotating brush. It is very convenient! Depending on the moisture of the hair, the hair is washed from 5 to 15 minutes. Hands do not get tired. This dryer is suitable for those who do not have experience in using a conventional hairdryer: he does everything himself - straightens up, twists.

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